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Memories of Boo Boo
Boo Boo, my "wittle Who Boo." That was what I typically said around him to get him doing his "Boo Boo dance" (he would hop around, then suddenly spin around once...then do it again.) He was my little man and now he is free and not hurting.

I got Boo Boo on February 9, 1990....he was so small (he fit in the palm of my hand when he was a baby) and had a teddy bear face. I had no intention of getting another baby, since we already had Sam and Spunky, but Beth put him into my arms suddenly. Boo looked at me, licked my cheek, and I basically said "wrap him up!" He came home that same day and was named Boo Boo.

Boo was such a funny little boy. He stayed in my arms for practically the first year of his life. Boo was scared of anything that wasn't in his immediate environment, so he became a "mama's boy." But he was so cute at it! He would growl at fire hydrants and actually 'jump' at things that surprised him. But Boo also thought of himself as a "big dawg" when he was around other dogs. This little boy (he weighed about 10 pounds) actually intimated two Rotties in 99....it was pretty funny to watch!

He became a daddy at 9 months (yea, a total accident) and actually saw the 5 pups as his wittle buddies.....didn't know what to do with them, but he thought they were cool cuz they would crawl around and make funny noises. Boo went to various stores with me in the Atlanta area, by just sitting in my arms and watching people walk by us. There were many people who first thought Boo Boo was a stuffed animal.....at least until he blinked! I must admit that the grocery manager didn't really like it when we went shopping with my friends.

Boo traveled all over (like Spunky and Sam)....he lived in Atlanta, Durham, Asheville, West Palm Beach, Los Angeles, and DC. He liked staying on a blanket or bed in the back seat and would just curl up & wait for us to get to wherever we were going.

In 1999, he started developing serious health problems....that year, it was Cushing's disease. I really thought that I would lose him then, but once his treatments started, he bounced right back. Eventually he was diagnosed with a heart valve leak, collapsing trachea, & severe arthritis in his hips and knees. During 2002, he was taking 5 pills twice per day, until one day he just stopped taking them. Eventually I got him to take his lasex and enapril, but the rest were history....and he got to feeling better. Boo went to the vet several times when his health went downhill and we always got him back to feeling ok. In January of 2007, Boo developed congestive heart failure. His cardiologist did an ultrasound on the little boy and found that the valve in his heart that leaked was actually broken. She was totally surprised at that, b/c most animals can't survive that. Once again, he came back from the brink until this morning.

Boo Boo was cradled in my arms with Gizmo beside him when he finally left this life. I told him that I loved him and now he could play with Spunky, while getting hit in the head by Sam. I also told him that we would see each other in another life....when he could be the "parent" and I'm the "baby." He is free now....bouncing around and doing his "Boo Boo dance."

I love you, little man, and Giz & I will miss you so very much.

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