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Memories of Bonaparte
NOVEMBER 13th, 1994 - MAY 25th, 2010 GENERAL NAPOLEON BONAPARTE -"LITTLE BIG MAN" O' so many memories... playing with rope was his fun time, taking off and running as fast as he could around the house... laying on his back to sleep I will forever picture in my mind... walking away, but stopping a few seconds to look back to see where I am and make sure I was not too far from his sight.. My chief of Security, always with me at work, at my feet asleep, but on patrol... My beautiful "Heart Smart" boy...Always such a beautiful and good boy... trying always to please and never allowing anyone near that may harm us my strong and courageous soldier...you suffered the pains of not being able to take a good breathe longer than you should have to "stay" for Momma-My heart aches to see those beautiful brown eyes turn to look my way.... O, so missed you are... my heart smart boy... I will see you soon...Momma

June 25th - 2010... It hardly seems possible you have been gone 1 month... I still lay your pillow on the side of my bed...I tell you goodnite... and pretend kisses to you every nite... You have roses in a vase next to your urn, fresh cut - your eyes so sorrowful turned towards me. I have your toys (ropie-rope and Ally-Alligator) on top of the shelf by your resting place... I did not let Alex have them, although I know you do not mind... I put some ice cream out for you... Miss you so much "BONAROO"... the house is so lonely without you and torture to work in my office not able to see you turned on your back asleep... Spread your joy, little-big-man until Mom holds you once more....soon-...kisses-and kisses some more- See you in my dreams -Love, Momma

July 25th - 2010...2nd Month without my beloved pet - Hi Sweet Darling Boy, Momma is still missing your sweet face! You would not believe all the things happening ... Lisa is here... and we had the boys visiting last week... We still have your pillow on the side of the bed and we kiss your little face on the picture we have each day-and daddy says good-nite to you every nite when saying good-nite to Alex... We miss not playing ropie-rope and peel out mode... but you must have taught that one to Alex before you left for "Rainbow Bridge" cause he takes off every now and then just like you use to and circles the living room and runs down the foyer...He has been tearing up that old bear rug too!!! I hope you have made some friends and are not missing Momma too much... I hope your lungs and heart are all better and you can breathe and run like the wind!!! I still hurt to think about you...that we had to let you go... I hope you understand Momma did not want you to suffer I pray you understand how it hurt so bad...we love you so much ....we do!!! Momma

August 25th - 2010....Your away from me now 3 months, but, I play with you inside my heart each day! The Roses in the garden out front my office window at home where you use to lay... are placed fresh daily on the bookcase near your picture!!! Your "Camouflage" bone pillow lays untouched by my credenza... I see you lying there all day while I work. Things here are not the same... I miss my "friend".... I still see your tail wagging and the way you would sway walking down the hall to go outside when the time came for us to take our breaks from work during the day. The days drift by, and I see you on your pillow at night next to my bedside... We always say "Goodnite Bonaparte" every night... We miss our "Chief of Security"... our precious friend...!!!!! The nite lite is on for you.....Momma misses her sweet boy... I am so sorry you are gone from my sight! I love you Bonaparte, my heart smart boy!!!! Momma

September 25th - 2010 You are away in Rainbow Bridge now 4 months... It does not seem possible... We are now in football season and the Florida Gator's have won so far... so you would be "styling proud" in your collar with the Gator Mascot Logo! We are still hurting for our sweet Bonaparte... we miss you and hope that you are having a good time in heaven ...Daddy still says goodnite "BONAROO" before we turn over in our position... NO ONE could ever take your place. Still, I wonder everyday if you understand why we did what we did... it is hard to conceive of now... that you have been gone for 4 whole months... Vividly your still here... upside down on your back asleep by the copier or under the window next to the credenza in my office... Things here are changing my heart smart boy, I hope to see you soon... Look for Momma soon at the entrance at "Rainbow Bridge"... I will come and get you soon...I promise. Forgive me for letting you go, I did not know what else to do, your eyes were so sad cause you could not breathe. Love you so much--- my heart is broken, your Momma.

October 25th , 2010, Five months now my man.... Hello my treasured friend: I think daily about you "lil Big Man"!!!! The days seem to fly by here lately... Daddy has been unemployed now for 9 months and is still trying to find a Human Resource position here in Houston... We have all your little things you loved in one place in the living room where they are close with us each evening...The cat still comes out in the evening to play with you, looks around to see if you have come back then goes into his room again until the next day. Flowers are always in a vase next to your beautiful picture... the one of you licking the icing off your Birthday cake!!! O my goodness... I miss your little antics of running around the house and sleeping on your back ... how beautiful your Fox red coat was!!! All and all time is passing bringing me closer to you... Soon I will see you my friend. In the mean-time you keep those ears listening for your Momma to come and get you... Have fun my friend playing and running fast in "the Rainbow" ..... my heart is lonely for you!! Momma

November 25th, 2010 - 6 months....Hi my Bonaroo!!!! It was a hard Thanksgiving for us... Daddy is still searching for a job and Momma is not feeling much like celebrating life without her favorite fella! Things change daily, I hope to see you soon... Keep an ear raised to hear for Momma at the Rainbow Bridge crossing... I will be there soon to play with my beautiful boy... I love you so much... my heart sees you in my minds eye each and every day... Ugh.. how will we get thru Christmas without you opening your presents...sadness - I love you Bonaparte, heart smart boy- Momma

December 25, 2010 -- 7 MONTHS, Christmas Day... ... You were terribly missed! We hope you received lots and lots of good chew bones and a nice comfy bed to turn over in and sleep on your back! We spent some time here and then went over to Dad's sister's... We had the usual dinner fixin's and ate till we were stuffed....No presents were exchanged this year...and that is a good thing... I sang at church and wished Jesus Happy Birthday. Hope you are missing Momma as much as I miss you.... Christmas has come and gone and so one more month without my "Heart Smart" boy. Soon Bonaparte ...soon...Love you, Momma

January 25th, 2011-- 8 MONTHS, Darling Sweet Bonaparte: Another month has come and gone...and although it is the beginning of a new year, sadness is all around us.... Daddy is still seeking a job, and Lisa is still here also seeking a new life and employment... I think of you daily and wish I could snuggle to you and tell you all about my hurts and fears; you were always such a good boy to listen to Mom. I had to go to the doctor for my shoulder. I think I may have to have surgery... Things here are so terribly lonely for me without you, How does God fix these things...??? They hurt so bad and NO>>>>, the time does not make them better...only to long for your soft cuddly body to whisper gently my secrets...I pray every day to see you soon. I definitely am through here. Love, my special Bonaroo!! Love and kisses....Momma

February- 25th - 2011 - 9 MONTHS ...My sweet Boy, We are still missing your beautiful face! ...9 months-and hurt is so present. This month was a fairly hectic one with lots of Birthday's as you well know... We are still hoping for Daddy to find a good job and we still have Lisa here ... Alex is growing and is now a big boy at 5 pounds... He truly s a Daddy's puppy -- puppy! I somehow just will not allow myself to get too involved with him... I look forward to the day when I can hold you close and hear you breathe next to my face...Smokey Joe is still lounging around the house and comes out in the evening and goes around looking for you.. tries all over inside and outside to see if your there somewhere, Then he comes and lies in my lap and looks at me like "what did you do with Bonaparte?" O, still so tough for me...... I know the cat does not understand and misses his buddy...so does his Momma, I LOVE and Miss you so much.

March 25th, 2011.... 10 MONTHS ...Hey my "lil man"!!! Things here seem to go bay faster and faster... as it is 10 months now that I have held you and stroked your tummy...Daddy is still looking for a job and Tracie is working different contract jobs... I sit and think of you often during the day... Your pillow is still here in my office.....(Alex does use it, did not think you would mind)... I hope you are not as lonely as Mom is for you. I hope you have plenty to do there in Rainbow Bridge, they say they have your favorite treats jsut waiting for YOU!!! You be a good boy and wait for me... I will be along soon... Love and kisses your Momma

April 25th, 2011.... 11 MONTHS ...My heart smart boy, time goes by, now 11 months, and I want to hold you close again...Mom has been trying so hard at work to make money and to help Daddy pay the bills that I am a little late on this entry! I hope you are getting so many friends and playing so much that you do not have the hurt anymore like I do inside. I was in the rocker this past Sunday and all I could do was close my eyes and picture you from behind walking away from me and the cute swagger in your walk, funny the things we remember!!! I wish you were here so I could hug on you... missing you so my precious "lil man"!!! We went for coffee last night... I remember how you would ride with your nose pressed on the window, watching everything go by??? Ask God to give Daddy a job, time is running out, and so is the money..... stay well my friend, and keep those ears up for me...Love, Momma

May 25th, 2011 ... 1 YEAR... HARD DAY... no real words except I miss you. Danette sent you flowers, I put them on the bookcase by your sanctuary and ... a big red rose from my garden... I love and miss you terribly....Momma

June 25th 2011.... 1 Year 1 Month... Darling Boy... Just looking at your picture lying on the carpet, spread out so comfortable in your home.... I miss you so much, sigh my love ... talk to you everyday about everything going on now. Daddy is still looking for a job, but things are moving up for him. Daddy is so active in the Church, everyone there loves him, he volunteers for everything, does not matter what it is, he wants to be a part of something to give back. God has met our every need during this time, but I bet you telling "HIM" to take care of us. God is probably doing it so you'll stop "Barking Orders".....You be still and listen for Mom... I will be there soon to hug you up sooooo tight to me my Lil Man. Love, Momma

July 25th 2011....1 Year 2 Months.... My " Bonaroo" it has been another month and things are just the same here... Life seems so empty for me... I work and work, eat supper sleep and start again... I pray each day you are not forgetting me!...that the day will come soon when we will be again playing and walking and able to be a family again... Are you listening my Lil General Man...for Mom and Dad....? Of course you know Smokey Joe and Alex will be there too one day, to play and romp and be together.... I hope that you and Chasson and Tifanne are all happy and together playing and sleeping and eating well....... I love you darling boy, Momma

August 25th... 1 Year 3 Months... Bonaroosky.. Daddy has been nominated for Deacon at church!!!!!...OOOH Sweet Lil Man, he is so happy!!! Mom still misses your big beautiful eyes turning my way to give me that loving look... I miss your walking ahead of me to the mailbox each day. I was thinking yesterday how you would pull me along to get to the next point to see what was there... always enjoying your walk and ready for a big bowl of water when it was done. I took Alex yesterday, but, he does not like to walk. I gave up and carried him. You are so MISSED My Lil Man...I love you, I love you... Kisses , Hugs and love...love love, see you soooonnnn......Momma

September 25th ~2011... 1 Year 4 Months.....Darling Boy... I have not forgotten about you... things here have been hectic and with Daddy out of work, Momma has been working double time to try and keep all things level for us...I know you are in good hands and are doing a great job playing with Tifanne..or at least watching her bounce that blue-ball high in the air.... I wish I could get a hug and some kisses but I know soon that we will see each other... God says so in the Bible..all HIS creations shall be with HIM one day... I hope you got to meet Ms. Tiss and that Chasson was glad to see you.... Love and hugs my Heart Smart Boy! Momma

October 25th ~2011 ....1 Year 5 Months....Hi there My Bonaroo!!!!! Daddy is still seeking job and things are moving slow... Could you put a good word in for us ...I think Daddy might be getting a little stressed and hurt about not finding a job position at this point. We miss you so much... we still see your face in every corner... We love you. Momma

November 25th~2011....1 Year 6 Months.....My lil man.... I wish you could be here...Thanksgiving is upon us and we are just struggling to keep smiles together... it is very hard for Daddy to be out of work so long.. I watch his face turn older as the days pass by... Emotionally tearing him apart ..Please let God know... it is time now ... I know God will listen to my Smart Lil Man... Hugs and kisses from Mom and Dad, and your favorite... Smokey -- Joe... LOL... okay okay..so the cat was not your favorite.......LOL Momma
AND Dad, who always said to you "here comes that "sorry cat"

December 25th ~2011...1 Year 7 Months...My Lil Man... MERRY CHRISTMAS DARLING BONAROOOO!!!You must have spoken to God in your sweet and convincing way... Daddy got two offers and took the CHURCH ONE as Volunteer Coordinator/Pastoral Care Pastor...but you probably already know cause you asked God to give him the very best job cause he was a GREAT Earthly -DADDY!!!!!... HE is so happy... HE will be ordained next year and be a full Pastor at our church.... Thank you for asking for us and ....Tell God I am very grateful for our opportunity to serve HIM in a big way...That I can see now all the ways in which he moved in Daddy's life over the past 18 months ...putting him in all those weird volunteer positions all over town...but my goodness... HE taught him exactly what he needed to have to do this job... Praise to HIM!!! Let HIM know I see the spiritual markers for Daddy... and for me... Much love to YOU and be a "Sweet Boy" till I come hold you tight ....

January~ 25th, 2012 1 Year 8 months...The time has gone by my " lil friend". But I know now that you are safe with the angels in heaven and playing, jumping and doing your tricks.... with your siblings ... I hope that Tifanne is not driving you crazy with "blue ball"!! LOL.. I am sure she pestered God till He gave her a couple just to make her stop... And Chasson is not snoring so loud you can't sleep...LOLOUDER
Love you, and Miss you so much.....Momma

February~ 25th ~ 2012 1 Year 9 months.... Things here are pretty hectic my BonEY Parte!! Dad works and Mom is trying to help him with his job... Being a Pastor over the volunteers at church is a very new job, but also a very challenging one... You keep being you're "lil self", be sweet to everyone... whisper to me ....I always hear you! Mom and Dad keep your pillow beside the bed still...
We miss you so much... Hugs, XXOXOXOX Momma

March ~25th, 2012 1 Year 10 Months....Hi My BonaRoo!!! Whew, time has flown by and things are mounting as we get ready for summer activities at the church! Dad is doing well and will be ordained this year as he goes forward with more job duties... God has blessed him..... (and me) very well... Hope you are still keeping your ears up for us to come by for you... We are now in our last stages of life... and I know God has things for us to do ....big things when we get there with you... Miss your beautiful face my friend, miss rubbing your belly at night...... still grieve for your loving licks on my foot to let me know it is your time for loving.. Holding you close in my heart...Momma

April~25th 2012 11 Months gone, O' Bonaparte how time ruches on... It is gonna be 2 years you are gone out of my life .....Sadness still abides in me...Love and kisses and hugs...Momma

May~25th, 2012... 2 YEARS GONE....My precious "lil man" your love lives on in this house as I see your antics always...I still go into my office thinking you will be there waiting for me to start my day... How funny the things we miss the most... I miss that swagger you had when you walked... your turning over on your back and being totally out of it....that whimsical look as you focused on me. My sadness for you will never leave me. What an awesome pet you were for so long...a part of my daily routine... Life is so short for all of God's precious children... ....Happiness this day, celebrate the joy of being pain free, breathing well, and knowing Mom and Dad will be there soon to claim your JOY back with us!!
XOXOXO, Missing my General Napoleon Bonaparte, Momma

May~25th, 2013 ...3 years today - As time passes I see you in my mind as it was yesterday - running and playing like you use to -especially with your "doggy rope" (prominently displayed on your box)- so much fun we use to have - My heart and my love "lil man"- Me, Daddy and THE Cat love you and miss you!.. Play for now with the other special pet angels - Mom will be there soon.....watch for me ~ Kisses-xoxoxo...

May~25th-2014... 4 years today you went to the Bridge ~ - The time has gone by, but my heart still hurts to think of you - I called your name several times lately -instead of calling Alex - you remember Alex - the small puppy daddy got to play with you - but then - you had to go - Play and be happy my forever friend - I love you ..and miss you always - not a day passes I do not remember your funny little walk and that beautiful personality - Kisses and Birthday wishes - Momma and Daddy -, and of course THE Cat...send kisses and hugs - xoxoxoxoxoxo.....

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