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Memories of Bogie
March 1, 2021--Its been almost 10 years since you left us. I miss you every single day. So many others have come and gone since you my Bogie, I hope you are all getting along and playing nice at the bridge. You will always be my Fatdog. I love you Bogie!

April 14, 2011--my Bogie boy, its been a month since you left me. I miss you so much. The tears still come, particularly at might when I relax and begin to think of all the things I miss about you. I miss you sneaking across the kitchen, keeping your nails from clicking on the stone, you were a sneaky one! I miss the chuklunk sound of you jumping up on the cedar chest to get in bed with me. The little scratches your nails maide will always remind me of you. And I miss your kisses. But mostly I just miss having you here to keep me company.

The first time the bell rand after you were gone, there was no barking, it made me very sad. The other 2 just ignored it completely. There are reminders of you everyday. My days without you will never be the same. I love you and miss you very much my boy!

March 14, 2011--Oh my sweet Bogie dog, its only been a few hours but I can't believe you're gone. I love you so much, and I miss you very much already.

My fat boy, every morning when I get up, and start getting ready for the day, I will miss you running back into the bedroom, plopping down and watching me get ready. Everytime I hear that squirrel chatter in the tree by the pool, I will miss you running around and barking at him like crazy. Every day while I'm sitting at my desk working, I will miss you laying on the other chair, stealing my chair, sleeping under my desk, or getting stuck in the cables. Anytime I am making dinner, I will miss you standing there waiting for me to drop something, and while we are eating I will miss you resting your head on my lap, hoping I will feed you. Every evening when I sit in my chair, on my chaise or on the couch, I will miss you jumping up to snuggle with me and pushing me out of your way. And every night when I go to bed, I will miss you snuggling with me and keeping me warm.

I remember the day I found you, you were so cute and so scared. I don't blame you for biting me. I just can't believe someone would be so cruel as to tie a rope around your neck as a collar so tight it would rub all the hair off your neck. That's ok, the moment I saw you I knew you were my new baby. I wouldn't even let them not finding the paperwork on you deter me. I picked you up 3 days later and brought you home. Dad was none too happy with me, and didn't talk to me for a week, but that's ok. He came around. He even tried calling you stupid dog, but that didn't matter to you, you loved every moment of it.

It was just you and me kid, for months. All those trips every week up to the base and back. You were a trooper, just riding along with mom, keeping me company. I think you just knew there were walks every day in the park once we got there. You were the best company I could ask for.

Darby and RBI are wondering where you are. They keep looking for you. They will miss you too. I can't bring myself to let RBI have the fire hydrant. That was your very first toy, and no matter how hard you tried, you couldn't destroy it. Not so much luck for Darby's babies.

Its funny, just 2 weeks ago, daddy and I were talking about how you knew when mommy got up early, there was something up, that I was leaving. You just knew. I told daddy, I didn't know what I'd do without you. You were my sunshine! I will always remember you running through the livingroom throwing the ball for yourself, but not wanting anyone to throw it for you. And how you'd come in and just plop down next to my chair when your tired after a walk, and how just the sound of "wanna go for a walk" would make your ears perk up!

I love you very much my sweet Bogie! Be good until mommy sees you again!

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