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Memories of Bentley
Bentley Boy:

Your daddy loves you and misses you so much. I am now able to write some of the words that were so hard to create after you left me to be with our creator.

Your spirit is flying and swiriling around me constantly as I think about you on a daily basis. You were my buddy all of your life and the 14 years you gave me were so rich in memories and joy. Your love for life was always an inspiration to me and all of those who came to be around us.

You were my protecotor at all times. You would always fulfill your duty of protecting me, Ginger, mommy and all in our household with the upmost of compassion and loyalty.

You loved your life with daddy, Ginger and all around you. You lived your life to its fullest and I must take that into my own pespective and learn from it. You were my inspiration. You are my baby boy, the son that I never had and will love you for an eternity. Your are my co-pilot and always rode shotgun next to me to protect us and all in the suv.

You loved to watch the world pass by as we took our rides and trips together.

Bentley I will always love you and wait patiently for God to reunite all of us together again on his terms.

I will post more pictures of this handsome and loveable guy. He was Ginger's soul mate for almost 14 years. Bentley had such love of his life with Ginger and his Daddy. He lived each and every day to its fullest with out any worry of what the future held for him.

Betley and Ginger were always together. Ginger passed away on 10/21/2012 after 17 glorious years of life. Bentley passed away on 6/17/2011 after 14 years of glorious life. They both now have a Rainbow Residency and it is fitting in that they are now running together as they did in their prime. I will place a link on Bentely's Residence to Ginger's Residence and on hers to Bentley's.

Daddy, Bentley, and Ginger were always together. We were inseparable and had such great times together. It is hard to think that they are both gone now. I have all of those "Memories of The Way We Were."

O how I remember the "Doggy Bath Nights" with you and Ginger. I would generally start with Ginger. When finished Ginger would "Burn-Rubber" all over the house for an hour of so until you got tired. Then it was Bentley's turn and when finished, you would entice Ginger in to a romp around the house running non-stop for an hour or two as it seemed. I remember we had to clear out the house of obsitcals that would get in the way of the two of you. What an experience!! I will always remeber these episodes of your "Beagle Baglona" with great love and affection. It was so much fun and I believe it symbolized your relationship with your Daddy and of course Ginger. You and Ginger were so happy on bath nights.

The two of them were my children and I miss them both terribly. And of course they are entertaining all at the Bridge with their Beagle Comedy. Both were such clowns together. I have to wait patiently for my time to be with Bentley and Ginger again.

As I gather my thoughts and can express them in words that give Bentley the credit due to him as one of Gods faithfull servants, I will update my memories of him.

John Bentley's Daddy

Bentley's June 2011 Fathers Day Card


I'm sorry I can't be with you to celebrate Father's Day
But my Father in heaven said I just can't stay
There are Beagle duties to be performed up heaven's way
Something about romping and running and other Beagle play

You see I can't do those things down here anymore
This tired old body won't cooperate; it's just too much of a chore
I have fought the battle long and hard to stay with you and be
The most loyal and loving Beagle you could ever hope to see

I want to thank you for being my loving, caring master
For playing with me and laughing at things that turned into disaster!
The refrigerator and peanut butter raids comes to mind to name a few
With my sister in crime Ginger acting like she hadn't a clue

I loved the trips we went on and gazing at the scenery passing by
Taking walks in the forest and being way up high
Howling at the cows walking on the bank from the boat that day
And helping you to catch those fish and not let them get away

I will always be grateful that my Father in heaven knew
That the most wonderful gift he could give me was a daddy like you
So from your "B Boy the Cowboy" don't worry about me -- I'm no longer in pain
And I am the luckiest beagle who ever lived and that I can loudly proclaim

Love Forever,

June 17, 2011

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