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Memories of Big Boy Bud
I am heartbroken at your loss. If love could have kept you here you would have stayed. I will miss and love you everyday of my life. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge....sweet boy. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
09/17/2016 It's been (2) days since you're gone and I'm just heartbroken and miss you so much. My little shadow....you were always next to me or following me. I'm sadder than sad.....praying you are with Hannah, Hildy, Holly, Sweetie and Precious at the bridge. I will love and miss you until the day I die and we meet again.xoxoxoxo
9/20/2016 I just got a call from the vet telling me you are back after being cremated. More tears.....I've had my dogs buried in a pet cemetary not too far from home....but I'm getting older and decided I want you to go with me when I pass away. Holly is here waiting...my Yorkie, who will go with us too. I miss you soooooo much, Big Boy....my heart is soooooo broken. xoxoxoxxo
11/19/16 More heartbreak, Big Boy Bud. Our precious Minz passed away on October 25, 2016...just 5 weeks after you.He was so sick with lymphoma and we tried so hard to give him more quality of life....just like you. The chemo gave him 6 more good months. We were able to get him to the mountains...I was praying we could get you both there together. I know you were there to meet him when he crossed the bridge. Please know how much we learned from you and Minz...how much joy and happiness you both brought into our lives. We will love and miss you always. xoxoxox
12/5/16 Its getting close to Christmas and we miss you both so much. My little characters....my precious boys....till we meet again. xoxoxoxo 12/26/16 Our first Christmas without you both....so sad....so quiet. I still find myself looking for you both. I miss you both so much....you left such a big hole in my heart....really don't think it will ever heal. oxoxoxoxoxxoxooxox 5/22/17 Please welcome Sebastian as he went to the Bridge last Saturday and his brother, Oliver, is allready there. We are moving...not too far....but Kaylie is sad that she is moving from the home you both lived. I told her that we take the memories with us...but it is sad you both won't be with us on our next adventure. We will be going to the mountains in July and it really hurts my heart that you two won't be there. This will be the first time there without you two....it will be hard. Thank you both for sending us so many signs...feathers, pennies, rainbows and that wonderful painting with both of you in it that I found and bought on a cruise not long after you both went to the bridge. I love you both and always will. xoxoxo
8/28/17 I can't believe it's almost a year since we lost you both...seems like yesterday. I hope you are running free at the Rainbow Bridge. Miss you terribly and really haven't come to grips with you both being gone. Thank you for all the joy you both brought into our lives as it helps me get through some of the bad days without you here. You are loved and missed....always. xoxoxoxoxo
9/15/17 Usually anniversaries are good....but today is your 1 year anniversary at Rainbow Bridge. It's hard to believe you have been gone a year allready....my heart tells me it was just yesterday. I love and miss you....now and always. xoxoxoxoxo
9/15/18 The years go by soooo fast. Today is the second anniversary of you being at the Bridge, Big Boy Bud. I miss you as much today as I did the day we said goodbye. I will love you always. xoxoxoox
08/19/19 Coming up on 3 years since you crossed the bridge, Bud and time doesn't erase the love and grief I feel at losing you. Always know I love you and will miss you....always. xoxooxoxox
9/15/19 It's been 3 years since you went to the bridge, Bud. I miss you everyday and will love you always. You were and always will be my sweet boy. Until we meet again...xoxoxoxoxox 9/15/22 Today is your 6th anniversary at Rainbow Bridge, Bud and I still miss you so much. I will love and miss you always. I hope you and Minz are waiting for me....
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