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Memories of Bella
You came to me at not quite 2 years old when my sister died, your first Mom. I like to think she was waiting for you
when you crossed over the Bridge. I was your Momma for almost 10 years since and loved you so. You joined our family and Bonnie & Tessa became your sisters instead of just cousins. You were a quiet girl, almost timid and sometimes the pugs were a little too active for your liking. But often you joined in the fun! We lost your sister, Tessa a bit over 3 years ago, much too soon. Then Bonnie this past April. Momma feels as if she will never smile again. Your heart disease was diagnosed as severe just before Bonnie passed suddenly. Daddy & I nursed you with all our might but it wasn't meant to be. We wanted you to stay but your sweet little heart could go no more. I love you little Bella Bean. My heart is broken too. Wait for me, Momma
11/30/17 Today I picked up your remains and I am so, so sad. I miss you so much, darling Bella.
12/16/17 One month! I miss you so! I hope you are safe and happy with your sisters. xoxoxo Momma
12/24/17 Merry Christmas, Momma's Beauty! My heart still aches for you little more than a month after you passed. I know you couldn't wait any longer....you were so tired. I hope you are comfy with your sisters. You all are always in my thoughts. Love you, Bella Bean xoxoxox MOmma
1/17/18 Good morning, my darling! Today is your 12th birthday and I so wish you were here with us to celebrate. And yesterday was your 2 month anniversary of crossing the Bridge. I miss you so much dear sweet Bella. Happy Birthday! I hope Bonnie & Tessa sing to you. Love you, Momma xoxoxox
11/16/18 Hello Bella darling, Momma's Beauty. One year today I had to let you go home to Rainbow's Bridge to rest and wait for me with your sisters and brother. I miss you so much. It was an especially sad day since you were my last pup. I am alone now. ;-( I love you sweet girl! Wait for Momma!
1/17/19 Happy 13th Birthday, lovey! I miss you so much! Celebrate with all my pups and tell them I miss them dearly. Love you, Momma's Beauty! Sleep tight. xoxox
11/16/19 Hi my Beauty! I can't believe it's been 2 years. I miss you so much, Beanie and your sisters and brother. You all are always in my heart. Love you Bella Bean! xoxox Momma
12/29/19 Hi Bella! Momma is late wishing you Merry Christmas. I hope you spent it with your first Mom, my sister. I really miss you. You were a quiet girl, a little aloof but such a sweetheart. xoxoxox
1/17/20 Happy Birthday dear sweet Bella! I love you and miss you so much! Hugs from Momma xoxoxo
11/16/20 Good morning dear Bella! I can't believe it's been 3 long years. I hope you are wrapped in the love of your first Mom, my sister Jeanne and playing with your sisters Bonnie & Tessa. I miss you and all my pugs so much! More than I could ever say. Love you, Beauty! Momma xoxox
12/24/20 Merry Christmas, sweet Bella! This has been an awful year and I miss my girls so much! Love you, Momma
1/17/21 Happy Birthday, sweetie! I hope you are celebrating with your sisters. I miss you and love you.
Sleep tight. xoxoxo Momma
11/16/21 Good morning dear sweet Bella! Today was a very sad day. I miss you so much. Kiss your Momma Jeannie for me. Love you, Momma
1/17/22 Happy Birthday, lovey! Momma's Beauty.
11/16/22 Good morning, lovey! Five years. It feels like forever. I hated to say goodbye and I miss you so much. Wait for me, my Beauty. Love you forever and always............Momma
1/17/23 Another new year to celebrate your birthday, my Beauty. Happy Birthday dear sweet Bella. I hope you are with you first Mom, my sister Jeanne. She loved you and hated to leave you. Rest easy sweet Bella. Momma
11/15/23 Another missing you my Bella Bean. Love you and miss you so much sweetheart! Sleep tight. Momma
12/23/23 Another Christmas without you! I hoe you are snuggling with my sister, Jeanne. Give her a big kiss from me. Love you my Bella Bean!

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