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Bubbles you were a fighter to the very end. You did not want to leave mommy but I could not stand to see you suffer. I prayed God would take you even though I did not want to lose you. You were my baby girl and I will forever miss you. Droopy, your baby, will miss you and so will daddy. You were our little girl and my baby.
Last night your spot on the bed was empty but I know you will be at the Rainbow Bridge waiting on mommy. My heart is so broken but I'm glad you are not hurting anymore. You will forever be in our hearts my little angel. Mommy will always remember and love you forever. There will never be another Bubblicious.
12/20/2020- Bubbles today makes one month without you. I miss you ever waking moment. Droopy misses you too. He was so lost without you but he seems to be doing a little better now. Hope you have the best Christmas ever at the bridge. Mommy loves you so much my little angel. Merry Christmas and have fun playing with all the other fur babies.
12/25/2020- Merry Christmas baby Bubbles we sure do miss you. I hope you are having the best Christmas ever my sweet angel. The toys I had bought for your Christmas present, I give them to Champ and Lucy. I know they liked the toys because they were playing with them when I left grandma's house tonight. Things are not the same without you but I know you have a new body and can run, jump, and play with the other fur babies at the bridge. Talk to you later. Love always mommy
1/03/2021-Happy New Year baby girl. Hope you are having fun playing at the bridge with all the other fur babies. Sorry I'm late in wishing you a happy new year. Grandma's baby Daisy is really sick with her heart just like you were, I went to grandma's last night and Daisy had a seizure just the way you would have them. We all miss you so very, very much. Love you always mommy.
01/11/2021- Hope you are having fun at Rainbow Bridge my little angel. Wanted to let you know Candace, your big sis, bought mommy a ring with your picture on it and a rainbow beneath your pic. It's beautiful! A keepsake of you. Love you always mommy
1/19/2021- Tomorrow you will have been gone two months baby girl. I'm thinking of you and I love you! Fly high baby girl!!!
01/20/2021- You were taking from us two months ago baby girl. We sure do miss you. Have fun with the other fur babies and mommy will see you one day so we can walk across the bridge together. Love always mommy
01/23/2021- Good morning baby girl
01/31/2021- Baby Bubbles so much has happened in the last week. Uncle Rocky passed away from that nasty virus and papa Joe is in the hospital trying to recover from it. It's been so crazy around here but I still think about you all the time. Hope you are running in the pretty green grass and having fun. Love you always mommy
02/06/2021-Hello baby girl just dropped by to say hi and I miss you. Papa Joe went to heaven two days ago. He was unable to fight off the covid virus. We will be saying our final goodbye to him tomorrow. I'm going to miss him so much. I knew daddy would leave us one day but we just were not ready to lose him. I know he had fur babies at the bridge like little Blue and Pepe', so if you see him give him a puppy lick. We love and miss you so much. Love always mommy
3/17/21- Happy birthday in heaven my beautiful baby girl I know it will be great! I love and miss you so much. Love furever mommy
6/20/2021- It's been 7 months today. Baby girl it's been a while since I have written to you but there has been so much going on right now. Grandma was in the hospital for 10 days and when she came out she could not walk, she is doing better now. Daisy passed away this morning. She died exactly 7 months after you. She was grieving after papa passed away and she had heart disease. I hope you will show her around the rainbow bridge. We buried her beside of you. Finding her dead this morning brought back memories of your passing. I love and miss you my little angel! Mommy will see you one day just wait by the bridge for me. Love you always Mommy
10/21/2021- Hello my little angel just stopped by to say hello and I miss and love you always. Love mommy
11/13/2021- Hello baby Bubbles I hope you will show Lucy around the Rainbow Bridge. She was your little twin I know she will be glad to see her mommy Bubbles. Bubbles your little girl Lucy eat onions and it made her really sick and she had a lot of toxins in her little body. She was just like you she was a fighter. She fought for a week but shortly after midnight she passed away. The vet called us this morning and said she had lost the fight. Jimmy went and picked her up and Mark buried her next to you and Daisy. Grandma is so heartbroken but she is with papa and you now. She will be so missed and let her know we all love her so much. May you all run through the fields of flowers and have a wonderful time sweet girl. I love you always, mommy [R.I.P Lucy]
11/20/2021- Hello baby Bubbles it's been a year today that you left us. We miss you so very much my little angel. I hope you and your baby girl Lucy are having a wonderful time at the rainbow bridge. Tell her grandma, Champ and I miss her. I hope you all have the best Thanksgiving ever with all kinds of yummy puppy food. I love you forever my sweet girl. Mommy
12/26/2021- Baby girl I didn't sign in yesterday to wish you a merry Christmas at the rainbow bridge but I know you had fun. I love you and miss you so much. My Christmas was a good one but I still missed you. I love you little girl and will talk to you later. Love forever mommy
03/17/2022- Happy birthday my sweet little baby Bubbles! I hope you are having fun at the bridge. We miss you and think of you a whole lot. Not a lot has changed since I last spoke with you. I just wanted you to know I didn't forget that today was your birthday. Love you always, Mommy
11/20/2022- You left me 2 years ago baby girl and I still miss you my little angel. Hope you are having fun at the Rainbow Bridge and don't worry one day I will see you again. Love you FUREVER mommy, daddy and Droopy
03/04/2023- Bubbles today Little Emily lost her fur baby, Precious. She was a good girl and Emily loved her so so much. It breaks my heart to see her crying. Precious went out the front door went Diane came in and ran in the highway and a truck ran over her. She had just had puppies on 02/23/2023, so now we have 9 day old puppies without their mommy. I feel so bad for Emily and the little baby puppies. Wish you were here because you would take care of them. You were the best mommy to your babies. Daddy, Jimmy, loved Precious too because I seen him sitting in his recliner crying. We are all just shocked right now and heart broken. Please my sweet girl welcome Precious to the bridge and play with her. I love you so so much and will talk to you later.
Baby girl on December 02, 2023 grandma Emily passed away. She died in little Emily's room. I was sitting by her side holding her hand when she took her last breath and I will always thank God for letting me be by her side. I hope you will see her and give her a puppy lick. I miss you and grandma and papa Joe. I hope Christmas in heaven is the best yet. I love you all and will see you again. Love forever Mommy
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