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Memories of Betty
When I saw Betty for the first time I thought she was pretty much the cutest dog ever. Within a few days I was telling her I love her (which is not something I typically said back then) and I started sitting on her dog bed just so that she would get on my lap. She brought so much joy and love to my heart so quickly that I didn't even know I could have or experience. The first time I left her for a couple of days, my heart ached for her and I avoided leaving her again unless I absolutely had to. I am so grateful to the timing that allowed me to adopt her. The first year of having her, we lived near a dog park. She had several dog friends she loved to run, wrestle and play with. I saw a flyer posted there and signed her up for beginner dog obedience school even though she was six years old when I got her. I found out pretty quickly that the class was less about her obeying and was more about me understanding how to communicate with her. This was probably one of the best things to happen for us because It gave us such a harmonious relationship. I think we became more confident in each other after that. We came to an agreement that she would tap me with her paw if she needed (wanted) something instead of barking. She had different 'volumes', she would start off lightly tapping me and if I didn't respond she would tap harder. This was one of the sweetest and sometimes funny communication we had that it melts my heart. On a few occasions I had to use the 'Betty come!' command when she got away from me and was so thankful we had that tool. I was fiercely protective of her and I really didn't want anyone else keeping her or walking her except me. We walked a lot, mostly at parks. She was overweight when I first got her and I was determined to get her to a healthy weight through exercise. When I first started walking her I had to carry her back when she would quit. The next thing I knew, to my great surprise, our roles reversed. She was leading the way and I had to stop the walk short because I was too tired and I was the one who had to quit. Every time we walked at any park it was like an adventure that she loved and I loved seeing her happy. I mostly took her on trails that formed a loop because she was annoyed if she had to walk the same path twice in a row. The memories of the two of us walking at parks are some of my all time best memories. I would sometimes take her to events I wanted to go to and she loved interacting with people and was always excited if food was involved. People that encountered her would often light up and feel so compelled they'd ask to pet her or take a photo of her. She had a cuteness that wasn't just the way she looked, it was personality, mannerisms, gentleness, playfulness, and the ability to read/sense and interact that brought smiles to even the most serious people. She had a special affinity for men and I would watch seemingly stoic men become soft and vulnerable when she interacted with them. Her ability to enjoy the simple things like sunlight, fresh grass, happily running, new discoveries, the comfort of familiar places and people, the intrigue of new places/smells, good food, etc. changed my own appreciation for these things. I never wanted to be called her 'mom' I think because I wanted a more level dynamic. She was my sidekick and I was hers. We communicated as a team. We had so many unsaid understandings about each other that played out in our daily routine. I'm so glad we had six years together. Now that she is gone, things will never be the same and it will feel like a huge piece of me is missing from my daily life. I added this picture of her sleeping because I want to think she's sleeping so comfortably now at peace. I've heard that because dogs can give unconditional love, the loss is so hard. I didn't realize it until she was gone but she was also my best friend. Betty changed, shaped, opened and grew my life and loved me for me and I will be forever grateful to her and my love for her is forever. I can only hope I will be reunited with her in the heaven and that she is very happy and comfortable there now. I do imagine her going on walks with my grandfather now, on trails and near streams. I also imagine her interacting with those who have also passed, and bringing them joy as well. Even if my memories of her fade, I know I am a better, fuller and more loving person because of her.

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