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Memories of Brittany
I remember the first day I got Brittany, she was 8 weeks old. She was the last girl in the litter, she was so adorable, that we also bought her litter mate, "Sleepy", as the years past, we soon learned she was the more "dominant" pup but that was o.k. as "Sleepy" always took care of her, from cleaning her eyes to cleaning her ears. Then one day, "Uncle Chuck" taught Brittany how to play ball, she was a great ball player and would play for hours at end, we had to hide the ball at times, so she and us could get a rest! =) Brittany was also a great learner and teacher, she would let us know when a spider was in site, that was her way of protecting us, she also learned how to dance and would always put a smile on your face when you were feeling down. She taught "Sleepy" and "Lacy Lou" Uncle Chucks little fur baby many things,for instance, she taught Sleepy how to lay his head down next to our hearts when they would sit upright. She also taught "Lacy Lou" (Uncle Chuck's little fur baby) how to lay her butt by Grandma's butt on the couch. Brittany also loved going for rides, taking the front seat and leaving the back seat for Sleepy. She also loved playing with her special toy, the yellow bird. One day, I will always remember and my fondest memory of her, is that her bird was buried with all the other toys in the toybox, we told her to find the bird, she took all of her toys out of the box to find it, and when she did, she brought it to us...we laughed and jokingly told her that she made a mess and to put her toys back in the box, and to our surprise, she did!!! we laughed and laughed, but we also praised her for cleaning up her mess. Brittany also loved to look out the window, she could tell you everything that went on in our small town, she knew our cars and would know when you were pulling in the driveway, and meet you at the door with one of her toys, in return, you would have to get her a dog biscuit, Brittany was always fond of my father, (Grandpa) she would always know at 9p.m. it was time for bed, and would let my dad know this by barking at him, and only he could tell her, O.K let's go to bed, and I never seen her run so fast to the bedroom, her butt was in front of her two legs, adding yet, another smile to our faces. Then, one day in Aug. 2005, I took her to the Vet because she had a cough, the Dr. informed me that she had chronic tracheobroncitis, he prescribed med after med for her, and with my repeated returns,they did another x-ray in Apr. 06 and had informed me that he believed she had cancer, I wanted to know for sure, so I had an ultrasound done, they could not see the tumor to do a biopsy on her, but found her gallbladder to be of concern, I had informed the Dr. that I just wanted to keep her comfortable, as I could not put her to sleep, as I took her home, two weeks after the last visit, we saw her decline, her cough would stop, but she also stopped eating, (something she loved to do) then, on April 27, 2006, a day I will never forget, I was off that day from work, my mom woke me up and I thought it happened, but it hadn't, she was laying in our garage, too weak to get up, I carried her into the house, to try to give her something to eat, she refused, but drank some water, she was very ansy that day, couldn't rest, I tried making her comfortable, but she couldn't lay still, I told my little girl, I know you are strong, but please don't fight it, it's o.k. to go, I also asked the Lord to take her, and at 3:28 p.m. my prayer was answered by both of them. Brittany, I want you to know, I did everything for you, and we all love and miss you very much, and I know you know this because I told you everyday, that I loved you.

A MESSAGE TO BRITTANY: I know you are in a better place, making new friends and teaching them your tricks, you are also reunited with great grandma and great grandpa and they are looking after you until I meet with you again, be nice to Lacy Lou, Muffin, Barney, Tootie, Poochie, Henrietta, and Hooka. Please look over Sleepy, he is lost without you. I love you!!
LOVE: Mommy.
4/27/21--Hi Boo! It's mommy! I can't believe it has been 15 years since you crossed over. I still and always will think of you and Sleepy everyday! I Love and miss you! 😘

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