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I lost my four-legged BEST friend Booboo, a Pomeranian, on the morning of June 21 from what appeared to be a heart attack. I had taken him to the Vet the day before for his teeth cleaning & had a pea-size tumor on his right eye lid. I took him home the same day & was fine throughout the night. But in the early morning we found him cold & dead, bleeding from his mouth on our bathroom floor. Booboo was born October 30 1999, & he came to us in January of 2000, six months after my 19 yr. old daughter Monique was killed in a car accident. This fellow has helped me thru my grieving for 11 1/2 years & now I'm grieving for him. He made me wanted to get up in the morning, get dressed & have someone to come home to which I couldn't bring myself to do for many years. He has watched me cry & curse & throw things around the house. He has watched me sleep when I didn't feel like walking him & guarding me until I woke up. He had this cute habit of turning his had right & left when I talked to him or asked him questions. He has also helped me thru my grieving when we unexpectedly lost his brother (Peppy, also a Rainbow Resident in 2007). He has saved me from sanity & has given me unconditionally loved. I LOVE YOU & MISS YOU VERY MUCH just like your brother Peppy. Keep turning that little head of yours when I ask you questions.

6/28/11--Dear Booboo, it's been a week already since you left us. It's been one of my worse week since Peppy died. I haven't even been able to take your brother Pippo for a walk yet because I'm afraid I'd be looking for you. You'd give me a hard time in picking you up to go for a walk but then when you saw the car you'd realize where we were going. I'd always say, "I carry you Booboo, I carry you" afterwards because you were too tired to walk. I miss you not waiting for me at the top of the stairs whe I would come come. I miss your not barking when I would turn on the hair dryer. I would say "Booboo, no dryer, no dryer & then I would lean over & you'd give me a kiss. I miss you not barking when people would say "good night or good buy' when they'd leave the house. Even your father would say in the morning, "bye Booboo" & you'd bark back. I miss when I used to say to you "Booboo, come here I'll clean your eyes, then you would run away. I truly think you knew what I was saying. Then around 9:30 every night you would look & stare & with a low bark you would let me know it was time for dessert. We buried you in the front garden, right on top of your brother Peppy, who I'm sure you've met up with along with all the other fur friends at the Rainbows Bridge. As for me I'm lucky I also have friends from the Rainbows Bridge who have helped me with your passing. I'm sorry I'd put you thru the surgery which I'm sure I should not have done because you might have been too weak, although you didn't show it. Love & miss you very much. Please give me a sign sometime & let me know you're still with me. Love, Mom

7/6/11--I went to take your brother Pippo for a walk at the school, but I when I looked back to see if you were coming, I would cry & cry. I miss you terribly July the 4th because I remember you used to HATE FIREWORKS...you'd be barking all the time, the same with thunder & lighting. I miss you when I sit out on the deck, because you'd love to sit at one corner & I'd be afraid that you'd fall down as the deck was high. I remember when I put you in the small pool with cool water so you can cool off & then you'd be running around like crazy trying to dry up. Please play & bark at your brother Peppy & give him lots of licks for me...

10/30/2011. Happy, happy birthday Booboo..you would have been 12 yrs. old today. Can't believe you're not with us anymore. I'm still looking for that cute little snout with big brow eyes that would always get dirty & needed to be cleaned. You hated when I would tell you that it was time to clean your eyes. You also hated after I would shampoo my hair because of the hair dryer. I would always say, 'no hair dryer today'. I miss seeing you on top of the stairs wobbling back & forth happy to see me & when I ask you a question, you would alway turn your head right & left, letting me know that you understood what I was saying. It hurts to know that I would never see that cute little face again, except when I look at your pictures & then I start crying. I could never really remember your birthday, being the day before Holoween & now I'm sorry I didn't because it would have left me with many more memories. I miss a lot & I will put a candle on your grave tonight & will remember you tomorrow night on Monday's candlelight ceremony. Your brother Pippo misses you too..

6/21/2012 Dear Booboo; Today will be a year since you've been gone..it seems like yesterday & yet a very long time that you have not been around. I have pictures of you all over, desktop, profiles. I like to remember you this way & not how we found you on the bathroom floor, your favorite night time spot that faithful morning. I keep thinking all the time on how I could have done something to save you. Things like not taking you to the Vet to get your teeth cleaned & to have that little 'growth' on your eyelid removed. If I had known that this would have happened, I would not have done. It wasn't necessary enough to make you die. I miss you a lot, I still look for you when I take your brother, Pippo walking, I still call out your name, mention you in my favorite 'calling out' song. I still remember your little 'quirks' like bending your head side to side when I ask you a question. How you would hide in the front garden when I was ready to go to work & couldn't find out. You were made, I guess, that I was leaving you alone with your brother. Your cousin Scout comes over now & plays with Pippo because he misses you too. Kaitlyn, your sitter said you were getting tired & your eyes would close when sitting up. Your walk was slow but you still had that happy face that I will NEVER FORGET...I miss you a lot but I know that you are happy at the Rainbow Bridge with your brother Peppy & Monique whom we used to visit at the cemetery.XXX
10/31/2012-Dear Booboo; Happy Birthday...you would have been 13 yrs. old yesterday. I think of you everyday..been trying to put some of your pictures in albums & frames but it's been very hard. We had a bad hurricane (Sandy) come thru & I know how you hated storms & I'm glad that you are now in a place where it's more peaceful, no pain & having fun with your brother Peppy & other Rainbow friends. Tonight it's Holloween & you used to bark a lot but had lots of fun...I want to thank you & Peppy for keeping us save from the storm. We have been lucky as we had no damage,XX Mom

6/24/2013. Dear Booboo; No, I have not forgotten your anniversary. We were in Newport Beach on the 21st where we took Nonno's nephew & niece for a ride & then we went to Stefan & Gina, where Maya gave me a tiny Gund stuff animal whose name is 'Boo' & looks just like your. I cried when she gave it me. It's been two years. One way it seems like yesterday, & others it seemed like I haven't seen you in years. You have been my mentor, my comforting companion for so many years that I seem I have failed you in some ways. Thank God I have your brother Pippo who it's just like you & I'm sure you have taught him everything. I miss you very much as I do your brother Peppy. Can't figure out why God takes the companions we need & love the most!!XXX

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