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Memories of Betty "Biddle"
She loved playing with her pepper and her ball and sitting on her perch in the window. We could almost tell what she was thinking with all her different expressions, she had such a fun and silly personality. When we were sad, she would comfort us, either laying next to us or on top of us, falling asleep and purring softly. When Wakefield had a bad day, she laid around his neck and played with his beard, gently pawing at him. She never bit Wakefield, even when they were playing. Emmy, on the other hand, would play with Biddle a little rougher because she wanted to make sure she knew that we would never hurt her. She loved to smell everything that we bought before she would accept it. Her little nose would wiggle excitedly whenever we cooked fish, which was often. We couldn't help but give her little pieces of our meals. Everyone she met immediately knew how special she was. When Lily, Madeline, and Mom and Dad came to Greensboro, she knew she was going to get some attention, affection, and excitement. She's part of our family. We're so thankful that she got to spend time with Raina too. They were friends from the moment they met. She got to see all of Little's quirks and her silly personality. She reached out with her little paw, her gentle touch and changed our lives. There are so many things we are going to miss about her, we know that if love could have saved her, she would have lived forever. She was a blessing to our lives and we will always remember her. She is close to us, in our hearts, now and forever.

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