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Memories of Bella
I remember when my mom brought you home from the rescue sanctuary. You were scared and confused in your new home, and hid underneath the dining room table. I knelt down and welcomed you in and assured you you will be happy living with us. I then went out to join my friends for the night. When i returned the next morning and took a seat on the couch, i was surprised when you jumped right into my lap and showered me with loving kisses. That fateful day forged a loving bond that would last forever . I remember your sweet, loving, crafty, and endearingly mischievous personality that never failed to brighten even the darkest of days. Your personality was rivaled by your impressive athleticism. You loved nothing better than playing fetch with your tennis ball for hours on end. I still recall your impressive agility, some of your catches were so impressive, they rivaled olympic gymnasts! You also loved our long nature walks with your sisters Daisy & Sochie and brother Riley. Your favorite food was whatever we were eating for dinner, however you seemed to particularly love leftover steak from cattleman's. You were always there for your humans, and seemed to always know when one of us needed comfort from you. I believe your soul was truly connected with mine, and our shared experiences only cultivated our connection further. While you never really made any canine friends besides your brother and sisters, you bonded with many people that will never forget you. You were always a pillar of happiness and health, which made some of us believe you would never leave us. When you got sick, you still showed resilience until the end. You never seemed to like us worrying about you and did your best to hide your suffering. You held on as long as you could and we know you were trying to prevent our heartache. We know that there is nothing any of us could have done to prevent this, so we hope you don't dwell on this. Now that you have crossed the rainbow bridge, you will no longer experience pain or suffering. Your sister Sochie was patiently waiting at the front gates to be reunited with her long lost sister. We know it is hard to leave us behind, but you will soon be at peace in your new home. You are free to run and frolic with your sister free of any pain or illness with other canines who understand what you are going through. They also had to leave their families behind when they arrived at the rainbow bridge. We know that you may be feeling scared in this new environment, but this will be replaced by happiness soon. I know you miss us immensely, but before you know it, we will be reunited never to be separated again. Know that you will never be far from any of us where you are now, as you'll still live through all of us in our hearts forever, just as we are alive in yours. You are now in gods care who knows and loves you more than you know. Rest in peace sweet Bella boos, one day we will be together again. We will love and miss you forever girl, your legacy will never be forgotten. XOXO

10/04/2019 - Bella, you have been at the rainbow bridge for a week now. It has been so hard without you. You crossed the rainbow bridge on 9/27/2019, the day before my Birthday. Not having my companion by my side during my Birthday was incredibly hard. The only thing I could think was that I would give anything to spend just one more day with you. I took a visit to the beach on my Birthday, which was one of our favorite spots. While it provided little comfort in dealing with your loss, As I was walking on the shoreline, I found a tennis ball very similar to the one you spent hours chasing before. In front of it was little paw prints that reminded me of you. I could have sworn that this was more than a simple coincidence, and that you were sending me a signal that you were okay and not to worry. I find that you are always on my mind, and I am constantly holding back tears of sorrow. It may be when I am looking at photos of you or when I am mechanically competing menial tasks throughout the day. I feel like a piece of my soul and heart went with you last week and I don't know what I will do to fill the void. Although my thoughts are consumed by sorrow, I find myself also remembering our happy memories. I remember our long walks where you would literally walk me, even though you weighed only 14 pounds! I remember trying my hardest to wear you out when we played fetch with your tennis ball. Even after hours of play, you would retrieve the ball with so much agility, that you would wear me out! I remember how we used to cuddle on cold winter days for hours and I would wrap you up with your Sherpa blanket. On really cold days we would dress you in one of your sweaters so you wouldn't get cold. Most of all, I remember how much you loved us. You were always there for us after a tough day and would shower us with kisses to let us know how much you loved us. In some ways, your affection taught us what it was to truly love and trust someone so unconditionally. You never missed an opportunity to show just how much you loved us and lived life to the fullest. I know that you would also do anything to stay with us, but I know you had to leave to prevent further suffering and us having to see you hurt. Know that you are never far from my heart or mind. I know you are watching over us as our angel between playing ball in Paradise Meadow. One day you will see me again and we will pick up right where we left off. Until then, I will pray for you and continue to miss you every day. I know you are safe from any harm now, and will patinently await the day I call your name. I will love you forever baby girl.

RIP Bella Boos (Bellissima)Azevedo/Rosetti 2004-2019

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