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Memories of Bob
Little Bob, brother to Shy who misses you, ruler of the house, show cat, ribbons galore, sit with me while I dry my hair, grab my straw from my drink, "what do you do when you see a pretty girl" and you kiss your mom; six little toes on each paw, little hands; and the winner is Bob, dandling you on my lap, another ribbon, another picture. All these are fleeting memories now, but you are with me for all time. Always with your sister, cuddling inseparable, she sat with you while you were leaving us, washing you and waiting with you. We knew you had to go but wanted to keep you forever. Just never enough time. Little shadow of mine. Lay down next to me and I will hold your little feet close, now fall asleep with me. If I can see it like it were now, why cant it be so? Watch over Shy and your other siblings, a house full of them, no one to tell them what to do now; boss man Bob. Hey who the heck is Bob anyway? Showtime! Love you Bob, Mom

1/20/2009 Bob, just your Auntie saying "hi". Your little urn is home now, and rests beside the other babies who have gone. Rest easy little one, and play with my Timmy, young and strong again for always.

4/27/2009 Bob, your little sister Cookie died today... welcome her and tell her its ok. She got sick so suddenly, and then was gone, falling asleep in my arms. Play with her again like when you were both here. Comfort Cookie, for she was a sensitive kitty. Rest easy, little ones, you are ever and always with me. Love, your Mom

12/20/2010 Little one, you should be here for the holidays, smacking ornaments off the tree, stealing pieces of candy... but I know you are ok and in a good place, enjoying soft snow to jump and play in. So many of your pals have gone; Jumbo and Skipper a few weeks ago.. welcome them, play with them and tell them how to send little signs to us, to let us know you are all ok. Merry Christmas, little son. Until we meet again, your Mom loves you

12/14/2011 Merry Christmas, little cat with gooseberry eyes. You are missed and never forgotten, you will always be the Big Bad Bob! Until we all meet again after the long sleep, we all send you kisses and memories of the joy you gave. Your auntie, Sandy

01/05/2013 Hello little cat with gooseberry-green eyes! You are loved and never forgotten; you sister Shy is still with us and a grand old lady at 18 years old! Play in the winter sunshine and catch a snowflake for me. Your auntie, Sandy

12/24/2014 Merry Christmas, little boy. You are loved and remembered.. your Auntie Sandy

12/24/2016 Merry Christmas, darling little kitty. You were, are, and ever will be loved and missed. Rest in gentle peace, under the Christmas stars. Goodnight little one

2/19/2017 Bob, your "twin" has joined you now. Santo could no longer fight the illness, and had to let go. Welcome him, play with him, and let him know he is in his new forever home. You looked so much alike, even down to the personality. I'm adding some pictures of Santo to your album, so your page will always speak his name.

12/24/2017 Thinking of you this Christmas Eve and know you are well & young again. Rest gently, little fellow

12/24/2018 Thinking of you, little Tuxedo Cat, this Christmas Eve. Play and catch a snowflake, and know you are ever and always loved. Rest gently, darling little boy, until we all meet again

12/23/2019 Darling little boy; please come to your Mom in dreams. She now only has one kitty with her, all the rest have gone to sleep. She remembers all the past Christmases, when the house was a flurry of many cats all waiting for Santa; now there is only Ziggy. You are ever and always loved by your Mom and your auntie Sandy

12/25/2020 Merry Christmas, little black & white cat. So many years have gone by, but every shooting star that goes by will always speak your name. Rest gently with all the other little souls who have gone. Sending you love and sweet blessings, your Auntie Sandy

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