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Memories of Brinkley
* Loved food, especially meat.
* Constantly lobbied for food, especially when people were in the kitchen.
* Tried to trick people in to giving him cookies. He got cookies when he went to the bathroom but would go out and try to trick people into thinking he went to the bathroom.
* His favorite cookies were Organix from Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks.
* His favorite human food was egg sandwich. Or at least the eggs and mayo part.
* When our other dog Amber couldn't figure out where the house was, Brinkley would run up the house to let Amber know where it was.
* One time my mom was in bed at our place Vancouver Island. Brinkley came to her was barking he then went off and she followed him. He then headed to where Amber was. It turned out Amber had wanted outside (probably to go the the bathroom and Brinkley was trying to tell Mom that.
* The last year of Amber's life, when Amber went out to go to the bathroom, Brinkley would go out too and would watch her until she came back. He basically was keeping an eye on her and taking care of her.
* Would constantly pester people for pats.
* If we were patting him and took a break from patting him. He would paw us for more pats.
* Got jealous if our dog Amber or our cat Lizard got attention.
* There were times where I was patting Amber and Brinkley was in a different room and I was talking to Amber and before long Brinkley was right there and wanted attention.
* Liked watching outside and barking at dogs that went by.
* He was very territorial.
* Liked marking his territory.
* Barked at other dogs who walked past the front of the house.
* Picked fights with bigger dogs.
* One time at our place on the island there was a big black bear in outside eating the berries. Brinkley was barking like crazy at him. Needless to say we DID NOT let Brinkley outside. Several hours in the evening when we did let him out to pee, we had him on a VERY TIGHT leash.
* Licked people's faces.
* When he licked other people's faces he would lick the whole face.
* When he licked people's faces he "had" to lick the whole face.
* Very curious and liked sniffing things.
* Very rambunctious and hyper.
* Very smart.
* Chased squirrels.
* In one instance, Brinkley chased a squirrel. Mom heard a yell. Then she saw Brinkley with a chunk of fur from the squirrels tail in his mouth. I then started spitting the squirrels fur out.
* Did a scratching motion with his feet when people scratched his ears.
* Leaned into people's hands when they pat and/or scratched him.
* Liked having his ears, forehead and side scratched.
* Made a lot of different noises. He was very expressive.
* Made the sort of noise like he was singing when his humans left or humans came home.
* He could stand on his hind legs.
* Got upset and excited when his humans left the house or left him but really happy excited when his humans came back. The noises he made sound a lot like he was singing.
* When Brinkley was in the car at the ferry terminal if I came back when Brinkley was in the car he got really excited.
* A while back we had two pet frogs, Sho IV and Chandler. Brinkley kept trying to paw and sniff the tank.
* When he got wet he would rub himself against chairs and sofas and get the chairs and sofa wet.
* Liked scratching himself by rubbing against chairs and sofas.
* He would lick Amber's bumb.
* He and Amber bullied another visiting dog Thor by one of them being behind Thor and one of the being in front and walking.
* Loved walking.
* Loved long walks in places like the Endowment Lands in Vancouver and Whiffin Spit and other places on Vancouver Island.
* When there were thunderstorms Amber was afraid of them and hid but Brinkley wasn't and wanted to know where the noise was coming from.
* He had many beds. His beds included "The Command Post", "The Square Pillow", the His "Main Bed" etc. There was also the "Amber Bed" which was Amber which Brinkley both liked sleeping in.
* He had many nicknames like Boo Bear, Mr. Boo, Bonkers, Brinkley Boo, Boodle the Poodle, Booch, Son of Pig Dog (our Dixie was nicknamed Pig Dog) , Mr. Baby, Pooch, Fang, Friskmeister, Brinky Boo, Binky Boo, Brinks, Mr. Dog, Mr. Brinkley etc.
* Like Halloween and meeting the trick or treaters.

Please also visit Amber and Dixie.

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