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Memories of BELLA

Bella's story began on November 20, 2006....and on February 9, 2007, her life's little adventure began with our family, it was a Friday evening, a few days after we had lost our other little "girl" Noelle, she was only 11 weeks old at the time and weighed no more than 6 lbs. 4 oz. Bella was a sweet and beautiful little girl, and the fluffiest little thing, with the "cutest" little face and the "biggest" ears...ears she eventually grew into overtime and the "hugest" BROWN eyes you ever saw -- I loved those eyes most, eyes so filled with love and passion -- eyes that I could never get enough of --- eyes that I loved looking into every day when I woke up in the morning and at night before I would go to sleep....

One of the very first things she did when we brought her home was to wrap her little body around her Daddy's neck like a little fur piece collar...just to keep safe and warm and eventually she fell asleep. She loved her Daddy very much...

Picking a name for our sweet baby girl wasn't too hard, I know we had picked out a couple of names -- but she was just so beautiful, it wasn't that hard, so she became our "Bella".....forever!!

If you look at some of the pictures of Bella when she was just a very small little girl, you will see that she is wearing a little pink collar with a "bell" on it --- I put that little bell on her so I could keep track of her in the house because she was so small that she would hide in places I couldn't find her....she hated that "bell" and she would someone pull it off her collar and to this day I don't know how she ever did it! Needless to say we lost many, many "bells" and eventually as she got older I stopped putting the bell on her collar....she was very happy!!!

She always had the purest of hearts, the gentlest of spirit, and cutest little face in the whole wide world, a face that I couldn't stop kissing, and all she ever wanted to do was to spend time with her "Mommy" and "Daddy" -- everything we did and everywhere we went, vacations, running errands, Bella went too. Trips to the beach, long bicycle rides in her little bike cart, or just rides in the car. All I would have to say her, "Let's go bye-bye and she would run to the door so fast...she couldn't wait to get into the car or truck!! She was always so excited just to be with us...no matter where we went, she was so content. While in the car, she loved sticking her head out the car window and letting the wind blow in her face, we always used to comment, that she must've been a "Harley" rider in one of her past life...she enjoyed that much!! .

I remember the day when Bella let out her very first bark, it was after much coaching on my part, I would bark and she would just look at me like I had two heads, trying to figure out what I was trying get her to do -- and then it just happened and I think it surprised her, just as much as it surprised me!! She had discovered her little "voice" and she was so proud -- and the barking continued until .....

One of her favorite things she always loved to do was to go to the park with either her "Mommy" or "Daddy" or with little "sister" Cleo, before we lost her a few years back -- they were such "buddies", always inseparable -- and while she was at the park, she would love to play and roll around in the tall grass, sniff all the trees and mark her spots -- we had a little game we used to play called rock 'n' roll, while Bella was running, I would say "rock 'n' roll" and she would stop and roll over and scratch her back on the ground, she absolutely love to play that game -- but she was never too busy to meet and greet other dogs or little kids --- she loved small children that would happen to be in the park that day, and she loved to be petted by them and a lot of the children would come up her and ask if it was okay, if I pet your dog... she loved it!!

She loved the winter, especially the snow...the cold never bothered her, and many times she would come in the house after playing in the snow, looking like a little snowball. We would have to wait until defrosted in from of the fire to see her face again. Later I bought her a little pink jacket so that I could see her when she was outside....she was so white that it was hard to see her sometimes when she played around in the snow, and this way I could keep an eye on her too!!

Bella loved going to the beach, playing in the sand and swimming in the water with her "mommy" and "daddy" -- we would often put her on the raft and walk out to the sand bar when it was low tide, sometimes she would just jump and enjoy swimming in the ocean, or she would wait until we got closer to sand bar where she would jump off the raft and start running around like a "crazy" dog and start rolling around in the sand!! She was always such a happy little girl... especially when she was with her "Mommy" and "Daddy"....

Another little thing that she loved to do with her "Daddy" is chase after him when he would ride his moped or dirt bike up and down the driveway...omg her would go nuts chasing after him until she eventually pooped out from exhaustion.

Another one of our favorite things we like to do together is watch TV, although you would often find her taking a little nap here and there, but when an animal of any kind came on the TV....it could be a dog, a cat, a tiger, a penguin, a raccoon, a monkey, a horse --- she would jump off that couch and start barking at the TV, trying to figure out where that animal was hiding. Her favorite movie was " "Secretariat" and somehow she always knew when the movie was playing on TV... maybe it was the sound of the "BELL" at the starting gate but she always used to bark at that horse when he ran around that track, it was like she was chasing him, I've never seen anything like it.... I miss her so much!!

Our hearts are so broken, we are so devastated by her loss. I look around the house now and all I see are memories of Bella and all the things she left behind -- her little "pink" bed, her little "pink" collar that had "Bella" in silver rhinestone letters with a "pink" heart and flower on it, her "pink" winter jacket she used to wear outside when it was really cold, her doggie dish, where she would drink and get her treats in the afternoon and her little "sponge bob" ball we used to play with all time.

There are so many precious memories I have of my sweet baby girl that I have embedded inside my heart. I will miss how she came out to greet me at my car door, after driving down driveway from coming home from work, or running after me when I came in the house, she loved to be picked up!! I will definitely miss her barking to let people know that she was home, when we used to let her out in morning or in evening or when she would just jump out of the car after a little trip to wherever...she was always glad to be home!!!

One of things I will miss the most is playing ball with her, something that she always loved to do after dinner --- it would start with me asking her where her ball was...and don't you know it, she would bring it to me so we could play, then I would throw the ball and she would run after it, bring it back about halfway, where she would drop it and push it back to me with her little nose...and this would go on for hours -- sometimes she would take a little break and then we would start all over again -- she just couldn't get enough of playing ball.

I will miss her little face the most and the way she used to tilt her head when I talked to her -- it was like she knew what I was saying -- and if she didn't know, then she pretended she understood, just because I was saying it to her...she absolutely loved the attention and she "LOVED" to be "loved."

We will miss her sleeping on our bed at night, usually curled up in a ball, and the way she would let out a "playful" little growl, if we tried to move her from her favorite spot. She also had a habit of licking her "Daddy's" face before he went to sleep -- every inch of his face, for at least 10 minutes!!

She also had many nicknames such as "Fluffy Bell" "Bella Bell", Sweet Baby Girl, "Bell Bell", "Cutie Patootie" "Honey Bunny" "Sweet Pee" and so many other names....

Every morning before I left for work, I would go over to the couch where she would be sleeping and I would whisper in her ear "see you later alligator, in a while crocodile" -- and would tell her to be a good girl and that her "mommy" loved her, then I would rub her little belly and give it a great big kiss -- I did this every morning just so she knew, she was loved - and that I would see her again later.

--- and on January 14, 2020, I whispered in her ear, one "LAST" time just to reassure her that nothing had really changed - and then I gave her one "final" kiss and told her that her "mommy" would always love her sweet little baby girl --

Bella was such a big part of our lives and family -- and the emptiness I feel goes beyond anything I have ever felt before, there are just no words that can describe the pain I feel in my heart, I feel like a part of me has died, she was more just a dog, she was my best friend, and ultimate companion, shared secrets and feelings with her, she kept me company when I felt alone, she was my little rock, , she depended on me and I depended on her, I still can't believe she is gone from my life FOREVER. I miss picking her up and holding her, snuggling up to her on the couch or in bed, miss her running up the and down the stairs, poking her head through the bathroom door, or running to the door when she thought we going for a ride in the car.


We will miss our sweet baby Bella, so very much....our hearts are so broken -- shattered beyond belief ---- we will never forget our sweet baby girl...when she left this earth she took a piece of ours hearts and love with her....

REMEMBER MY SWEET LITTLE BELLA ---- I WILL, "See you later alligator, in a while crocodile"


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