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Memories of Buck Shot
I can remember watching you play when you were so tiny all the road trips you went on with your daddy and myself you made every day a blessing to have you with us, You loved cheese and would beg for it when you were able too then the years and days came when you could barely get around but you would still follow me wherever I would go in the house and every morning you would whine at my bedroom door after your daddy left for work those are just some of the things I will miss, And I know without a doubt our days will never be the same now that you have gone before us and I have to believe in my heart that God has you in Heaven and that you are running and play with Rebel and Cali and that one day we will be together again. I love you sweet Bucky and I will see you on the other side. My heart is broken but to know you are no longer in pain makes it a little easier. I don't know how things will go on without you, you are a piece of my heart and a part of me has gone away. 03/14/2004 - 01/15/2020

All of this seems so unreal I miss you so much and I miss hearing yow bark every time someone comes in the front door even though it was so annoying at the time I would give anything just to hear it again, I feel so guilty for fussing at you for barking I feel so guilty for not being there with you and your daddy at the end I feel like I let you down your daddy felt it was something he needed to do without me I wish I had said no I am going too and had I have known that you wouldn't have been coming back home I would have but it's too late for that now I just hope and pray you knew how much I love you and how if we could have done anything else for you we would have no matter what the cost but we only had 2 choices let you live in pain or let you go and to see you in pain was so hard. I pray that you are now whole, and the pain is no longer with you. I love you my sweet boy and that will never change I have made my screen saver on my phone of you so I can see you every day and dad will be making a beautiful wooden cross for your resting place beside Rebel and Cali in our back yard where you all played together. If I could turn back the time I would kiss and snuggle you just a little more each and every day until we are together again always remembered. We Love you, Mommy and Daddy

Missing you so much today my sweet boy and wishing you were still here. Gunner and Maggie miss you too when I say your name, they go around looking for you I wake up in the middle of the night thinking I can still hear you maybe it is your sprint letting us know you are still with us...I hope you are having fun running and playing my sweet boy.

I have not forgotten you my sweet boy I miss you so much and think of you each and every day I still cry about having to let you go, all that helps get me through the heartbreak is knowing that you are no longer hurting in pain and the thought that maybe we will see each other again. Jan will be a year since you went to cross over the rainbow bridge, but it seems like yesterday that you went away. I love you so much Merry Christmas, Love mom

I still think about you and miss you so much dad and I talk about you often and remember the things you would do, like running over to grandma's house for bacon and cheese or how you would chase Brad because you didn't like him. We had some good years together and sometimes I hate myself for not treating you better than I did like when you would bark and I would raise my voice at you and get upset with you for peeing on the floor and when you became older and your little body was so frail and weak I wish I had been able to hold you more but I knew it hurt you to be picked up there so many things I wish I could back do all over again in a different way but I can't because you are no longer here with us... those things I cannot change for you BUT I can treat Maggie and Gunner better and Maggie is so much like you she stands under our feet when we sit down so we can rub her back with our foot, she has skin problems and loses her hair just like you and she plays like you did we see so much of you in her So we are reminded daily of the sweet boy you were and I pray that God allows you to join us in heaven I miss you sweet boy more than anyone knows and I love you. Mom

01/25/2022 It's been 2 years since you left us, and my heart still breaks, and tears still fall over you I miss you so much and think about all the little things you used to do, I hope you are happy and running and playing with all of your friends I will never forget you or stop missing you, you were and will always be my sweet little Bucky Boy. I love you so much and miss you more than anyone will ever know. Mom

Time passes by so fast and it's so hard to believe it's been 3 years since you crossed the rainbow 🌈 bridge, I hope you are still having fun running and playing with all of your friends I hope to be you again soon, I miss you so very much my sweet boy and the tears still fall whenever I think of you..I love you and will see soon. Love mom

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