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Memories of BJ
Merry Christmas my baby boy, Momma loves and misses you so much, I wish I was there with you.

Today is June 26, 2014 BJ and I love and miss you so much. It is really hard for me to write because I cry whenever I do. I hope you are running and playing, I know you are free from pain now. Love you always. Mom

Good morning my beautikful rescued baby boy. Today is the 4th anniversary of your passing. It does not get any easier as I miss and love you so much. I know that you are not in pain anymore, you are young again and running and playing. I hope you got to meet Bear, our 1st furbaby. You two would get along so well, he loved to play and eat treats just like you. Dad said hi and that he misses you also. You know Dad is the one that went and rescued you and I believe that you knew that all along, that's wht you were closer to him, but that's okay. I know that you and Bear are looking down on us and waiting for us to cross that bridge so we will be together again. I love you BJ- Mom.

Hello my precious BJ. Mom loves and misses you so much. Dad said hey, he loves you too. Missing you more today for some reason, maybe it is because Christmas is close. Can't wait until we meet again at the bridge. love you bby boy.

Good morning my baby. Mom still misses you so much. I know you are not in pain anymore so for that I am grateful. I had to get rid of Murphy. He got mean and starting biting people. I'm going to look at another dog today, but it won't take your place in my heart, no one can. I love and miss you so much.

Hi my beautiful baby boy. Mommy has been sick and in the hospital so that's why it's been so long. I love and miss you so much. Play well and make new friends since I now you aren't in pain anymore. I love you . Mom

Hi my sweet BJ. Mom misses you so much and I love you. Murphy still misses you to. There should be a Mastiff there by the name of Rocky. He belonged to my best friend, so if you see him greet him and play well. I love you so much. Mom

Hello my special one. I love you BJ and I miss you so much. I only hope that you understood why we were letting you go. You were in so much pain and couldn't eat unless we pureed your food. I stil wonder if I made a mistake. Murphy still misses you and he has been a bad boy. He bit someone. Run and play with all your new friends at Rainbow Bridge and just remember that I love you so much. Mom

Hello my beautiful baby. I love and miss you so much BJ. I still can't believe that you are not here. I only hope that you knew how much I loved you and how special you were to me. I hope that in the 15 years we had you that some of the pain you received prior to our adopting you was lessened a little bit. I miss you so much and I love you BJ. Mom

Good morning my special pet. I love and miss you so much BJ. Murphy misses you too. He has taken to laying in all the spots you did. Mom, Dad, Michele, Brianna and Britani went on a cruise. Disn't have a good time at all. I hope that you and Bear are playing and making a lot of friends. At least you are not in pain anymore. I can't wait to see your beautiful face again. I LOVE YOU BJ.

Good morning my beloved BJ. I miss you so much. I know that you are not in pain anymore. You know I would have done anything to keep you here with me longer. Two of the people I work with did a beautiful poem about you with your picture and framed it for me. Hope you and Bear are having fun together. I love you BJ.

Hey my beautiful BJ. I had my catherization and they had to put in a stent. The doctor said I was on the verge of a fatal heart attacj. A lot of people were praying for me and I know that you and Bear were watching out for me. I love and miss you so much. Keep playing free of pain. Love you Mom

Hey my beautiful baby BJ. I love you and miss you so much. It has been a month since you left me and I still am having a really hard time. I hope that you and Bear are playing and running free. Mom has to have a heart catherization Thursday but I am counting on you and Bear to be my guardian angels. I love you Mom

April 11, 2010 - Hey my beloved BJ. I hope that you and Bear are playing together and having fun. I miss and love you both so much. I know that you are out of pain and I can't wait to see you again at the Bridge. Play well and I hope that you miss me as much as I miss you. Love you

April 8, 2010 - Hey my sweet boy. I love and miss you so much. I went and picked up your ashes tonight. It was so hard to drive home after that. I hope that you and your big brother Bear are running and playing together free of all pain. I love you and miss you so much BJ. Mom

We adopted BJ from the pound as they were going to put him down. We had just lost our Big Boy Bear (who is a resident at Rainbow Bridge. Bj had been mistreated and it took awhile for him to learn how to trust us.
He got sick in January and we took him to the vet. They ran tests on him and put him on meds and he seemed to get better. Then in late February he got sick again, so back to the vet we went. BJ had problems getting up and down and walking at times. They ran more tests, did xrays, blood work and also a barium swallow. It was discovered that BJ had cancer. He was placed on more meds and given special food to eat. When he got to where he couldn't eat, we pureed him food for him.
On Tuesday March 30, 2010 we took him back to the vet to get him checked and to get his weight. They determined that his caner had spread and his kidneys were starting to shut down. The vet told us that she thought is was time we let him go. BJ was in a lot of pain and I did't want to see him suffer anymore, so we agreed with the vet. I stayed with him, talking to him and telling him that he would be at Rainbow Bridge where he would be a young puppy again, running and playing with no pain.
Now if I could accept that and stop crying it would be great. I know that he is in a better place and not suffering anymore, but it is so hard.

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