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Memories of Bronx
07/27/2008 to 04/04/2022

"If there ever comes a day,
when we can't be together;
keep me in your heart,
I'll stay there FOREVER."


Bronx had several nicknames including:

"Bronx Bomber"
"The Doctor" (he was ALWAYS a healer)

Our songs:

"A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri
"See You Again" (Solo Version) by Charlie Puth
"You've Got A Friend" by Carole King
"Photograph" by Ringo Starr
"Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds
"Hello Again" by Neil Diamond
"Hello It's Me" by Todd Rundgren

Here is the story of Bronx's journey:

Bronx was a "rescue" that chose us on July 31, 2010. We had lost another spaniel, Buster, a few months prior and decided we were ready to open our home to another "rescue." I contacted New York Abandoned Angels about a dog that I saw on their website. We were invited to an Open House of available cocker spaniels at Dolores' (the founder) home on that Saturday.

We drove from Boston, MA to New York City for the weekend; along with our cocker spaniel, Bongo. We stayed at The Muse Hotel in Mid-town Manhattan because it was pet-friendly and a short drive for the next days' Open House.

We arrived in the early afternoon for the Open House and there were several other families already there looking to adopt. We entered the fenced in yard to meet the potential spaniels. The spaniel that I was interested in from the website was too troubled to meet with us. Suddenly, another spaniel that I hadn't seen before, APPROACHED us. He was very friendly to us and to Bongo. Dolores suggested we take him for a walk to a nearby park and we did. He walked beautifully on his leash and it felt like he was already a part of our family. We spent over an hour in the park with him. Upon returning to Dolores home, she asked our opinion. We expressed our interest but couldn't have two dogs in the hotel room so we planned to pick him up the next day, Sunday (August 1, 2010) before our ride back to Boston. Dolores arranged to have him groomed the next morning and we could pick him up in the afternoon.


Ironically, on the ride home I was going through his paperwork from rescue and learned that he was surrendered by his previous family to a shelter on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. On the paperwork for the reason for surrender, they wrote..."It just isn't working out." How lucky we were to find each other.

We arrived back to Boston and we settled into our new routine. Bongo presented the only initial challenge, he didn't want to share his toys with Bronx; that didn't last too long.

Bronx was a part of our family for 12+ years and was always a happy, caring, loving being. He passed at the age of 13 years and 8 months. He was the first to seek out other animals that were old or ill and to kiss them or lay by their side; he continued this behavior until his passing. His lifelong companion, Bongo, passed away on 02/05/2022; they were a "bonded pair." Bronx was never the same and he passed away 58 days later on 04/04/2022.

Bronx lived his life in Boston, MA enjoyed his summers' in Provincetown on Cape Cod or Ogunquit, ME. He enjoyed hikes in Lincoln Woods State Park in RI and days on the beach. He had a preference for chicken, salmon, pineapple and watermelon along with some of his favorite canine treats.

In 2011, Bronx suffered a stroke that left his rear legs inoperable. After months of aqua therapy in a special pool, he regained his mobility and it never held him back in the future.

Bronx retired to Florida for his senior years and enjoyed spending time in our backyard doing his dog paddle laps in our swimming pool or running in the yard with his brother's Bongo, Boomer and Baker. He frequently visited area dog parks and made friends quickly. He spent time at daycare and enjoyed meeting new people and making new canine friends too. Bronx was well known in our neighborhood; several neighbors really rallied around him and our family when he fell ill. He enjoyed watching the world go by his home from our floor to ceiling windows in the living room; barking at dogs, delivery drivers and anyone else who passed by his home.

He had a favorite feline friend named Mr. B whom he would visit with regularly, Mr. B would purr and rub Bronx's belly.

Bronx had one nemesis, our mail carrier. He waited, daily, for her to walk up the circular driveway and he would bark, bark and bark at her through the window. Ironically, if he was being walked outside and saw her, he had no reaction.

The COVID pandemic was a challenging time for the world; our family faced struggles and losses like so many others. Today, looking back, I would not trade the three months in quarantine for anything. We formed a daily routine for ourselves and Bongo, Bronx, Boomer and Baker enjoying simple things like walking the beach, grilling in the yard and spending time in our pool have become cherished memories; we could never have foresaw losing both Bongo and Bronx so soon after.

He had a dear friend and special auntie in his daily dog walker, Joni. As they aged and became seniors, she would take her time walking them at their pace and spending time inside playing with them. She is a cherished part of our family and her love and devotion to Bronx and Bongo can't be overstated. Bronx and his brother's also enjoyed visits from Auntie Vivian who would fly to FL to care for them whenever we traveled. She loved her "nephews" and spoiled them like any Auntie would do.

Bronx and Bongo were a "bonded pair," whenever they were at daycare or in the dog park, Bronx would always check-in with Bongo and if Bongo was there, Bronx knew he was safe. Following Bongo's passing in February, 2022; Bronx never recovered. He missed his BFF immensely and his health quickly deteriorated. Bronx just "gave-up" and it was heartbreaking to see; his spark and zest for life gone.

One image always makes me smile, sad and cry.. Bronx coming home from a walk, his leash was removed at the base of the driveway and he would run up to the front door, back down again to me, back to the front door, bouncing with bursts of energy...I would open the front door and he would continue running and bouncing into the kitchen for breakfast or dinner. I had the strongest attachment to Bronx and he to me.

Bronx crossed over the Rainbowbridge on April 04, 2022 at approximately 8:50 a.m. surrounded by his loving family. It was a beautiful Spring morning.

What a wonderful life we shared, it's the end of a beautiful journey.

A note from Alberto:

Bronxie was one of the most loving spaniels I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Caring, dignified, affectionate, loyal, gentle and great-hearted. He had an amazing ability to detect when other pets or people were not feeling right, or something was wrong. He was playful and fond of smaller dogs and babies too. It is believed that he had traces of a "Clumber" spaniel in his pedigree. He had a sizable passion for greeting everybody with great excitement and always a toy in his mouth. A few years after his adoption, he relocated to Florida where he spent his adulthood and senior years with Bongo, his rock. Shortly after Bongo's passing; Bronx's world shattered. It is a beautiful and sad story, but we witnessed it. Emptiness, sadness and beautiful memories it's what is left after "the seniors" departure. But the truth of the matter is: They had an amazing life surrounded by people who loved them: Daddies Paul and Alberto, auntie Vivian, auntie Joni, many neighbors, pets--including a peculiar cat and a pig-- groomers and their vet.
Bronxie-Bronx, I'm sure you found out about your transition crossing over the rainbow-bridge way before we did. I also know that you don't want us to suffer or to be sad, but believe me when I say this has taken a piece of our hearts. You have given me the most amazing proof of pure love and gratitude. I will keep the heart you showed me within my heart. I miss you greatly.
Until we meet again, my doctor.
Daddy Alberto

April 21, 2022 - Bronx's cremains were laid to rest at Angels Rest within Best Friends Animal Sanctuary located in Kanab, UT. We had a small ceremony with some music and prayers. Bronx was laid next to his brother, Bongo, who passed just 58 days prior to Bronx :(

July 27, 2022 - I can't believe today is your FOURTEENTH (14) birthday and you are no longer here to celebrate your special day with us. Remember, last year was so much fun with your birthday party by the pool...you had on your party hat and enjoyed a cake from "Dog Eat Cake Bakery," you were very generous and shared it with your brothers!!! I love and miss you, some days, I can't wrap my head around the fact that you are gone!!! I hope you are celebrating today with your brothers and grandma; I love and miss all of you!!! Happy 14th Birthday my Bronx Bomber!!! I love you yesterday, today and tomorrow. All my love, Daddy Paul

April 4, 2023 - One year anniversary - It's hard to believe that you left us a year ago, I think of you often and you put a smile on my face. I still have the picture of you and Bongo as my screensaver and people ask about the two of you all the time!!! You were the most loving, gentle, kind soul. I miss and love you...yesterday, today and tomorrow!!! All my love, Daddy Paul

July 9, 2023 - If with a heavy heart that I share the news that "Mr. B" aka "BAYMAC" passed away today. He was the best cat and a true friend to you!!! He loved when you would nuzzle under his belly and roll him over!!! After you and Bongo passed, he stopped coming to the house; he knew. I hope you have reunited with him over Rainbowsbridge. I love and miss ALL of you. All my love, Daddy Paul

July 27, 2023 Happy 15th Birthday over Rainbowsbridge!!! I love and miss you; celebrate your day with your brother's and grandma!!! You are ALWAYS in my heart, thoughts and prayers...you were and are the MOST loving, caring and gentle spaniel...I love and miss you so very much!!! I love you yesterday, today and tomorrow...All my love, Daddy Paul

April 4, 2023 - Two year anniversary - Not a day passes that I don't think of you; memories put a smile on my face and warm my heart. You were such a special boy, so loving and attentive to people and animals alike. I know, in my heart, that we will one day reunite for eternity. I love you yesterday, today and tomorrow...All my love, Daddy Paul

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