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Memories of Bella
Bella was very special to us. The day we got her, we were walking our Rottweiler up on the hill behind us when we met a man with 3 Chihuahua's. I told Ed that I always wanted a Chihuahua and we played with the Chi's briefly and went home. Within a half an hour, my good friend called and said "do you know anyone who wants a Chihuahua"?! I was so stunned. Her daughter had one and could not keep her. So we loaded Casey up and went to see her. The 2 dogs bonded instantly and she came home with us then and there. She was 3 years old and had a hard life. She had previously been named Ruby, Princess, and Chica and had been in the pound twice. I named her "Bella" because she was so beautiful to me.

Bella was very afraid of women all her life. She followed me EVERYWHERE always, slept with me til the last year of her life, and loved me dearly. But could never allow herself to get too close, hugs and snuggles made her nervous, but she was my little sweetheart and I love her so. Bella was very psychic and could pick up on unseen energies in our home. She hated the water, hated riding in cars, she just loved being part of our pack and loved being loved. Bella would tuck herself into bed with her head on a pillow and covers pulled up to her chin, it was so cute.

The last year of her life was so hard, we had LONG, steep stairs and she had a bad skin infection and had to be wrapped up and wear a cone. That little girl would struggle up and down those stairs during the night or when we were not watching and get herself out the dog door to potty every time. NO accidents in the house ever. She was so tough and brave. The day we sent her over the bridge, we were out in the car at vets office waiting to be called, and she was so calm and sitting on my lap on her little bed and raised her face up to the breeze and shut her eyes savoring her last time on earth. My heart broke. Then we took her in the vet and set her free. I LOVE YOU BELLA. Mayah and I MISS YOU SO MUCH. I know you are with Casey waiting for us. Run free sweet Bell.

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