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Memories of BOSCO
Bosco, you were born on May 6th, 2006 in Moyie Springs, Idaho. I was working at Evergreen Elementary School at the time. Joe and I picked you out from a litter of 12 puppies. You were the chubbiest Chocolate Lab. Joe said you were the one. We also adopted a Yellow Lab from this same litter, who we named Bailey and sometimes called "Mr. Bay". You were a beautiful puppy with bright blue eyes and a silky chocolate coat. You loved to play tug of war with your brother Bay. I have videos of you playing tug of war with a stick and a bowl, and you and Bay going into a little pool. You were very shy of water at first, but later learned to love the it. We also have a video of you and Bay on your first walk with a leash. Jeremy was teaching both of you.

Before we brought you to your forever home, you and your brother came for short visits. You were not quite ready to be weaned from your mom, but I just couldn't wait to have you in my arms and love you. When you were finally mine at 6 weeks old, I took you home for good. I kept you and your brother in a box in the garage at night and would sing you both to sleep. You were very energetic and loved to play and run. You also loved to lay in my flower beds and smell the flowers. I lived in Paradise Valley in Bonner's Ferry, Idaho at the time. We had a big front porch and you and Bay loved to snuggle on the wicker love seat. We spent time in the yard, took walks down the road, and went to the river to swim. You actually live outside with Bay the first year of your life. You had another brother, Hershey, who was a also a chocolate lab. He was 12 and trying to enjoy the last year of his life without too much chaos. You and your brother slept under the porch on a bed of straw the first year of your life. It wasn't as comfy as indoors, but Hershey certainly appreciated being King for one more year.

When Hershey crossed the bridge, you and Bay came into the house to live. You were very disoriented at first. You did not know what to make of this new habitat. You lifted your leg and peed on one of my plants. You grew to love being inside the house. There was lots of snuggling and cuddling going on. You and Bay helped me with my grief after losing Hershey. I had two beautiful fur babies to love.
We took walks down the road and played in the backyard. Trips to the river were high on the list. You loved going in the water to fetch sticks. One day you were in the yard, then took off into the forest. You did. not come home for dinner or bedtime. I was really worried. It was winter, with snow on the ground. The next morning I had to pick up nana from the airport, still. O Bosco! I was crying as I drove to the airport and called Joe. I told him to look for you in the forest. He got to our house and there you were sitting on the back porch. Joe called and told. E, This time I cried tears of joy. I was so happy to have my Bosco. back, I don't know if you got lost or got caught on something, but you found your way back to me.

We moved to Boise in August of 2012 I drove the "Poochmobile " with you and Bay and Peeka and stuff for 10 hours from Bonner's to Boise you and Bay were great but Peeka meowed the whole way. You liked the new house. You had a big fenced in yard with a doggy door. You loved that doggy door. You loved the freedom of going I. And out whenever you wanted to. I found a wonderful dog park close. Y and would take you and Bay there twice a day. You loved the park and would run all around the park. Your nickname was fisherman because you would try to catch fish from the pond and eat them. You liked meeting other dogs and socializing with them. Cooper,Jessie's dog was also with you a lot. I would walk all three of you at the park. People would stop me and marvel at how well. Shaved all of you were. They also. noticed that you represented the three colors of labs and thought all three of you were beautiful. Of course I was so proud. The three of you played together and rested together on one bed. All of you loved going for rides in the car.

When Bay was only 7 , he. Was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. I was devastated. He had his leg amputated. 6 sessions of intravenous chemo, and oral chemo. It was a long haul, but we ext

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