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Memories of Bieber
8/24/21 Hi my little angel. Mom and I still talk about you every day. We sure miss you buddy. The blackberries are everywhere. You would love them. I'd pick for hours so you could have them. You loved them so much. A lot of things still remind us of you buddy. I have a beautiful picture of you in my shop so I can still see you daily.
Sully and Otto are good boys. you'd like them although Otto is kind of a monster at times! Sully and him get along great. Well buddy, I have to take them out now. Mom and Dad love you forever.

5/12/21 Hi Buddy, It's warm out and the grass is growing now. I was trimming around the blackberry bushes and thought of you. I remember how you loved berries and would gingerly pick them off of the bushes. I think about you every day buddy. I talk to you as well so I always hope that just maybe you hear me once in a while. I love and miss you buddy

Well, buddy, we're in December now. Your Mom and I talk about you every day. We know how you love the snow. When we look outside, we can still see you sitting in so many of your favorite places. Momma said, "everywhere Bieber goes is a picture." We miss you so much, buddy. Sully is a great boy and has reached buddy status. You'd like him. Otto is young and a handful but your Mom loves him, and he really loves her so that's all I need to accept him. He's a nice boy and just has a lot to learn. When I was out at the woodpile today, I thought of all the wood you and I worked on this past summer. Your Mom and I sure do love and miss you, buddy.

11/13/20 Hi sweetie boy. The two new rescue dogs we have are very different. One is going on 8 years old and pretty mellow. The GSD is between two and four and has been quite a challenge. He has no manners which I'm not used to as you were such a perfect boy. He remains a rescue dog and I'll probably always consider him as such. Not in a bad way but not relegated to the "buddy" category. Sully is the older one and he is in the buddy category but has a few steps to go. I sure wish you could have taught him. I remember everything about you buddy. This morning I woke up to snow and your Mom and I thought about how you loved to play in it. I remember so many wonderful things you and I did together. It seems like yesterday and yet seems like forever since I could kiss you and just sit outside with your beautiful head on my lap. Your Mom and I miss you every day and think about and love you, buddy.

10/31/20 Hello my sweet little boy. It's getting pretty cold out now. I still walk Sully and Otto daily but I don't know how long I can do that as the road will be icy soon. Sully is a very sweet boy and in some ways reminds me of you. You'll always be my best friend ever and hopefully one day I can think of all the fun you and I had and not break down. You're always with me in a way because there's a place in my heart that belongs to you. I know you're with the lord now running and playing so that part makes me happy. When he calls me home, you and I will be together forever but until then you run and play with all the other babies up there. I love you so much baby boy. Dad

10/26/20 Hi sweet boy. I picked up another rescue yesterday. His name is Otto. He's a big handsome German Shepherd that knows nothing as he didn't have a good life in the past. He's a handful and I sure wish you could teach him the ropes. You certainly taught me a lot buddy. I think about you every day and so wish I could hug and kiss you. Anyway baby boy, I sure do love and miss you.

10/21/20 Hello my little angel. It snowed a few inches overnight. When I went outside with Sully and saw the beauty of the snow coating everything, I thought of you right away. You would have been so excited. I can still see you putting your nose in the snow and throwing it up in the air. What fun we had together in the snow. I'm guessing you're up there running and playing in the snow whenever you want to now. I sure do miss and love you, buddy.

10/09/20 Hi sweet boy. Went for my normal 3-mile walk this morning. The air was crisp and the leaves were beautiful with the sun shining through them. I thought of all the walks and other things you and I did together. We sure had a fun life with each other. I miss you, everyday buddy. Everywhere I look I remember you being there with me. I love you, buddy. Dad.

10/02/20 Hello my sweet little boy. It snowed this morning enough to make the ground white. It made me think of all of the fun times you and I had together in the snow. How you loved to play in it. I sure wish we could play in it again. I miss you so very much everyday buddy. It's melting now but that would give you time to be my "muddy buddy." I love you, buddy. Dad

9/28/20 Hi my sweet little boy. We rescued a boy from the shelter and he's with us now. He's a very sweet boy. You would like him buddy. No one will ever replace you honey but I know you would want us to give others in need a good life. I think about you all the time. I love you buddy. Dad

9/25/20 Well buddy, it's another Friday and I just want you to know I miss you every waking moment. I'm lost without you little angel. I know we'll be together again someday but right now my world is pretty empty without you. Thank God I have your Mom as she's so supportive. It looks like we will indeed be giving another buddy (or two) a home. They'll never take your place as you'll always be my special little angel. Your in my thoughts and my heart every moment of everyday. I love you buddy.

9/23/20 Good morning sweet boy. It's a week ago today that you crossed the bridge and I miss you so very much. I don't want to sit here in self pity but you were my best buddy and such a large part of my world. I'm still hoping to bring another buddy home to give a good life but you'll always hold a large place in my heart. I love you buddy.

9/21/20 Hi Buddy. Old dad took the loader off of the tractor and put the snow blower and back blade on. It's always a fun thing as it represents a new season but it wasn't much fun without you there. I loved it when you would help me and while I was trying to get all the parts on you would give me a good "face lickin." This is the kind of beautiful day you and Dad would spend hours outside and play. I think I'm going to bring a rescue home as I know you'd want me to have a helper and give them a good life. I sure miss and love you my sweet little angel.

9/20/20 Good morning baby boy. It's a beautiful day and the kind you and I love to enjoy outside. I'm surrounded by your pictures and I can feel your beautiful, soft coat and sweet kisses. One day you and I will be out in the field again. We'll have so much fun buddy. I'll be thinking about you all day my little angel. I sure do love you. It's Dad and Bieber and Bieber and Dad. I know you heard that a million times. You have a wonderful day with all of your new friends buddy.

9/19/20 Good morning my little angel. Daddy woke up and said good morning my sweet Bieber. I awakened in the middle of the night and felt you with me. What a wonderful boy to comfort your Dad. I'm working on not being so grief stricken honey but I miss you so very much. One day when God calls your Mom and I home, we will be reunited and it'll be the most wonderful celebration ever. Until then, you run, jump and play like you always loved to do and once in a while let your Mom and Dad know that you're doing well and waiting for us. We sure talk about you a lot buddy. I love you my sweet baby boy.

9/18/20 When we rescued you in 2010 from the shelter we knew right away you were a special little boy. You had the best manners and you were such a smart boy. When we brought you home you decided to let us know the first day when you saw the open window and jumped through the screen and went in the woods. We were so worried but I found you and brought you back. After finding you and letting you know how much we loved and wanted you, you never wanted to escape again.

You and I (Dad) did everything together. We had breakfast together and your favorite part was the cereal milk. Then we would split a sandwich for lunch and at dinner you would always get whatever meat I was eating (and then most of mine.) At night you always slept in the bed or at least the bedroom.

On the weekends we spent every minute together and no matter what Dad was doing, Bieber was doing it as well. We went in the woods, in the truck and sometimes we just sat with each other in the field. I treasure every moment I had with you my baby boy.
We had a bond that was as strong as any two people could.

The times we played out in the field with the tennis balls were so much fun.

All of the "processing of wood" you did for Dad was wonderful.

When we ran errands in the truck we ate treats and enjoyed our rides in the sun. I'll never forget when we were riding and you put your paw in my hand. What a loving, beautiful boy you were.

You were so excited for the snow to start falling. You played and played in the snow with Dad.

Out in the shop you were always so patient while I finished up what ever project I was working on. Then it was more Dad and Bieber time.

No matter where you went you were a picture buddy. What a beautiful boy.

I'm not a very good writer buddy but I love you with all of my heart and always will. You'll live in my heart forever my sweet little angel. I miss you so much I can barely stand it.

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