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Memories of Brite
My husband and I got Brite when she was 5 years old. She had been a champion in Obedience and Training and was being retired. Her owner wanted her to go to someone who would make her "princess of the palace". We felt lucky to get a dog like Brite. On the way home, she was on the seat with me in the back of the jeep and stared at me all of the way home (4 hours). It was like she had been waiting for me and was so glad to see me.

Our agreement on getting a dog was, ok in the house - but not in the bedroom. The first night - I was sticking to the agreement - my husband tells me, "we can't leave her out there all by herself". Well that did it - she slept next to me in our bedroom from then on.

She became my best friend. We are self employed and brought her to the office everyday. She was my constant companion.

Employees loved having her here, customers thought it was terrific that we had a dog a work.

She was a gentle soul and a terrific friend.

Last Thursday, the angels came to take her away. She had been sick about a week and we had taken her to WSU Veterinary Hospital - one of the best hospitals in the country. But her heart gave out. I didn't get to say goodbye and it hurts.

Here's a poem one of my employees wrote about her on the night of her passing:

Our Golden Girl

When strangers meet her, face to face
They say, She's sweet, but she's so old
Then from Michelle comes quick response
How could they be so bold?

You do not know this golden girl
So, bear with me a moment.
And I'll explain her presence hear
If you'll refrain from comment.

In many ways she's therapy
When some of us are blue.
This dog is our security
And she's our mascot, too!

She's why we carry snausages
Instead of human snacks.
Always under foot at lunch
For, appetite she never lacks.

What about the hair, you say?
Well, no one minds her shedding
It's probably because it comes
From so much of our petting!

We love it when she places
Her nose upon our laps
And envy her in many ways,
Especially the naps.

Her quite presence radiates
A warm and radiant light
And all who love her, will agree
There's no dog, quite like BRITE.

And there never will be. Thank you Brite for the 10 years I had with you. Not by my side anymore, but always in my heart.

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