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Memories of Blackie & Ruby & Wo-Wo & Billy
How you loved to have your picture taken, you thought the camera was your and you always smiled at it.When Heather was going to take a picture of another dog, you jumped up at her and told her its my camera..We just laught!
You were such a gentle soul, even at the end. I love you and miss you so much.. Mom
1-3/10 - The new year's came in and I still miss you so very much! The tears still flow down my face and my heart is broken. I know in time that it will heal but that is in time. Right now its broken. Billy clings to me now. He does miss you so very much. Also your other brother Wowo misses you too. And Ruby and Subway Patty just lay around trying to figure out what happened. Always remember boy! your in my heart and always will be.. love you Blackie..love mom
Oh how great it is to see your picture there now. Oh how I miss you my boy, keep waiting for me and play nice there. You put smiles on more peoples faces than you know. Always remember I will always love you and never forget you. mommy

It is 4 months now since you left me.There are no words for how I am still feeling.. I miss you very much and just keep looking for your eyes to keep on watching me as you laid there. Ruby, Wowo, Billy and Subwaypatty miss you too! Subway is lost without you. Billy is good to her. I will write to you again, now that you have new friends up there, keep an eye out for them.. Until we meet again.. Always loving you Blackie.. mom

It is almost a year now that you went to the rainbow bridge. I can honestly say that everyday I think of you and often miss you and your smile. You now have your brother warrior aka wowo with you now. Show him the ropes upstairs with you. I love you very much my boy. 12/7/10

It has been 2 yrs now Blackie that you left me for a better place. I still miss you so very much. Please play nice with all your other brothers and sister. Till I meet you again I will always miss you and love you so very much....mom 1/1/2012

12/31/10 Today you left me a year ago. Its still seems like yesterday. Oh how I miss you boy! your smile when people came in and how you were such a gentleman. I will always miss you and love you so very much. Wish you were still here but without the cancer. Keep waiting for me Blackie. I will come and get you as soon as I can. Love your mommy

1/1/2012 It has been 2 yrs since you left me, I know you are in a much better place and no suffering anymore, but your mommy misses you so very much.You were such a gentleman, and I was so very proud of you when we walk outside, How the people would just watch you walk with me and they would ask me to teach them how to train there dogs to walk so proper, never pulling. I love and miss ou so very much my boy. You will always be in my heart forever. Till we meet again. Love you Blackie, love mommy....

12/3/12 It has been awhile since I been here but I haven't forgotten you at all. The hole in my heart is still there. By now you must have met all your brothers and sister. I miss you very much. I will get another small dog but not just yet. My heart isn't healed yet. Love you my boy and always will..Love mommy

12/19/12 Welll blacki here are pictures of all your brothers and sister. I hope you like it. All of you will always be in my heart forever. I miss every one of you. love you all very, very much!!....love mommy

12/31/15 Here I am again Blackie, WoWo, Ruby and Billy. It is 6 years already and it feels like yesterday. How I loved all of you,
and the hurt is still there. I will never forget any of you. You all have my heart. Love you very very much. love mommy

01/08/14 Well boys and girl, I just wanted to say that I miss all of you. If my health was better, I would have gotten another one, but instead I got a very small one. All of you took a piece of my heart with you and I miss you very very much.
Always in my heart. Love mommy

12/7/15 There hasn't been a day that goes by that I don't think of all of all of you. How much I miss you, you will never know. I carry on me a picture of all of you in my pocket. Always remember that I still love you very much and I will never forget you.
Love mommy.

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