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Memories of Bella
We remember when we first met our precious Jack Russell in March of 2013, I was just a twelve-year old boy, at a shelter not far from home where she was little more than skin-and-bones and shy as a bird, staring at me and my parents needingly from behind her gate next to her sheltermate, a yappy Pomeranian. We asked if we could have a few minutes of in-person time with her. Little did we know that that chance meeting would turn into more than ten years of a loving, exciting journey, as we had adopted her mere days after that first meeting, with her sitting on my lap in the backseat of the truck, nervously looking around as we drove her back to her new home with us, her new family.

While it took some time and effort, she eventually showed us both the tough and energetic side to her, for she was always up to a game of chase-and-tug with her toys. So much so that we'd practically have to replace them every month or so, and her strength was always impressive, for she could hold on to her toys even after being lifted a foot off the ground! She also enjoyed chasing all the little rodents and small wildlife around our home, speeding off in less than a second with great agility, determined to catch any of the critters she found, even though she never actually managed to catch any. Her strength was enough that, when a friend of mine and I took her for a walk, she managed to down a young tree with the force she exerted through her lead! So tough was she that she always demanded to be the top dog to any dog she encountered Not even horses were exempt, as one day trip to the Eastern Shore proved!
Next to chasing little critters, her favorite thing was walks. She could hear us pick up her leash and harness a floor away and would come bounding down the stairs, so excited to go. We loved watching her ears flapping, tail wagging and her bouncing in general as she walked. Sometimes, if she was particularly excited, she would get the zoomies and go sprinting off! Running around in big circles out on the lawn, or back and forth down hallways, jumping over any obstacles in her path with such grace and ease. And even after so much activity, she was still a trooper. So enduring was she that when we'd take her to local festivals, she would walk for miles and hours on end, until we were back in the car where she'd collapse right into a nap.

Yet, she had also grown comfortable in showing her more playful and loving side, as it was always impossible to even try and stop her from cuddling up to anyone within range of her resting spots and using everyone as her own personal pillow without regard to what anyone was doing, leading to many impromptu snuggle and cuddle times even in the middle of the working day or while one of us was driving! She would even show this kindness to many of our friends and family; amiable to many people and never afraid to approach anyone from whom she felt she would get pets and a treat!
For her unwavering love we would guarantee she too felt safe and loved whenever she was weakest, for even though she was strong, for though she was a strong and brave girl, her sole fear was harsh weather. Any time she heard thunder or harsh rain she would start pacing back-and-forth restlessly, always trying to seek out her family and assure us and herself that we were all safe; whenever she could sit, she would shiver and shake like a leaf, and none of us would hesitate to wrap her up in blankets, build little pillow forts around her, or just take her into our arms and hold her snug and close so she could feel secure. Whenever she was ill, we would do everything we could so that she had the best treatments we could afford, and made sure her at-home care was comfortable, regimented, yet always compassionate so she could be back on her feet again and ready for anything in as quick a time as possible.

On a lighter note, we would always try to take her with us to as many places as we could, whether by car or by plane, whether for visiting family or just for relaxation, we would do so much planning and preparation just so that our little puppy could come with us wherever we went. She was always endlessly curious anyway, and loved traveling as much as we did for all the new sights, smells, all the new people who wanted to give her pets, and all the new treats for her to chow down on!

However, even as she aged, when she slowed and grayed, there was still so much fight and so much love still in her. She would still play tug-of-war with the treats we'd give her, if given the chance, even letting herself be lifted from the ground with them still in firm hold. She was still so tough even as she no longer picked fights with bigger dogs, for she refused to shrink away from any of them, regardless of size or youth. Even as her legs began failing her and long walks she could no longer take, she would still try to find little hidey-holes for herself to crawl into, hoping to find any critters around or in them, even if it meant getting stuck in the confines of those hideaways for a time, yowling and barking to anyone to save her. She was still so friendly and loving to us and so many others even when her eyes and ears failed her and she could only recognize anyone by smell and by taste. She would still insist on using any of us as her personal pillows, and we would let her even if she ended up losing control of her bladder on us. She would never lose her love of adventure and curiosity, and never would we be without her whenever we went on a trip to parts known or unknown!

She will always be precious to us. She had been with me, my family's youngest son, from when I was just a twelve-year old, all the way up till I was twenty-three, and no matter what problems my family and I may have had, she was always there for me, for all of us, with unconditional and unwavering love, even in our darkest moments.
My family and I have cherished her in life, and will continue to cherish her as she lives free in the hereafter.

You've been with us through thick and thin,

You've been our joy in our darkest days,

With our love, forever and always,


Age 17

Born -- Mid-2000s

Adopted -- March 21st, 2013

Passed -- September 10th, 2022; 2:53PM

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