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Memories of BoB
Dearest BoB,

Thursday, June 6, 2019 started out as any normal day did for our family. You heard some moving around upstairs early in the morning as we were all awakening and starting to move around; then you heard me come downstairs and gave your customary squeak/wheeking to remind me I had give you breakfast. Of course I would, little buddy! You and I spent a bit of time together while I fed you, as usual. Then the rest of us got ready to get on with our day and went to school/work while you had your breakfast. For my lunchtime break I came home as I usually do each day, and when you realized I was home again you came out of your favorite spot in your barn to greet me, just like always. I always looked forward to that! I gave you your mid-day Vitamin C tablet you simply couldn't wait to get, every time eagerly climbing up the side of your pen and looking for me to hurry up and place the bits in your bowl, even climbing up on the bowl as I looked to place it down for you. :-) We spent a few more minutes together before I had to eat lunch and then go back to work. Later that evening, the rest of us had to go out for Mary's school chorus event (she did a great job singing!). We came home and I came downstairs to take care of you, feed you, clean up your pen, etc. just like every night.

You were your typical happy, playful, and affectionate self- pop-corning a bit and very glad to see; also glad to know that your food bowl, hay and water bottle were about to be refilled I'm sure. :-) We had a great time hanging out together there for a little while little buddy, didn't we? Just like always- you affectionately licking the side of my wrist while I was petting your back and occasionally the top of your head, stopping to give you some back rubs and rubs around your hips during cleanup and feeding time. I wish I knew that after all was said and done with getting you all taken care of that night that it was going to be for the last time, my dear, sweet little friend.

I went upstairs after we hung out together and I was done getting you your food; I ended up taking care of Mary for a while. You might have even heard her being a bit upset about something and needing someone to talk to. Otherwise, I probably would have just been in the room with you, keeping you company and watching TV for awhile as was typical for us most nights. At one point I had to come downstairs to get something from the basement to fix something in our bathroom, and then came back downstairs to put away the gloves I needed. This was about an hour to two after I left you with your dinner.

When I looked in on you before going upstairs for the night, you were lying down on your side in an odd way, and I immediately knew something was wrong. I checked on you, my sweet little friend, and found that you had already, quietly, crossed over the rainbow bridge. I was stunned and heartbroken. I gently ran my hand over the top of your head to smooth your fur, and then pet you gently for a few moments, feeling overwhelmingly sad at your sudden loss. I then went upstairs to tell everyone what happened. We all came back downstairs and gently picked you up our of your pen, held you, hugged you, and said our goodbyes in a family hug- with heavy hearts and wishing we had more time with you. Five years was too short, my little bud.

BoB, you are such a great friend and had a true, loving heart. We miss you each day, love you, and wish you were still here with us. I know that you had to go, but your leaving has made our house feel more empty, my little furry friend. The sudden absence of your squeaks, wheeking sounds and purring and general playfulness is hard to take on my work at home days.

I know you are in a good, safe place and will be waiting for us all to see you again. Until then, little buddy, popcorn to your heart's content, be happy, enjoy the grace of being in Heaven with God taking care of you and giving you all the hay and bay leaves you can eat, and know that you will always be loved and remembered.

With all my heart,

your big buddy

July 13, 2019- It's been a little over a month since you've crossed the rainbow bridge BoB. I miss you each day. I miss hearing your inquisitive 'wheeking' each morning as you would hear me come downstairs to the kitchen, reminding me to come visit and feed you. :-) I miss your funny character, your 'purring' sounds and your playful nudges whenever I would gently rub the top of your head and your back. What I wouldn't give to hear and feel all of those things again right now. BoB, thank you for reaching out to me in your own way and letting me know you are still here and are ok, my little friend- even though its now in a much different way than before. I know in my heart you are still with us in spirit and always will be. I have found and started talking with a group of wonderful and understanding people who have also lost their beloved fur babies. Several have reached out to me and have visited your memorial here, noting how special you are, mentioning their own lost loved ones, wishing us well, and especially noting how their fur-babies who crossed the rainbow bridge before you would be there to meet you and help welcome you home. I do hope you have made friends with them and all others who have crossed over the rainbow bridge before you- they all seem to be such beautiful and loving friends who gave their human moms, dads and loved ones such tremendous love and affection as you showed us. I also hope you have found and befriended Trouble, who was also a loving friend that left us too soon. I take solace and feel comfort in knowing you are in all of their company and that they will help you feel welcome and a sense of being home and belonging. I pray that you will always be well and happy!

December 6, 2019

Hello BoB!

It's hard to believe that today marks 6 months since you've crossed the rainbow bridge. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and miss you. The den where your pen was set up seems too quiet to me now; I really miss your wheeking and purring. I'm sure you've noticed that I still sometimes go there and have dinner, like I used to sometimes in order to spend some time with you. I also really miss the little gestures you always gave through which you expressed your friendship. For a little guy who can't talk like humans, you sure know how to express yourself little buddy! :-)

Mary really misses you too. There are days where your ability to make her feel a bit more calm and peaceful would be helpful. She's had some difficulty with your crossing over as well, and really wishes you were still here physically, as all three of us here at home do really. I remind her that you are still around, but in a different way now, in spirit. I continue to look for your signs as well, and I thank you for sending some every now and then.

I hope you have made many new friends by now and that you are also helping new furbabies who have just crossed the rainbow bridge to feel welcome in their new home. Please help Smokey, the cat of Mary's friend Amanda, who recently crossed over the bridge, and also say hello to Trouble for me.

It's the holiday season again, but it's just not the same this year without you here my little furry friend. It feels more empty to me, and I wish you were still here to celebrate the holidays together with us. I continue to feel for your presence and spirit, knowing with some comfort that you are in a good place and happy.

Until next time, little friend. Love you buddy!

December 26, 2019

Merry Christmas BoB!

The holidays weren't the same without you here BoB. I sorely missed your usual morning squeaks calling out to me to visit and feed you. Mary missed having you by her side as she opened her presents, specifically noting it's our first Christmas without you. It made me sad to think that you weren't here physically to enjoy in the celebration of Christmas, but I know you were with us in spirit.

Thank you for your recent sign, my little furry friend. I really needed it when you sent it to me. It brought a smile when I really needed one, and it reminded me that you are in a good place which made me feel better.

I miss you every day little buddy. Life has not been the same since you've crossed the rainbow bridge now almost 7 months ago. At times I sit and think about how you've been such a great little friend in your own way, and I feel both happy and sad, maybe a little guilty as well in not realizing something may have wrong which we might have been able to catch. But then again, guinea pigs are a wily sort who hide their ailments well. You never let on that there might have been a problem, being your happy and jumpy self right up until the time you crossed over. I do hope you are very happy, have made lots of new furry friends, and are welcoming new friends as they cross the rainbow bridge. I look at your picture often, and I wish I could give you a little nuzzle on your nose/snout again with my fingers in person like I always did.

We've been basically ok here. We all miss you, but I think I still miss you the most little buddy. Mary does get sad sometimes that you aren't here physically anymore, but I remind her that you are here in spirit with us and always will be. I think of you often, and hope you will continue to send more signs to reassure me that you are ok.

Love you little buddy!

June 6, 2020

Hello my little furry friend! :-)

One year ago on today's date you crossed over the rainbow bridge and into greener pastures. I find it hard to believe that a whole year has gone by, little buddy. So much time, yet it still feels like it was only a short time ago.

Mary misses you terribly. She's having a tough day today, so hopefully you can reach out and send her a sign, to let her know that things will be ok. I appreciate all the signs you send to me, and it warms my heart to see/feel them and know that you are still here with us in spirit, and to know you are doing ok.

I miss you BoB, every day. I try to join the Monday candlelight services as I can, and take some comfort in knowing there are many other fur-parents who feel the same way about their beloved furbabies that are with you. I hope you have found a way to help new friends you see feel welcome. I know you would try to do that as best you can. :-) You always had a way to make me laugh or smile, and to help me feel comforted during some times I had some of my own difficulties. I still think back on moments with you and both smile and shed a tear, but I know your spirit is here, indeed, everywhere. :-)

Please keep sending those signs BoB. I really liked the little pocket of the rainbow a few days back. :)

I hope you are pop-corning for joy, have all the bay leaves and hay you could ever want, and are above all, happy. :-) Please let Trouble know I am also thinking of him and that I miss him as well. I am sure you are both friends by now! :-)

Be safe, little buddy. We still love and miss you.

your big buddy

June 6,2021

Hi BoB! It's hard to believe that all this time (2 years) has gone past since you've crossed the rainbow bridge. I hope you are still being the happy, pop-corning little ball of energy you were while you were here with us in person! I'm sure you have since made many friends and are helping to welcome new ones who have crossed the bridge recently.

You've likely noted we have a new friend here at home, who's name is Orion. I had to catch myself a few times from calling him by your name already. It's a little bittersweet for me that we have a new piggy here with us, but we don't have you here in person. I hope you will do what you can to help our new friend feel at ease here, as he's still not used to us yet and is getting adjusted from having been sheltered, then put into a pet store, and now here with us.

I miss you dearly, my little furry friend. I wish you were here with us in person, and not just in spirit. I know that we will see each other again someday, and I look forward to that! You, Trouble, all past family and friends, all together again- what a wonderful thought to help carry me through my days ahead. While Orion is here with us, and Mary is trying desperately to help him get adjusted to cuddles like you enjoyed, it's just not the same thing little buddy. He is not you, and he never will be. He is is own piggy, like you were, and while I make room in my heart for him too, there's still a spot for you that will always be there. Thanks for helping to expand my heart! :-)

I love you little buddy, and I hope you will continue to send some signs that you are doing ok and are happy!

Your big buddy,


June 6, 2022

Hello my furry little buddy! Another year has past. I have been here less frequently, but have not had you out of my thoughts. I hope that will continue to help showing Orion the ropes. He's not quite got your friendly demeanor, but he's basically ok. He seems to be getting a little more "loose" and willing to have us around him. I do miss you my little friend. Things have just not been the same without you here. You had a way of making things seem better, with your expressed friendship and willingness to engage with me and Mary. Orion isn't like that, and it makes me miss you more these days. We love and miss you buddy. Please keep sending signs to let me know that you are doing ok! love you my little buddy! Stay well, and please look out for Obie and help him get used to being at the bridge!

your big buddy, John

June 6, 2023

Hello BoB! It's hard to believe so much time has gone by, my little furry friend. I miss you so; even after the passing of a few years, I still miss your quirky attitude, playful popcorning, and your way of greeting me whenever it was time for chow. Orion seems to have worked out ok, but he sure is a lot of work with the vets when his teeth need correcting. I do at times wish he had more of your personality, you were always more friendly and excited to hang out with us more. I am happy to give Orion a good home, just the same, and I think having you has helped me to be a (hopefully) better hooman to him.

I do hope you have been happy. Thanks for sending those signs; keep them coming little one! I also hope you and Trouble have helped Obie when he came over the rainbow bridge. He is a big guy, but as I'm sure you've learned, he is very gentle, kind, and loving.

Things have been challenging these days, my friend. I miss how you always seemed to be glad to see us, and always were mostly happy, upbeat, and managed to still get the zoomies even in your pen. I still get sad when thinking of you, but then also get happy at times, and will smile when I think of you and something you did. I always found it kind of funny, for example, when we would have you out for free time, put you in the middle of the floor, and you would just sit there, not move, as if you were invisible to anything only if you didn't move at all. I guess it was perhaps being a little cautious, but I hope you knew you were always safe in our home. Just as I'm sure you are safe in your home now at the Bridge.

Keep being your playful, cheery self little buddy. Please help others who come over the bridge if you can. Say hello to Trouble and Obie for me as well, ok? Love you BoB.

your big buddy,


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