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Memories of Blink
Blink you are my best friend. I have been extremely blessed to have you in our lives for the past 9 years. I always will remember your "pushy cold nose." I remember feeling that cold nose pressed up against me at the base house when you would take over the whole bed. Even though I did not get a good night sleep for a couple years, I would not trade you sleeping in our bed in the base house. I got even closer to you since had a common bond living with the "crazy one." When your best friend passed away, I made a promise to take you for your "favorite thing" more. I hope I fulfilled that promise to you and I regret every time I "had a headache" or all the other excuses I made when I did not take you for your "favorite thing." Your "favorite thing" became my "favorite thing." I loved talking to you and God about my problems and want I wanted in life. I loved when I kissed your nose, you would lick my face. I loved how you became "travel dog" and you shared some of my greatest memories of going to Sedona, visiting Wilmington North Carolina to see where One Tree Hill was filmed. You were with Cyd when she saw the ocean, even though you were scared of it. You went to Los Angeles once, and realize you were "not a fan" of it since it was too dog friendly. I am soo glad I brought you to Washington DC with me. You got to see so many people. Shannon got to see you again with her child. My mother's side of the family got to meet you. My fondest memory was sleeping on the couch with you. You gave me your heart and love unconditionally. I hope I earned it in your eyes. Which you probably still wonder what those are for.

I will always wonder what your life was before you found yourself on that stretch of rural highway in North Carolina. I hope I never meet the person that left you there to die. However, out of that horrible evil I got my best friend and you got your "person." I have soo much more to say, but I know I will barely get through what I already wrote. There is no way I can ever express in words how much you mean to me. I love you Blink. I am soo glad I was your person.

[Blink, I am so sorry I wasn't your best friend. I don't know why I didn't have the same kind of connection with you that I had with my first 2 dogs. You were a great dog, I am sorry I did not say that more while you were still here. I am glad you did have your best friend here, though. He misses you a lot & I know to him you will always be the best dog in the world. He has been writing about you a lot since you have been gone, but I am not sure how much of it he will want on here, so I'm not posting it yet until we get a chance to go through it together. I miss your "voice," & I miss your alternate personalities, Traveldog & Weatherdog. Sometimes I remember things from longer ago, like your collection of hedgehog toys, or when I tried to teach you "hat." Actually, now that I am sitting here writing this, I am remembering sooo many things about you. Like how when you came to me you had a black & white stuffed toy that you used to just carry around the house in your mouth. How you used to react to the sound of keys & knocking on doors. All the time I spent on base training you to "sit" through me picking up keys & knocking on various doors. How you reacted to the doorbell, & trying to train you to "sit" through that was completely hopeless. When we were staying in IN I told people to call my phone & I would open the door for them, but after a while you noticed that my phone usually meant someone was there & you started responding to my ringtone as if it were a doorbell. The fact that you went crazy at the sound of garbage trucks & doorbells for almost 8 years, then suddenly stopped responding to them altogether. You were our "young dog" for so long, but then suddenly you were our "old dog" & I used to say to you "old dogs are the best dogs!" Wow, I have been feeling horrible for months that I was not your best friend, but writing this has made me realize you were a HUGE part of my life & I have a ton of memories with you. I love you, Blink.]

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