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Memories of Bob
Bob came into my life last Christmas . He was my daughter Jade's house bunny at uni. She brought him home, and for me it was love at first sight. While at home for Christmas we noticed Bob became quiet and withdrawn, scratching himself. Then we realised he may have mites. A visit to the vets confirmed this. Off myself and Bob went to the vets. He was given an injection, the vet said she wanted to see him in a fortnight. As Jade had to go back to uni I looked after him.two weeks passed and Bob was back to his normal self, but the vet thought maybe he should have another injection " just in case"! However he ended up with an overdose, he was given fluids and I took him home as I could tell he was frightened! Thankfully no harm came to him.i took him back to Jade and missed him terribly.

In May it was the summer holidays and yaaaaah Bobby bun bun was coming home. I bought him a nice hutch so that he could go out in the summer. I also got him a mosquito net, as was terrified he'd get fly strike. He had a fab summer. I'd brush him, then we'd have bunny cuddles. He always came in about 6 o'clock . I would put him in the sitting room with us. On an eve he'd sleep in his cage or under Jade's desk.

In September we were going on holiday, and I was panicking about who was going to look after my beautiful bun. TUCKERBUNNIES at Middleton Tyas was were he went to uncle Mike & Aunty Maysie's ( the most fantastic couple) Bob had a brill time. I couldn't wait to pick him up on our return. I kept in touch with Mike & Maysie.

Jade realised that she couldn't take Bob back to uni this time as her room was quite small, so asked me if I'd look after him! Wuhuuuu I thought.

Bob was so loved. Every eve I'd bunny proof the sitting room, then Bob and his cage, and his litter tray would be brought in. I was always talking, stroking, cuddling, and kissing Bob.

Last Sunday I took Bob outside for a brush. I noticed bits of something on his fur, I had a look but wasn't sure if his mites were back . I decided to ring the vets on Monday to check it out. Also I thought while I'm there I'll have his ears, teeth checked and his nails clipped.

Took Bob to vets, teeth fine, ears fine, no mites.

The vet asked me to hold Bob like a baby on his back for nail clipping. After two clips he suddenly back flipped out of my arms, falling on the floor. My beautiful bunny had broken his back. I cried so much, I hugged, kissed and told him every thing was ok. Bob had to be put to sleep. He died in my arms. I have never felt such pain and guilt! I loved that beautiful little bunny so much .

I am so sorry Bob if only, what if!

I will see you again my darling at rainbow bridge. Please know that I loved you with all my heart and more xxxxxxxx

You were so soft and fluffy, and when I buried my nose in your fur you smelt divine!! Love you Blobby. Xx

Tweety bun. I've left you two candles. I know I should not be greedy, but well, you deserve it.

Bob I love you with all my heart.

Putting some for get me knots in your beautiful garden Blobs. Xxxx

Big hugs, kisses, rubbing your head. Wish I could still smell your beautiful fur. I love you soO much. Mummy crying again! Two weeks now since you left me! My gorg s, beautiful baby . Don't think I'll ever come to terms with you leaving. Xxx 😩

Sweety buns, I love you so much. Still crying for you. Miss you so much. You will know that I have rescued j- furry from rescue, he is so lovely and gentle, but such a live wire! So cute, I keep calling him by your name. I wish I could cuddle you one last time,knowing that I wouldn't get the chance again, I. Still what if , if only. Know one will ever know what you meant to me Bob. Love you eternally . Xxx

Merry Christmas my beautiful Bob. So much has happened since you left. I love you soO much. Can't believe it's just a year ago since you came into my life. I'll never ever forget you. Giving you big cuddles and kisses. All my love for eternity and beyond. Xxxxx

Happy new year my gorgeous bunny. Lots of love. Xxxxx

Happy birthday my beautiful fluffiness bunny bun. Still miss you loads! Have a lovely day at the bridge tomorrow with all your wonderful friends! Love you darling😘 xxxxxx

Hi little Bob. Spring is here now. I still miss you very much. I hope you are happy playing with your friends.

Lots of love, your mummy! 😘😘😘😘 xxxxx

Hi Bob. It's a year today that you left for the bridge. I still love you very much. And I still miss you. I hope you are happy at the bridge with all your friends. I'm going to buy some lovely flowers in your memory. Big cuddles & kisses for you. All my love, mummy. Xxxc 😘😘

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