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12/22/2014 My Dearest Bibi, I love you so much, I miss you terribly. I know you are at Rainbow Bridge, happy and healthy once again.you are no longer suffering or in pain. You can again eat all your favorite foods, since you enjoy food so much and always had a ravenous appetite. You were a fighter till the end my baby, still looked good and ate until the very last day, when you couldn't anymore. You gave us a gift for an extra few days, so we can spend it together and enjoy all your favorite things to do. You went on the couch to massage Daddy, like you do every weekend to wake him up so he can feed you. I made you some chicken and pork also, you were able to enjoy that. I will miss you when I go in the kitchen, you were always right there crying for food, gobbling it up and enjoying it so much! I will miss seeing you jump down from your condo or the window, or the kitchen table where you are eating Matty or Ralphy's food. You always had your little toys, which I called your " babies", since you were always playing and nurturing them, and crying out to try to " wake them". I will keep all your babies still by your condo. This illness came too fast, just a week ago you were still your normal self, eating a lot and full of energy, especially for a cat that is 16. We were always so happy at how healthy you were, especially for an older cat, I was very proud, and this illness came too sudden. You enjoyed 16 years of happiness and good health, even though you gave us a few scares in the last 2-3 years, you were a fighter and a tough girl, you always pulled through with ease. 4 months ago when you went to the vet, there was nothing wrong with you and you were so healthy. This last time you couldn't do it, it was a tumor that was growing rapidly inside you, making you feel terrible. There wasn't anything we could do, thank you for giving us the extra 2 days, you were trying your best to be normal. You gave us a gift, the extra 2 days when you were obviously not feeling well, but still eating and somewhat active. You were brave for us, and we have to be brave for you. It destroyed me to have to take you to the vet, but I could not stand the thought of you suffering and in pain. You were calm, and purred while I kissed your head and petted you for the last time. Until we meet again, our memories of you will keep you alive. I wish we could have more time together on this Earth, but you are at Rainbow Bridge now with Patches, Fluffy, Burger, Jamie, Feral, and all our other cats.

It's almost Christmas, and we are so sad you are not here. We got the Christmas tree especially for you this year, but you didn't want to go by it, so Daddy bought you a little tree to put by your condo. We are going to plant it in the Spring. We will get you Christmas presents as usual. I was searching for a few days a photo of you from a long time ago, taken with the Christmas tree, I found it tonight when I came home. It's a lovely picture and I will keep it by my bedside. You will live in my heart forever, you will always be with me, it's so hard to think that when I go in the kitchen I will not see your face, but I will see you in my mind, and my dreams. I love you forever my BiBi girl, my heebeegeebees, you were such a loving girl. Daddy loves you and misses you terribly. Thank you for giving unconditional love to me for 14 years. You will always be here, in my heart.
Love always,
Mommy and Daddy

12/24/14 to my dearest Bibi, today is Christmas Eve, I am so sad you aren't here to share another Christmas with us. We are going to the store to get you and the other cats presents later, as we do every Christmas. I put the photo of you under the a Christmas tree from 2003, under our Christmas tree this year, do you can be under our tree again. I wish I can see you once again in the kitchen, eager for food. Or sneaking out to the couch onto Daddy for a cuddle. This triggered some memories of you. Remember we used to joke that you were a " dumpster diver" since you used to almost jump in the garbage if you smelled chicken in there. I wish I could cook some chicken now for you to enjoy. How about the time when the carpet cleaners came, and you got out because the back door was open, once I found out you were missing I ran around the whole neighborhood calling you. Meanwhile you were under the deck hiding, when I went to our backyard, you ran out and jumped straight into my arms!! You were the only cat to ever do that. And all your toys that we dubbed your " babies", you used to carry them around and put them all by your bed, and then cry and cry like you were trying to wake them up. How funny you were my BiBi girl, so spry still at the ripe old age of 16. I thought I had so much more time with you, you were so healthy and had such a good appetite. Now you are at Rainbow Bridge, you can have all the food and special treats you want! Please say a greeting to all our other cats there too, I love you all and carry you in my heart, always. Until we meet again, never to be separated. You were the last of the " old guard " cats so to speak. Patches, Fluffy, Burger, were your friends, the 4 of you all came when mommy was a child through my teenage years. They all passed on to Rainbow Bridge way before you, it must be nice to see them again. And of course Jamie and Feral and all of the feral cats from our backyard. I miss you terribly BiBi, I want to wish you a special merry Christmas, it will be your first one at Rainbow Bridge. Love always, Mommy

12/25/14 dearest BiBi, Merry Christmas BiBi! I love you so much my sweet girl! I miss you terribly! Me and Daddy got you and the other cats a lot of Christmas presents, and I wrapped everything up and out them under the tree. Your special present is placed by your condo, it'd another " baby" for you, a gorilla with catnip. Your other presents are under the tree with the other cats. I hope you enjoy your first Christmas at Rainbow Bridge, I'm sure you are having a big feast right one with Patches, Fluffy, Burger, Jamie and Feral. Have lots of fun running and playing and eating your favorite treats. I'm sending you and all our cats a big hug and kiss, from here to Rainbow Bridge! Love Always, Mom and Daddy

4/5/15 Dearest Bibi, Happy Easter my baby! We love and miss you everyday! Enjoy your big Easter dinner at Rainbow Bridge with all our beloved cats, you can have all the lovely chicken and treats you want! It was my birthday a few days ago, and I happen to be looking at some old photos. I found photos of you from 2004 that I have never seen, Grandma must of take them. Also ones of Patches, Fluffy and Burger. It was a real birthday treat for me, it was like seeing you again, like you all showed up for my birthday! I think it was a sign that you collectively gave me. To let me know you are at Rainbow Bridge, waiting for me to one day join you, and also wishing me a happy birthday. I miss you everyday, I will carry you all in my heart forever. Love, Mommy

10/9/15 Dear BiBi girl, I love and miss you very much. We often talk about you, soon it will be one year since you went to Rainbow Bridge. I know you are happy there, playing with Jamie and our other beloved cats. Eating a big feast everyday. I am sending a big kiss and hugs to you, from me and Daddy. Love and miss you so much! Happy Halloween soon! Love always, Mommy

12/22/15 Dearest BiBi girl, it was just your one year anniversary. We miss and love you so much! We constantly think and talk about you. You were such a sweet old girl, with a great appetite for food. It's almost Christmas, and last year at this time I was so sad because you were ill. I remember as I struggled to get the Christmas tree up, but I wanted to put it up for you, because of how much you like it. Our tree is up again this year, and under it I placed a picture of you, just like last year. You are here with us in spirit, and we know you are at Rainbow Bridge, with our other cats, being happy and healthy and eating all the yummy food possible. Enjoy your big Christmas feast! I'm sending you a big hug and kisses from here to Rainbow Bridge! I know you are watching down at us, sending us your love. We will love you always and forever, Mommy and Daddy. P.s. I got you new Christmas presents, I know how much your like your " babies"

12/15/16 Dearest BiBi, yesterday Matty went to Rainbow Bridge. Please tell him we love him so much, like we love all of you who are waiting for us there. I miss you all so much. It's almost your second year anniversary, and also almost Christmas. I miss you very much BiBi, celebrate Christmas with a big feast at Rainbow Bridge, and make sure you show Matty around. Also you all come visit us often. I love and miss you my BiBi girl!
12/21/16 my Derest BiBi girl, tomorrow 12/22 is your second year anniversary at Rainbow Bridge. I love and miss you so much, and think of you often. I'm sure you're getting ready to celebrate Christmas at the Bridge now, and also playing with Matty who just went there. I'm sure you'll have a big Christmas feast with all our other beloved cats, I know how much you loved to eat chicken and turkey and any human food. Tonight I will go get you some Christmas presents after work, and wrap them. I'll be sure to get you another " baby" for you to cuddle and nurture. Have lots of fun my darling girl, and visit us often. Please tell Matty we miss him and love him too. And all our other cats as well. You'll always be in my heart my BiBi girl.
Love always,
12/25/16 My dearest BiBi, Merry Christmas! We love and miss you so much BiBi! I know you're at Rainbow Bridge enjoying a big feast with Matty and our other beloved cats. I put up the Christmas tree and put your picture under it as usual, and also some of Matty. I got you all presents, and a special one for you, it's a mouse with crazy ears, I think you would love it because it resembles of your " babies". I miss your crying with your " babies" and playing with them, and sneaking over to Daddy and kneading him. And always coming over when you smelled us eating chicken. Enjoy Christmas my BiBi girl! Have lots of food since you love it so much. We love you always, and you will always be here in our hearts. Love always, Mommy
1/2/2017 Dearest BiBi girl, happy new year! I'm sure you're with Matty and Jamie and our other beloved cats celebrating the new year. Have a big feast and play lots! I hope the new year will bring our home less struggle with health. BiBi girl I love you so much! I miss you terribly! I hope you liked your present. Love and kisses, Mommy
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Dearest BiBi,
Today is your 6 year anniversary at Rainbow Bridge. I love and miss you very much my baby girl, I know you're happy and healthy again at Rainbow Bridge, playing with your little toys, your ba ba ba babies! And you're eating lots and lots of food, you always had a great appetite! Eat lots and lots of roast chicken and other treat too! Play and cuddle up with our other kitties there, and always be happy! I love and miss you so much, and Merry Christmas! I know how much you love our Christmas tree! We're putting one up tomorrow. One day we'll meet again BiBi girl, never to be separated. We love and miss you! Mommy and Daddy

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