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Memories of Brandi
We rescued you a short year and a half ago. We fell in love with you from a cute pic on Boston terrier rescue of North Carolina. All your silliness, with not too many teeth and your tongue sticking through. Your first trip home, you showed us the mama in you, licking the Boston dog statue in our kitchen, thinking it was one of your own. You walked in like you have lived there forever. You were quiet. You never barked, but you soon learned how to after coco and max taught you how to manipulate us into giving out morning and evening treats. You loved keeping your nose covered, being held, and being covered up at nap time and bedtime. You didn't like coco and max fighting, so you tried to intervene. You loved venturing outside and exploring. When you had the chance you made friends with anyone walking by. You loved the colonel, sitting yourself right beside him in an upright position. As a senior dog, we were not too sure of your age, but we knew we wouldn't have a lot of time with you. You were brave and tried so hard to make us believe you were ok and not in pain. But the reality is you were so very sick and we tried so hard to avoid the inevitable. It was hard, so very hard today, facing the cold, harsh reality that we could no longer be selfish. Though helping you to cross the rainbow bridge was called for, it hurts and we miss you more than you will ever know. December 21 will forever have a new meaning. Brandi, thank you for coming into our lives and putting your very special paw print on it. We will never forget you and you will forever remain in our hearts as one of the best, most beautiful dogs. We love you.

It took me a while to do this because it was so hard...
Coco, snicky snorter, rose bud....you were vinces baby and then became "ours". You were a very vocal pup, and called affection on your terms. Under the blanket on the couch was your very favorite spot. The timeline for the morning included sit, paw, beg, crawl, roll over and.......thennn breakfast. You welcomed me and max with open paws. Trash can lids, Kong's, and tennis balls...yes, those were all a big part of your day and brought you such joy. You shredded them to pieces, literally pieces. You and max were partners, the best of friends. You welcomed Brandi, on your own time. Watch out for Papers and mail...those you loved to shred.

When you got sick, it became extra hard. You couldn't tell us how you felt. You couldn't say anything hurt or that you felt bad. Bam, malignant lymphoma...it hit us hard coco. Being told you had a limited time left on earth made us sick. We didn't want you to hurt or suffer, but we were not ready to let you go. We knew you would let us know. You fought so hard coco, you tried to protect us from the so very inevitable. You went from being the dog who slept in the living room to snuggles between us every night. Bed was your favorite place to be, I guess because you really didn't feel good and that was the most comfy. August 8, 2020...no different than any other, except you had your very first puppochino from Starbucks. As you rode in the car with us, you loved every minute, soaking in the sun and letting the wind blow in your face. August 8, 2020... now a date forever etched in our memories. Coco, it was so very hard to let you go, so very hard to know the harsh harsh reality that you aren't coming back. Max misses you so much, and has not realized you are not coming back.
Coco, you are our sweet girl and will always be here, always in our thoughts, always in our dreams.

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