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Memories of Bella Louise
02/23/2024 It has been one year today since we said goodbye. Living without you has not been easy. You were the glue that held our little family together and now we are all lost. Pretty Girl sleeps on your pillow now but it will always be "your" pillow. Baby is her usual self; she has adapted but I can tell she isn't her old happy self without you. I bought a digital picture frame that rotates through all my pictures, so I get to see you every day and that has brought me some peace. I whisper your name so as not to confuse Pretty Girl and Baby. We are fostering kitty's now, Rhana has no tail from a very serious tail injury, but she doesn't seem bothered by it. You remember CoCo, she is still with us, still very shy and reserved but more outgoing than she was. She just needs a little more time to adjust. I have been so busy with work that I do not have time for much else sadly. I am knitting. Remember how much Baby loves her sweaters? I am knitting her a wardrobe of sweaters, lol. You know what a perfectionist I am, I spend more time ripping out my work because of a perceived mistake I just can't ignore.

I have been thinking about you alot, I am truly so very sorry that you had to go. I know you are on this side of the bridge waiting for us to join you and that brings me solace. I love you.

Best Big Sister to Baby and Pretty Girl
My best friend
I miss your barking and spinning
I miss your sweet kisses when you greet me at the door
Our home is so quiet now that your presence is gone
We will meet you this side of the Rainbow Bridge when it is our time until then frolic my dear girl, try not to miss us as much as we miss you!


Bella, yesterday was your 11th Birthday, and I will sing our birthday song

Happy Birthday, Bella, it's your very special day
Happy Birthday, Bella, your 11 years old today!
I cannot believe it has only been 2 weeks and two days since you left us, it seems like an eternity has passed. Our house is so lonely without you. Baby is recovering and starting to grieve less and seems to understand you are not coming back :(

Don't worry, we take care of all your "babies" (toys) and they are safe in the bed under your pillow.

Bella, I miss you so very much, I hope to see you someday in the future and hope you are playing with all your new friends, this side of the Rainbow Bridge. Happy Birthday my love, sleep well and play hard! Momma, Baby and Pretty Girl love and miss you.

3/21/2023 Bella, I miss you terribly. How will I survive without you? Momma

Hello Miss Bella, Momma can't sleep. You are always on my mind. It was one month yesterday since I last saw your beautiful face. People think I should be "recovered" by now, it's been a month! No one understands the bond we had and I will mourn you for the rest of my time here. The only joy I have right now is knowing you are on this side of the bridge waiting for me, I remember you always would wait at the top of the stairs for me when I went out. I am grateful that you will be there when it is my time to help guide me.

Baby is doing better, she still looks for you constantly, I know she too longs to see you again when it is our time. XOXO my love talk to you again soon. loVE Momma

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