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Memories of Brady
Brady, We think of you every minute of the day. We miss you so much! You were always at our side, a little heartbeat at our feet, so interested in everything we were doing. You enjoyed traveling to Florida with us in the winter to visit Nana and Papa, and spending summers in New Hampshire. You loved taking us on long walks. You loved being in the car and spending every moment with us, as we did with you. You were a special brother to Jack, he loved to take you out in the backyard and play with you, he misses his little Woo-Hee.

We miss seeing you sitting by the front door in the sunshine looking outside. You were the sweetest little boy we could have ever asked for.

We had so much fun with you. We know you are in a happy place with many friends, and family playing together. You will always be our little Puppy. Always in our hearts. We love you Brady! ❤️ Mommy, Daddy, and Jack

3/31/2020 Hi Cutie, I can't believe it has been one week since you have crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. We think about you all day, and talk about all our fun times together. Daddy was telling us tonight how he would sneak you extra pieces of steak, and how much you loved meatloaf! I didn't know you had meatloaf! I'm glad you enjoyed it, That made me smile. I miss holding you and giving you kisses. We love you Puppy. ❤️Mommy, Daddy, and Jack

4/7/2020 Hi Puppy, Jack and I we're just talking about you. We were remembering so many times we would be sitting outside in the backyard with you listening to the birds and watching them fly by, you loved just sitting there relaxing. We talk about so many memories with you. We know you are watching over us. Always remember I am with you, because a piece of me left with you when you crossed the rainbow bridge. Love you, Mommy

4/14/2020 Hi Puppy,I miss you cutie. I think about you all the time. I received a little sign from you this week. At your dinner time two of your bowls fell over in the kitchen cabinet, Jack and I heard something and when I opened the cabinet door two of your bowls were right there that fell. I know you were letting me know you are right here with us. You are such a sweetie, Thank you for that. Jack and I went to the animal shelter and donated your favorite food and some bags of treats. We know you would be happy to help feed other puppies. Jack misses his Woo Hee. I love you so much. Mommy

4/21/2020 Hi Cutie, I miss you. We drove to NH this weekend to open up the house. We were talking about how excited you would be when we would say, do you want to go in the car, go to New Hampshire, and you would come running. You were so sweet, and we loved taking you everywhere with us. We could sense that you were right there with us when we sat on the porch, but It wasn't the same without you. Mommy loves you so much, and I miss holding you in my arms. Nite nite Puppy. ❤️ Mommy

5/5/2020 Hi Cutie, I still start to cry each time I think of you. We all miss you so much. Auntie Joan said that we should pick out a plant for you, so Jack and I went to the garden center. Jack chose a beautiful flowering Japanese cherry tree, and I picked out a flowering shrub. We are going to plant the shrub on the side of the house near the fence where you liked to walk, and the tree will be planted in the front of the house. I can picture you going up to them and sniffing around. You were always so curious about everything cutie. You visited me in my dream last night, I was so happy to see my precious little Brady. Mommy loves you sweetie. This has been the most difficult 6 weeks not having you by my side or just looking up at me with such love. I know you are enjoying yourself playing with all your new friends. I hope you visit me again soon. Watch over Jack, he misses his little Woo-Hee. Nite Nite precious ❤️ Mommy

5/7/2020 Hi Brady. I miss you so much! I think about you every day. I wish you were still here. I love you! I want to be playing outside with you. 💕
Love, Jack

5/12/2020 Puppy! I say this so many times during the day when I see your picture, or each time I think of you. It makes me feel close to you. I think you loved hearing us say Puppy! Your ears would always perk up. I miss you so much cutie, you were my little baby. I am so grateful that you were in our lives for as long as you were and gave us so much love each and every day. You know how much we love you. Always in our hearts and thoughts precious. ❤️ Mommy

5/19 Hi precious, I can't believe it has been two months since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Not a minute goes by that I am not thinking about you cutie. We are getting ready to go to New Hampshire this weekend, and I keep thinking about how much you loved being there. I miss holding you close to me. I smile a lot when I am remembering things about you like your little sounds you would make, but sometimes it makes me cry too like right now. I know you are watching over us, and I'm sure you are having fun playing with your friends. Nite nite cutie, Mommy loves you ❤️

5/26 Hi Cutie, Jack and I are sitting here talking about you. We think about you all day. I was on my yoga mat today and thinking about how much I loved when you would snuggle up next to my face each time I would lay on the mat. You were the cutest, and so lovable. Uncle Bobby's cat Jacie passed away today. You never met Jacie, but I know you will welcome her at the bridge. Another fur friend for you to play with. I miss you so much, you are always in my heart precious ❤️ Your Mommy

6/9 Brady, My little love, I still cry every time I think of you. I call out your name each time I look at your picture.
For work we were asked to submit a picture of one of our favorite places. My picture was of you laying on the rocks looking out at the lake. This was one of your favorite places, you could have laid there all day, so peacefully. We loved everything about you. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about you, and what you would be doing at any given moment. You were and always will be a special part of our lives. I miss you my precious Puppy ❤️ Mommy

7/6 Hi Woohee! I miss you so much! I love you. 💕 Jack

7/8 Hi Puppy, Every time I start to write to you, it makes me sad that you are not laying right next to me. Daddy and I were in NH this weekend, we were sitting at the kitchen table having dinner talking about you, and one of the candlesticks on the table fell over. Daddy looked at me and said Woo-hee is right here with us 💕 our little precious puppy, staying so close to us. There is not a day that goes by we are not talking to you or including you in what we are doing. You are always and forever in our hearts 💞 Love you, Mommy

7/21 Hi Sweetie, the weeks seem to go by so quickly lately. Jack is keeping busy this summer, studying for SATs, he got his drivers license! And he has been driving the boat. He is a very good driver! This weekend we were talking about the time we all went out for a ride on Jack's boat. We put your little life vest on you, we always wanted you to go everywhere with us, I miss that you are not here with us, but I know you are enjoying yourself. One of my coworkers lost their Shih tzu, Meaty last week, he was 14. You are probably welcoming him and playing with him right now. Mommy has to go to bed now, nite nite. I love you so much❤️ Your Mommy
8/19 Hi Brady, Mommy has been busy at work, but that doesn't mean I am not thinking about you. The summer is going by so quickly. Jack is going into his senior year of high school, I can't believe it. Jack was in kindergarten when we adopted you. I remember taking you in the car to pickup Jack at school. All the kids would come over to see you and pat you. Everyone loved you so much sweetie, and you were so gentle with everyone. I don't know if I will ever not cry when I think about you. I miss you so much Puppy. ❤️ your Mommy
9/24 Hi my little cutie pie. I'm getting ready to go to bed and started thinking about you. You came into my dream the other night. I could not have been happier to see you! I loved holding you again, you have no idea how much I miss you. My precious puppy. I hope to see you again soon! Love you cutie, ❤️ Mommy

11/6 Hi cutie! Happy heavenly birthday sweetie. We were thinking of you and talking about you, and to you, on your birthday. You were probably playing around all day with your friends. I received the little leaf you left behind on the floor in the family room. It was a tiny leaf about the size of your paw. I know you were letting me know you are still right here with us, always. You always seem to know when to send a little sign and I love you so much for that. We had snow the other day and all I could think of was that you would want to be playing outside in the snow, and then coming inside with snow all over you. It's Friday, and I'm looking forward to the weekend. I think Jack and I are going to look at a car he wants. I know you are watching over us. I love you, ❤️ Mommy

3/24 Hi Sweetie, I cannot believe it has been one year since you passed away. We have missed you so so much! I think of you many times each day. I stopped writing on this page because it was difficult for me to write about you without crying. Mommy misses you cutie, I know you knew how loved you were. We would always see a little smile on your cute little face. The weather is starting to warm up, the birds are chirping, and I picture you outside laying in the grass looking around. I hope you visit me in my dreams again. I love you, Brady. ❤️ Mommy

Hi Brady, I can't believe it has been three years since you passed away. There is not one day that goes by that you are not thought of. I have a framed picture of you on the kitchen island, that I look at so many times throughout the day. I still have not had the heart to adopt another puppy. I always say there will be no one like you. You hold a very special place in my heart. I know wherever you are, you are running and playing with other dogs. I love you sweetie ❤️ Mommy

Our precious Brady, You are always in our hearts and on our mind. Daddy told us that you were in his dream Friday night. You were out for a walk with Daddy and Jack. You loved being outside walking around the neighborhood sniffing everywhere. Papa loved going for walks with you. He always said Brady is cool! Everyone loved you so much. We have so many memories of you that we talk about often. You are our baby forever. You gave us all so much happiness and love. We love you, puppy! ❤️ Mommy, Jack, and Daddy

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