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Memories of Bucky
"Our Boy" Bucky
Akita/Anatolian Shepherd Mix
Bucky (A robust and spirited young man)
Akita (affectionate & loyal)
Anatolian Shepherd (guardian of the flock)
All pets are special, Bucky was a treasure.
I was blessed to be his owner and master but he was "our boy" to many.
A true shepherd, we, both human and canine alike, were all part of his beloved flock.
Give him an ounce of attention and he gave a pound of love in return.
Bucky had a vocabulary all his own, loved to argue with me, watched TV with a passion, was mesmerized by the Teletubbies and was confused by cartoon animals that had a human voice.
At the dog park Bucky was "Mr. Congeniality", a true goodwill ambassador. Being the self proclaimed keeper of the gate he greeted each newcomer, had time to play with all the other dogs and bid farewell to each that departed.
He is preceded, in death, by his companion Miss Muffy, best friends Harry, Ray & Shylo and predecessors Daisy, Pudgy, Tafi, Mr. Pupp, Sonnie, Sandy, Baby and Beansie.
Bucky was really special to Miss Muffy, at 9 she had cancer. With Bucky's love and help she survived 4 more years.
He is survived by his companion Wheezer, best friends Chuckie, Thelma, Sherman, Cassie, Layla, Tank, Karma and uncountable number more.

He is discovering new friends here: Nikki Mae
Love you for all eternity,

Wow! It's June, 2010 already and hotter than I can remember for this time of year. Wheezer and I sure do miss you. Also thought you'd be happy to know we rescued Buddy, a five year old Golden Retreiver. He was starving, facing abuse and had ear infections that are still recurring. He is a really good boy, not like somebody we know, and I know you would have been best pals right off the bat.

Love always,
and a "Woof" from Miss Wheezie

Merry Christmas 2011! Bucky
Love always,
Daddy & Miss Wheezey

It's almost Halloween, 2012 and only 3 weeks till Wheezey will be 11. Time sure flies!!!
Chuckie has been gone almost a year and more bad news, your best friend Layla was hit and killed by a car. Take care of both of them, I know you will.
Love always,
Daddy & Miss Wheezey (she really misses you)

Happy 2014 Bucky! We miss you, but your picture is looking over my shoulder.
Daddy & Wheezey

Wow! It's 2016 already....sure do miss you! Have you on a couple of shirts and a cup.
Daddy & Wheezy

Buddy passed Two weeks ago today, Aug 10, 2016. And Thelma Lou, Wheezy's twin sister passed today. Take good care of them for me and Kathy. Oh yeah, Wheezy is doing good...had her doo this morning and you would think she was a puppy instead of almost 15.
Love always,
Daddy & Wheezy

Look! Here comes Wheezey over the Bridge! She left me today, 11/1/2017 without a whimper. She suffered for a number of weeks, but that's all behind her now. I sure do miss her and I miss you just as much as ever. Take care of our little girl.
Love always,

Wow! You've been gone 10 years today, 1/2/2010, seems like only yesterday. Sure do miss you and Muffy, Buddy & Wheezy. I think of all of you every day. I have a new girl now, Sammie. She's been here almost a year already and looks much like Miss Muffy. Kathy lost Shermin not long ago and has a new little boy, Tucker. Oh, I left a basketball for you to play keep-away with Muffy.
Thinking of you.
Love always,

Hey Bucky....Wheezey's friend Lacey came over the Bridge today, 6/5/2020, at 10:30 a.m. Go find her and take good care of her, she's lot's of fun and a real sweetheart. Tell Her, Wheezey, Buddy and the rest of the gang that I love you all.
Love always,

Oh my! It's 6/14/2020 and little Marty Feldman (Miss Daisy) is getting ready to cross over the Bridge. She was mine, Wheezey and Buddy's little friend. You will know her by her white eye. Take good care of her, she's another real sweetheart.

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