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Memories of Brandy
You were always by my side. Through thick and thin we journeyed life's path for over 13 years. You were my baby, companion and protector.
Never in life had I known a dog that always smelled like chicken, but you did. (smile)
You helped me be a better person in so many ways. Taught me how to give and receive love, responsibility, and sacrifice. How to enjoy the simple things like taking a walk and noticing the trees, flowers, and grass under our feet.
I remember all the 4th of Julys where you'd want to go outside and jump to try and bite the fireworks as they exploded. You were such a brave girl. Nothing ever frightened you. Always held your head high and alerted me when someone was around or coming to the house. I loved watching your majestic Rottweiler trot on our daily walks.
I remember our adventures of driving in the mountains, swimming in the ocean and chasing squirrels at the parks.
You're such a smart girl who could master anything without hardly being taught. Also, a hard head who did not jump when commanded, but would do so if asked.
I miss you so much.
I woke this morning squished in a fetal position before realizing you were not at the foot of the bed. You had it no other way. For 13 years you hogged the bed! Later in the morning, I washed my car and there was no one flying by and attacking the hose. Likewise when vacuuming.
I cannot pinpoint any particular story to tell because, for every day you were here, you brought me joy. Whether by being silly and daring me to try and take a toy away from you, or serious (with a low growl) wanting to make sure I knew you were waiting on a scrap. And always the lean, stare or paw slap when you felt ignored. The best of having you in my life was your love and loyalty.
Brandy, your puppyhood could have been better, and for that, I am sorry. But Mama always made sure that you were fed, warm and loved. Mama did all she could to keep you healthy and happy. Through the injuries and illnesses, our bond of love managed to heal you time and time again. You were my miracle child. But when looking in your eyes on our final day, I saw that the fight was over and Mama understood.
All of my promises to you were kept and am making this last one now...
If there is a Rainbow bridge by heaven's gate and you are waiting for me to cross over, I will definitely meet you there one day.
I love you! Till we meet again my baby boo,
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