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Memories of Brandy
September 24, 07 my cat Brandy was put to rest. We elected to have her put to sleep, due to her failing health. She had a stroke and her right side was paralyzed. She could no longer walk. She didn't eat, and drank very little. The specialist said from the x-rays he was 99% certain she had a tumor on her brain, causing the paralysis, and 3 spots in her lungs, more then likely cancer.
I struggled with feelings that I made the wrong decision. But, given her health and the fact she couldn't walk, I was told it was the correct decision. It really hurts to decide on something so permanent.
I have to live with it now, there is no bring her back. It's not like I can change my mind. I feel like I should have stopped it right when the doctor started to put the needle in her back leg. She growled. Did she know what was happening? Did she sence something bad? I leaned over her as she passed, and whispered goodbye and that I loved her. Then it looked like she took her last breath. The doctor and asst told me how sorry they were, and how nice of a kitty she was. Then, I put her little body back in her bed that we brought her in.
About 12:15pm the man from the funeral home came with the box that Brandy would be taken in and be cremated. I picked her up out of her bed and laid her gently in the box and petted her one last time. I left from the room, and went home. The whole day seemed so different, I can't even describe it. It seemed my life had totally changed. It's very hard to explain...
Brandy was brought home around 6pm in a beautiful cat urn. The young man, from Santos Funeral Home, who brought her back was very sympatic, and even stood there and listened to me as I told him how it all went at the vet.
I hope Brandy is in a nice place now, where she can walk and run again.
She caught a bird once on the balcony of our apartment. She was about 2. She never really played much. But she loved to lie next to people and be petted. She wasn't real fond of being held. She hated sheets and blankets, when I would fold them she'd run. I never understood why she was afraid of them.
Brandy used to look at the wall a lot. She must of found that boring after some time as she started looking at me and Frank instead. It was strange. But it was Brandy.
It's been just over 6 months since we let Brandy go and I still have my Brandy moments. Reading this really brings me back to that day at the vet. Now, when I drive to the vet, the same way that I did on that day, it just brings me to tears. That day is still so vivid in my mind.
So to you Brandy (Bunny)--
I really miss you and I think Tiki does too, she just doesn't show it. You know she's always acting the tough kitty. I hope you are happy with all your new kitty friends.
I hope you are in a beautiful place, surrounded by flowers and plenty of green grass for you to eat. I hope there are lots of swings and kitty beds for you to lounge in. And that the sun is always warming your little bones.
I will always love you and keep your memories close to my heart. Daddy wants you to.. " Hold on tight to your dreams." Take care our little one.

Love you forever,
Mama and Daddy

4/7 - Bunny..I just wanted to let you know that there are so many people who care and it warms my heart.
I still have a very hard time, I miss you. A while back I was having lunch, and looking up at the sky and thinking of you. It was a beautifull sunny day and a bit windy. I watched some clouds come together, and in my eyes they formed a shape of a kitties head. I figured that was a sign from you, telling me that you were ok and in heaven. I watched that cloud untill the wind took it away and the shape dissapeared as quickly as it came.
Daddy and I put the swing together this past weekend. Tiki and I sat on it and all I could see is your last day with me, while you layed there and soaked up the sun and Tiki gave you lots of kitty kisses. When I look at your picture, it's still so hard to believe you're gone. I have my candles lite for you and every single furface and feathered ones who have left us. You all take care of each other. Please look for Fluffy, a little Dutch Bunny mama rescued but the little guy didn't make it. It broke my heart. Anyway, you got along pretty good with the other bunnies so find him and show him around. Hopefully he will find some happiness with all of you, that he didn't find here on earth. Thank you Bunny Brandy for all your wonderful years. I won't say goodbye..see you later. LV Mama

8/23 - Hi Bunny, Today would have been your 17th birthday here. I still cry when I think of you and miss you more then you know. My heart breaks in your absence. Tiki is hanging in there. I'm sure she still misses you laying next to her on all those care free days. I hope your precious little soul is among the many others, that are looking down to see how their earth families are doing. We love you bunny the rab. Talk to you later.

9/26 - Hi Bunny..I hope you are doing good at Rainbow Bridge. Daddy and I miss you very much. Wed. marked the first year sence we said goodbye. We thought about you all day. I am sure you are greeting all the new residents as they enter. Keep up all the good work. Love you Bunn.

3/31/09 - Hi Bunny..just dropped in to change your flowers and a few other things. I know you know how much we miss you. We think of you so much. Tiki misses you very much also. Hope you have made lots of friends. We love you bunny-bean!! Talk to you later. Lv Mom & Dad

09/24/09 - Hi Bunny!! Thinking of you, like I do so often. I miss you. But, that goes without saying. You will ALWAYS be in our hearts.

04/07/10 - Bunny the rab... hi..be on the look out for Krista's cat "TC". He left us a few weeks ago. He will need a friend to show him around. We think about you always. Love you bun-bun!! Mom, Dad and Tiki.

08/24/10- HI Bunny. I hope you are doing well up there. Hope Commet found you. He had a tough time down here. Well yesterday was you 19th b-day, I hope you all celebrated with lots of kitty goodies. We love you Bunny and still think about you often. Take care until our next visit. XOXOXOX

09/25/10- Hey Bunn...It's been 3 years. Time goes by so quickly. You are always in our hearts. We love you bunny bunn.

08/30/11- Missing you bunny. Hope your with lots of freinds. OOXOXOXOOXOX

09/24/11 - Hi Bunny:) Have you greeted Tiki? She left us on Tuesday. Now you are not alone. I hope, so much, that you two are together again, playing and running in the fields. Be good to each other. One day daddy and I will come and we will all be together again..Katie too:) Have fun girls. Mama

09/10/12- Hi Brandy:) I missed your August birth date, so let me start by saying I love you; and miss you so so much! Today is Tiki's birthday so I'm hoping you and her are having some fun together. Hi Tiki-K..momma misses you also very much!! I love you two!! Be good, play hard and stick together. I will visit again soon. Lv moma...oxoxoxox

09/17/13 - Wow Bunny/ Tiki, another year has gone by. I just cry when I start typing in here. I have pictures of you two everywhere on my desk at work. My point is, you two are forever in my heart and on my mind. I miss you both so very much. Tiki..I drove by the place I found you when you were a baby, but it isn't there anymore. It was all new houses. Time changes everything. Well it's back to work. I'll visit again. You two behave, and know that you both are forever in my heart!!!! I love you Bunny and I love you Tiki K.

9/24/13 -Thinking of you today and always Bunny bean!! We love you!!

10/27/13 -Brandy, Tiki, Friday was a very sad day. We lost Ivy. Brandy you didn't know her, but Tiki does. She is there with you two now. All of you get along and have fun. You are all in my heart and I love you all so very MUCH!! Kiss's my little ones!

11/5/14- Hi Girls, it's been so long. But you all are always in my heart, and I carry your love with me always. Blu bunny has sence joined all of you. She's missed so much, as are all of you. Have fun, be well and get along. Till next time! 💕🐱🐰🐱🐱💕

4/29/2015 -Hey Girls..Katie has already joined you today:( All of you be well! We miss you all dearly. Love mama and papa

9/24/16 - Hey all my babies!! Momma loves and misses you all so very much. You all enter my thoughts And all the fond memories come rushing back. Be good, have fun with each other. All my love🐴🐀🐰🐱🐶

Hi all my sweet fur babies! I think about all of you so much. Each and everyone of you have made my life so happy in your own special ways. So this post is for all of you!! Know that I miss and love all of you SO much.. Brandy💗 Tiki💗 Katie💗 Ivy 💗 Blu 💗 Bas💗 Itty💗 Cadigan 💗 Sammy 🐈🐇🐶. 💗💗ALWAYS In My HEART💗💗

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