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Memories of Bobby
I can't believe it's a year since you left. I miss you every day and long for the day we are together again. Be happy. Love you always xxx

Happy Christmas Bobby. I still miss you every day and can't wait to be with you again. Love always xxx

2 years today and I miss you so much. Love you so much. See you soon Bobble xxx

Missing you badly today xxx

3 years today and still just as heartbroken as the day you left me. Love and miss you Bobby xxx

4th Christmas without you Bobby. There's no joy left in my life. Xxx
Happy Christmas 2017- love you and miss you more than ever. xxx

4 years since you left me. We will be together again soon. Love you so much. xxx

1/4/18 Happy birthday Bobby. Love you, miss you every day. One day soon..... xxx

Bad day- I want to be with you badly. See you soon. xxx

Love you so much. 3/12/18 xxx

I can't believe it's been 5 years without you. Still hurting. Love you always. See you soon. 9/2/19 Xxx

Christmas 2019. I can't stop thinking of you and love you so much. Still hurts so much not having you with me. Love you always. See you soon.

Bad day today Bobby. Looking into ways to be with you as Want to be with you so desperately. Xxx

6 years and so dearly missed still. Long to see you again. Soon be with you. Be happy until we are together again. I love you so much. Xxx

26 today. Not a day goes by without thinking of you. Soon Bobby, soon. Wait for me at Rainbow Bridge, please. I love you so much. Xxx

25th June 2020 I love you Bobble and would have loved lockdown with you. Soon...

30th June 2020
I love you and miss you. Planning on being together again soon. Xxx

31st December 2020
Another year without you and it's still so hard. Keep waiting... Xxx

2nd February 2021
7 years without you. Miss you and love you as much as ever. Keep waiting for me my lovely boy. So sad without you. Xxx

1st April 2021
Happy birthday Bobby. Love you and miss you always. 😘 Xxx

9th February 2022
8 years ago you left me. Still think of you every day. Love you, miss you, want to be with you. Keep waiting for me at 🌈 Bridge Bobby. All my love always. Xxx

Christmas 2022
Happy Christmas. Love and miss you always 💗🌲🤗.

9th February 2023
Can't believe it's been 9 years - hardly a day goes past without thinking of you and missing you. I love you Bobby. Hope you're having fun in Rainbow Bridge 🌈. See you soon 🥰😘🤗.

Christmas 2023
Happy Christmas my lovely boy. I've been missing you a lot recently and thinking of you constantly. Keep waiting,soon... All my love, forever Xxx 😘🤗❤️

9th February 2024
10 years, I can't believe it. Still heartbroken 💔. I love you ❤️

1st April 2024
Happy birthday my beautiful boy. I can't believe you are 30!!! I am still longing for you and I am hoping to see you very soon. I love you, always and forever 😘🤗❤️

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