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7/22/2022: Hey there Crazy Buddy Brindle: Tomorrow 4 years ago you died, I know, I remember it like it was yesterday. I still miss you crazy buddy Brindle. I have had a dog as loyal as you were. You were such a good boy. I loved our walks we took together. I liked forward to seeing you every day I got home from work. Remember how you freaked out when it rained, and hid under my bed. You poor guy. I wish you were here with me. You were such a great dog. I hope you are hanging out with all of the animals who have passed away, including Footsie, and more than I can possibly remember, and back to how you were when you were younger, and gthe fun walks we had. I miss you.


7/23/20: Hey Brindle, I miss you crazy buddy Brindle. It was two years ago today that was your last day on Earth, I miss you sleeping with me, and I miss our 3 AM walks. We had so many good memories together, the walks, hanging out, just being with you. You know, you helped me through such a difficult time in my life. There is no way I could have survived without you. Of course, I have more pictures than I can count of you. I hope you are with my Mom and Dad in the Rainbow Bridge, along with all the animals who have passed through my life. One of my favorite pictures was of us, when I came back from my job at HD, and I was wearing my HD hat, and it was like a kind of selfie with you and me. I know, I could not wait to get home to see you when I was working. I was always wondering how is Brindle. You were such a good boy, you could hold it in here for some long. It was nice just watching you lay in the grass, or below some shrubs, and enjoying the nice weather. I remember your favorite toy was one of those big Kong toys, that had peanut butter in it. You really liked that. Wherever I went, so always jumped up to be next to me, I cannot tell you how much I liked that. Anyhow, on a day like today, I really miss you my crazy buddy Brfindle.

Brindle, you helped me through an extremely difficult time in my life, when my Mom passed. I needed you and you were there. I will always treasure our walks together, very early in the morning, when nobody was around. You were so protective of me. I loved coming home, and you were so excited to see me. Brindle, those walks in the nearby park is one of my most treasured memories. Through all of the difficult times, we bonded together, and you were my crazy buddy, and I will always miss you. At least I know that you are now with my Mom and Dad at the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you and I hope you know much much I loved you.

11/15/18: Crazy Brindle, it has been almost 5 months since I lost you, and had to send you over to the Rainbow Bridge. I know you are with Mom and Dad, and all the dozens of cats, dogs, and rabbits we have had over the years. I still miss you crazy Brindle. I was looking through all the pictures I had off, and I had alot. Brindle, I treasure our time together. You were what I needed during a difficult period of my life. I just want to say I miss you crazy Brindle.

12/27/18" Hi crazy buddy Brindle, I just want to miss you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I wish you were still around this Christmas, but such is life. I miss you crazy Brindle. Thank you for the coffee mug of you for Christmas. I like that. I hope you are running free at the Rainbow bridge.

I miss you buddy.

7/23/19: Hi crazy buddy Brindle. It has been 1 year to the day that I had to put you down. That was unbelievably hard. I hated to do that, but I know you were in pain. I have had many dreams about you since than Brindle. Usually I am dreaming about something chasing you, I yell run, and you make it back to me. I am so excited to see you. It is like you were young, and I was so happy to see you, playing together. Unfortunately, than I woke up, looking for you, and than I realized that you were no longer there. I miss you crazy Brindle. I know you are here, at the Rainbow Bridge, with my folks, all of their many animals, and all of your new buddies here. I just want to say I miss and love you crazy Brindle.

7/23/2021: Hey there crazy buddy Brindle. It has been there years since you left me here. I still miss you crazy you. Even though we got a new dog, I will never forget you. Walking you early in the morning were fond memories. I liked to just hang out with you, and you were always by my side. You were so got at holding it in before I got home. You always were besides me, particularly after Mom passed away. I do not know if you knew this, but I promised her I would take care of her animals when she passed (which I did). I think at that point you decided to pick me. Feeding you, and doing everything to make you happy. You had so much energy when you were younger. Of course, everybody dog and person ages. I am grateful I got to have you for a few years, you helped me through a difficult period.
p.s. Don't worry, the new dog we got, Mikey, He is a good boy. You would like him. He is not the guard dog you were, but who is? Anyhow, I am thinking of you today. Enjoy the Rainbow Bridge and all of your buddies there.

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