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Memories of Bluebell
My first bird, my number one. I was just nine years old when I took you home Bluebell, and you saw the flock grow.

In our younger days, you read Bird Talk magazines with me for hours, shredding the pages. You loved chewing white socks whenever we wore them. You threw your lattice balls everywhere, while I picked them up off the floor and returned them to the top of your cage for you to throw them again. You adored our kitty Milo and you would fly over to him and even preen his soft fur and whiskers. Now I know that cats and birds shouldn't be allowed to interact, but now you and Milo are together again and can never hurt each other.

As the flock grew, you welcomed each new member with open wings. You especially loved Violet, who you'd spend hours sitting next to and enjoying her company. She misses you so much, and has never been quite the same since you left. Violet and Pearl are hanging out more now, but still, she is a little more reluctant to come out of the cage.

Your sweet chirps and head bobs filled our bird room with so much joy. You were the happiest bird I've ever met. Even when you had to go to the vet, you still head bobbed and chirped on the way in your carrier. When you were sick, you head bobbed and chirped like you were reassuring me that you were okay. Our flock will never be complete without you.

I love you so much Bluebell, I hope you're happy with Milo and Carrot. Just wait for me Bluebell, ok? Until then, fly around and play and eat all the millet in the world. I'll see you again.

Elle, Ducky, Kermit, Pearl, Violet, Nemo

12/31/22: Today is your Gotcha Day. We are celebrating with the flock, all the birds are signing your card.

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