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Memories of Boots
Boots (Boo, Boo-Boo),

I brought you home from East Plane Animal Hospital on February 10, 2012 because your owner could no longer keep you. You hung out in the blue room with Sierra and Cheyanne and seemed content in there. Then you got a bit chunky and couldn't fit through the kitty gate entrance but you seemed okay with that. You always meowed and wanted attention, so I pet you every time I went in the room.

You hated baths and being brushed but you fur was so oily that I had to try and keep it nice.

Last month you became diabetic and we had to give you insulin. Then something went terribly wrong. I don't know what happened or if something else was going on. I heard a weird noise that woke me up early that Sunday morning. I got up and you were lying on the floor gasping for every breath. Daddy came up and he pet you and then you left us. I felt awful. I kept thinking what did we do wrong, if anything, or could we have prevented it. Your blood sugar was 682 but Dr. C said that wouldn't have done that to you and that something else had to have been going on. I am so sorry sweet girl.

We had you for over five (5) years and hope you had a wonderful life here with us. We think you were a little over 13 years old. I hope your brothers/sisters welcomed you at the bridge.

Again, we are so very sorry. RIP sweet girl. Mommy and Daddy love you and will miss you!


Mommy, Daddy, and All Your Brothers and Sisters

6/4/18 - Oh sweet Boo Girl, One (1) year today we lost you. I still don't know what happened and feel awful about it. We then lost Dexter a week later. I hope you greeted him at the bridge. I pray that you are all together getting along and very happy. Scooter is 18 and Patch is 17 now. Chrissy from Morristown Animal Hospital joined us several months ago. Poor Moby and Toby have issues. It's never easy when my babies get sick and then I lose you. Run free in the green grass and bask in the sun, drink fresh water. Until we meet again, enjoy and watch over us. We love you!

Mommy, Daddy, and All Your Brothers /Sisters

6/4/19 - Hi sweet Boo, Two (2) years today you left us for the bridge. Once again, Mommy and Daddy are so sorry as we are not sure what had happened. I hope you greeted Moby, Scooter, Ollie, and Ernie at the bridge. Patch is still kicking at 18 Sierra and Cheyanne are now 17 and still hang out in the blue room. Chrissy has some issues and not sure what they are. I miss all of you so much and hope you're happy and all together playing, relaxing, sunning, and enjoying your new life. Please all of you look down on us every now and then and know we love you all!

Mommy, Daddy, and All Your Furry Brothers / Sisters

6/4/21 - Hi sweet Boo, did I not write on here for 6/4/20? I'm so sorry. Four (4) years today you were tired and went to the bridge. We just lost Hailey. I hope you greeted her, Sierra, Harry, Patch, Toby, Chrissy, and Noel at the bridge. I just want you all to be happy. Mommy and daddy love and miss every single one of you. We will all be together again some day. Until then, enjoy your beautiful home.


Mommy, Daddy, and All Your Furry Brothers / Sisters

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