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October 12, 2019 -- Time keeps passing my boy but the memory of all the special years we had together make me smile. You were my first kitty and boy you set the standard high for those who have followed. In 2018 Mommy was very sick and couldn't keep in touch but I think of you every day. I bought some pansies like I always do for your resting place but I can't get out there. I put them out front so I could look at them. It was always something special I did each year. Thinking of you so much more in the last few days. Remembering how we had that little mousie on a string that we would play with every night before bed and the way you would sit each morning beside your toy on a wand and wait until I played with you before you would move. I love you my Sweetie and will meet you at the Bridge one day. October 12, 2017 -- Hardly seems you have been gone from Mommy for 19 years. I want you to know that Mommy thinks of you every single day and misses you so much even though I don't write on here all the time. Today I found an old picture of you and your kitty Mommy Boots when we lived in New York. Do you remember the big farm house and lots of stairs that you both loved running and playing on! And how you loved to lay in the warmth in front of the fireplace! So many, many memories that I cherish of times spent with you and can't wait until we can enjoy those times again one day. I hope you are staying close to all your siblings that have come to be with you at the Rainbow Bridge, watch over them until Mommy gets there. I love you Bo -- You Are My Special Angel and will always be. October 12, 2016--18 years ago today my sweet boy you have been gone. Sometimes it just seems like yesterday because I have kept you always so alive in my heart. Your spirit is with me and sometimes I feel you are so close. Morning was always our special time and I would get up early just to spend time with you before I left for work. Remember how you would sit where I would hang your favorite toy on a stick that had only a piece of denim on the end of it? You would sit there until I got it to play with you for a few minutes before I would have to get ready. I guess that is one reason I am not a morning person anymore..just not the same without our special times. I hope you are staying close to all your brothers and sisters that have come to meet. Watch over Mommy and your new brothers and sisters I am trying to take care of now. Can't wait to see you again my Sweetie. I will love you always and forever. Mommy October 11, 2015 -- I am sitting here at the computer looking up at a collage of pictures my dear friend Ginny made for me shortly after you left Mommy. You were the sweetest, most loving silly boy I have ever known. One of the pictures has the 4th of July wind sock we had for outside around your neck, you were always such a ham for pictures! Another is you looking at your beautiful self in the bathroom mirror. Did you see I put a mirror up for you? One of my most favorite is one of Mommy holding you. Oh, my sweet boy I miss you so much even after all these years--17 can you believe that? So much has changed but never my love for you my Sweetie. You live on in my heart and in all the memories we shared. I love you always Bo -- I hope you are taking good care of the rest of your brothers and sisters that have come to the Bridge. Keep everyone together so that you can lead them all to meet Mommy when she crosses the Bridge one day. Hugs and kissies to you my Mommy's Boy... March 9, 2015 -- Hi my Sweetie! Well,last night we just turned the clocks ahead for spring. But it has been anything but spring we got 8 inches of snow the other day. You would have loved watching out the window as it falled. I thought changing your page to spring might hurry it up! I have seen a few robins so that means it shouldn't be long--how you loved watching the birds outside of our window. Mommy always fed them plenty so lots of them would come for you to see! How I miss those days just watching you watch them. Mommy is home all day now, no more working. I know how much you would have loved that! But we more than made up for Mommy's time working while we were together. You were my best buddy for so many years. So much has changed but some things like the love I have for you is stronger than ever and the memories of the times we shared are just as fresh as they were before. I think of you every day and miss you dear Mommy's Boy. I hope you are helping the kitties that come to the Bridge to adjust and keep in touch with their people. See you in my dreams Bo. Mommy loves you always. December 25, 2014 -- My dearest soulmate--you were the first that won my heart and brought such joy and love into my life. I had never known that such a bond could exist between a human and a kitty. You stole my heart the minute you were born and each day spent with you made my life more enriched. Oh how you loved Christmas! You loved to get into your stocking and roll all over it. I miss you still as much as I did those long years ago but I will meet you again my Mommy's boy. Merry Christmas and much love, Mommy. October 12, 2014 -- It is hard to believe that 16 years have passed since you took your journey to Rainbows Bridge. Sometimes I close my eyes and it seems like just yesterday and I can feel you soft, shiny fur and you hug my neck. Oh, how I miss those hugs and kisses my sweet boy! Did you see the new picture I put up on your stone? That is you looking into the bathroom mirror at the handsome boy in the mirror. It was you my beautiful Mommy's Boy! You loved to get in the sink and then reach up there to the mirror. I am sure by now you have seen the new boy Opie. He is so shy and bashful--your sister Neek just looks at him and he goes to the bedroom! No matter how much time passes or how many kitties Mommy tries to save, you will always have that special place in my heart and be my soulmate. I love you just as much as ever and can't wait to see you again one day. Love you my boy, Mommy
September 7,2014 -- Hello my sweet, sweet boy. Gosh, where have the years gone? Sometimes it seems just like yesterday when I still had you with me and I find it hard to imagine you have been gone for so many years. Although the years have passed and so much has changed, my love for you and the memories of our times together remain fresh and new always in my heart. You were my first kitty and my soulmate. You knew me like none other and Mommy misses you every passing day. I know you were right there to welcome Zena, Scraps and GrayLady as they recently made their journey to the Bridge. Mommy misses you and loves you so much my Sweetie.
February 20, 2014 Happy February my Sweetie! It is cold here but I know you are basking in the sunlight at the Bridge! I miss you still every day and remember your sweet hugs and kisses and long for your little paws around my neck. Did you see I placed a mirror on your Memorial? Remember the times you used to get up on the bathroom counter and look in the mirror at yourself? Of course who could blame you -- you were the most handsome boy I had ever seen. Mommy's love you Sweetie!
December 25, 2013 -- Merry Christmas my Sweetie! Mommy has been thinking about you so much during the holidays and missing your handsome face. Thinking how you loved to help me wrap the presents and when all was done would lay under the tree letting me know you were my present! I love you and miss you every day--hope you had a wonderpurr Catmouse at the Rainbow Bridge with your brofur and sisfurs. I added a few Christmas pictures below. Love you always Mommy
October 12, 2013 -- Bo, my sweetie it seems like only yesterday that I held you and got one of those sweet hugs and kisses! And other times it seems so long ago. But no matter what the time, you remain in that very special place in my heart and you live on. Your spirit is with me always and so many happy memories of our times together brighten my days when times get hard. You always knew me so well and how to comfort me, truly my soulmate. Did you see me and Scraps out in the yard visiting you this evening?
I know that you and Jordan were waiting for Zena when she got to the Bridge a few weeks ago. Please watch over her, I know she is young and healthy once again. I had told her so much about you my boy that I am sure you knew you the minute she saw you! You, Jordan and Zena with my mom are the family now waiting for us at the Bridge. Until then watch over us and we will meet again soon my lovely boy. Love you so much my sweetie, Mommy
October 11-12/2012---My dear sweet "Mommy's Boy". It is so hard to believe tomorrow will be fourteen long years ago since you left me. I don't think a day goes by my Bo that I don't think of you. Sometimes I pull into the driveway imaging how every day you used to wait and watch for me in your wicker chair by the window. I'd have to laugh as you would stretch your neck when you would see me. One day I will see that again my boy. I can sit right here at the computer and look at a picture that Tina did of you. You were such a ham and one of Tina's best models in her early photography days. Look I changed your picture showing you sitting on your rug in the kitchen. Remember how you loved it especially when I first got it out of the dryer? I still have that rug today. I hope you are watching over your little brother Jordan and keeping him in line. I want to ask you my boy to watch for Sydney in the next few days. Remember the white furry girl with the big tail? She is getting ready to come to the Bridge. Would you please watch over her? I miss you so much my sweet boy and talk of you often. Tomorrow I will go and get some pansies to plant on your resting place in the yard. Mommy loves you and wait for the day when we will be together again.
October 12, 2011 -- As I think that today is 13 years since you left me my sweet boy, I cannot help but think how so many days it just seems like yesterday. You are with Mommy always and I think of you daily and miss you just as much as the years go by. I hope you like your pansies this year. Tina, Alyssa and Dylan planted them for Mommy and they look so pretty in your special place in the yard. You know that Mommy has had a hard time this year and I could feel you with me all the way my Sweetie. It was the love of my family, including you my sweet boy, that got me through it all. I have a special favor to ask of you my Bo. Your baby broter Jordan is very sick and they dont' give him a lot of time. Can you make a request to the Father and all the kitty angels on his behalf? I know that you are watching over Mommy every day and I can't wait until the day I can see you again my sweet Bo. Always in my heart, love Mommy
October 12, 2010 -- As always this day brings such special memories that I shared with you my sweet boy and are in my heart forever. I think of you always. Today I put some pretty mums and more pansies of course on your resting place in the yard. And yep, your rug is still in the kitchen--it is old an tattered but I just pull the loose threads and put it back down. Mommy has been sick and I know you are watching over me my sweet boy. I can still feel the comfort of your presence in my hardest times. Love you always, Mommy
October 12, 2009 -- As another Bridge Anniversary comes to a close, my Sweetie, you are still as alive in my heart and memory as if you left me yesterday. I can sit and think and a flood of memories overwhelm me in a minute. The time I came home with bread tracked all down the hallway just like you were leaving a trail like Hansel and Gretel... How you used to come running when your favorite run in the kitchen would come out of dryer -- Mommy still has that rug in her kitchen, it is quite old and ragged but holds so many memories of you I just can't part with it. I miss "our" mornings where you would sit by your favorite toy until I played with you before going to work and then the wonderful welcome homes with big hugs and kisses....see my sweet boy you are forever with me. Play hard and bask in the sun on your whicker chair. I love you so much, Mommy.
October 12, 2008--On this the 10th anniversary of the day you left me my Sweetie, Mommy's heart is still full of love for you. The memories of all the times we shared are imbedded forever in my mind and at the times I need you most, you are right here with me just like always. I miss your physical presence but I can feel your spirit with me always. How I long for one of your hugs and kisses and remember all of our special times. I was so blessed to have you in my life and one day look forward to seeing you waiting to welcome me at the Bridge. I miss you as much today as the day you left me my Sweetie. October 18, 2007--Hello my Sweetie! I so miss calling you that and noone else is called that as it was your very special and endeared nickname. So sorry I didn't write on your anniversary October 12th but it was a sad day as always missing you more than ever. I worked on your resting place in the yard and finally got all the bricks put out and planted some pansies just like I did right after you left me my sweet boy. It is fall and the weather and leaves are changing but my love for you never will. I miss you every day and wait for the time we can be together again. Mommy loves you and misses those hugs and kisses. June 12, 2007--Mommy's boy...gosh how I miss you even after so many years. Some days it is as if you left yesterday and always at good times and hard times in my life I feel you with me still. Mommy has moved to a new house and "yes" of course you came with us. Your spot is in the corner of the yard and just today I planted some new flowers. After all these years you are still touching lives my sweetie and helping others thru the sad times of losing their own furry loved ones. It is how I had hoped your legacy would be carried on. Can you watch over Gray Lady my love whereever she may be and send her home to us if you can? I sure could use one of your special hugs and kissies. Love always, Mommy October 12,2006 -- My sweet boy...what can I say? Mommy still misses your hugs and kisses and your sweet face. I love you as much as ever and your memory is in my mind and heart every day. How I wish I could cuddle with you tonight on this cold and bitter day. The thought of you and your pictures around the house warm my heart every day still. I have felt you visit Mommy a few times in the past few months--times have been hard and you always knew when I needed you so much. I bought some pansies and will plant them over the weekend. I had to bring them in--there is gonna be frost tonight! I love you sweetie and you remain always in my heart and memory--your soul lives on my sweet Mommy's Boy. Love you, Mommy March 30, 2006--As the sun shines on these spring days approaching, I am reminded of the special love that shined in my life every day that you were a part of it. Now your spirit and memory bring the warmth to me once again of all the love and special times we shared my sweet angel. In my heart always, Love Mommy October 13, 2005--I just came in from visiting you and placing an orange rose on your resting place. When the ground is wet, I will plant the pansies. Your memory remains and the special love we shared is forever in Mommy's heart. I miss you even more than the day you left me. Your spirit and the good times we shared help me to go on. Thank you my sweetie for being a part of my life and a part of my heart. I miss those hugs and kisses. Love always, Mommmy October 12, 2004--Another year has come and gone but not without your spirit and memory being ever with me. The leaves are all changing and the wind is getting crisp. One of our favorite times of year, remember my sweetie? You loved when the door could be open and you could breathe the fresh air. You loved to chase the leaves when we lived at our house and I took you out in the yard. You were always such a joy. Your memory continues in my life and your memory and love still continue to reach out and help those in need. You were the best cuddle bug. I miss all of our special times together, I know you are watching down over me and are still trying to talk to Neek, aren't you? She has really changed a lot learning from you. Tina was here to visit and we talked about you and remembered some of the times we shared. She helped me plant the flowers on your resting place in the yard. I miss your hugs and kisses and the special "language" we had. Run free my sweet boy, Mommy misses you and loves you so much. Until we meet again... October 12, 2003--It is 5 years today my sweet boy since you became my Bridge Angel. Five years and your memory is with me still every day, five years and I still long for your hugs and kissies, five years and it only seems like yesterday, five years and I still remember all the special times we had and how each night you would cuddle close and purr til you drifted off to sleep. It is ironic that once again the day is a chilly and gloomy one. I will be off to plant the pansies once again too on your resting place in the yard. I am so thankful for the special bond we had for so many years, all the love and joy we shared! A bond I know I will never experience with another. And still even tho you are at the Bridge your spirit has guided me to so many good friends and fellowships--you knew I would need this in my life and know you are watching over your mom just like always. Mommy loves and misses you my boy........ Love, Mom October 12, 2002--Today is 4 years since the day you left me my sweet boy. It is a gloomy day just like that day but the sun shines in my heart remembering... My life changed so much that day and has never been the same. You are with me still as I face each new day I think of you. The little kitten who would only eat scrambled eggs, dashing thru the house with your brothers and sisters, the day you caught a "real" mouse, the way you would always roll over for belly rubs and know when I was sad and needed comforting. So much joy and love you brought to my life like none other. You enriched my life in so many ways only my heart knows. It is morning now our favorite time and I will be going out to plant new pansies on your resting place. I know you will be looking down and smiling and remembering too......Love always, Mommy <sp> 10/12/01--Even tho I can no longer see your precious face you are still so much a part of my life and the things I do. Just thinking of you and the times we shared always bring a smile to my face. You have become an inspiration and a channel for reaching out to those who also have babies at the Bridge. Your face looking out the window as I came home everyday, the memory of those hugs and kisses and the softness of you lying next to me each night are etched in my heart forever until we meet again, my Sweetie. Mommy loves you and misses you. April 30, 2001--Happy Birthday, Bo! As I stood and talked to you today at your resting place in the yard my mind wandered to the day you were born. What memories of the littlest runt and how precious you were from the very beginning! But as the years went on you would become even more precios and special. Such a loving soul and my best friend. You could have no idea of the impact you would have on my life and how much joy I felt each time I saw that handsome face. All my love to you Bo and I wait for the day Mommy can be with you. Hugs and kisses, Mommy. April 26, 2001--Soon will be the wonderful day you were born and came to share my life for 16 wonderful years. How could I ever forget that day? It is etched forever in my memory and as close as your spirit is to Mommy. Love you, Sweetie. October 12, 2000--Today is two years since you left Mommy. The void and emptiness in my heart remain but your presence is ever with me. I can no longer hold you or feel those scratchy kisses but my memory can take me at any moment to all the special times we shared. The day you were born, how you claimed me as your own when you were a tiny kitten, the way you would sit by your favorite toy until I played with you, the way you would open your mouth and nothing would come out but I would know exactly what you wanted, the hours of birdwatching we shared, your sweet face in the window always waiting for Mom, visions of you napping in your wicker chair, cuddling with you as we drifted off to sleep and yes those hugs and kisses that so many times drove away my tears and fears. I miss you and think of you every day. Did you know you won the Oscat? I am so purroud of my handsome boy. I know you are watching over Mom and the girls and one day I will see that handsome face waiting to welcome me. Until then play in peace and I will try to think of the happy memories and smile. I love you my Sweetie. July 30, 2000--Seasons change, life goes on but my love and longing to hold you once again is never ending. I feel your presence with me now but in a different way. You still remain my one true soulmate and you love has been an inspiration along my daily path. Even now you are still making friends thru the pages I have recorded of your life. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and smile as I think of those hugs and kisses you used to give me. Each time I hear a bird sing I am reminded of all the joy and love we shared. One day I will hold you again my Sweetie. Until then your legacy lives on. I hope you are welcoming all the new Rainbow Angels my baby, show them love and take them under your wing. Until mommy meets you again. -- I love you my sweet guy. PLEASE VISIT BO AT HIS OWN SPECIAL WEBSITE. BO HAS SENT A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO HIS MOMMY AND YOU CAN SEE IT THERE! BO'S SITE NAME IS "REFFLECTIONS OF BO" AND THE URL IS: http://napkatz.topcities.com/index.htm ITS A PEOPLE THING -- POEM WRITTEN BY GINNY FOR BO http://rainbowsbridge.com/stories/Brancato-ItsAPeopleThingConversa-985.htm

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