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13 years of laughter, comfort and joy, Buddy will forever be my best little pal forever. I miss my little boy so much, chasing bugs, sitting in the window sills, watching birds, and especially sitting on the couch watching tv with me and sleeping on the bed with me at night. 6/14/09; Hey Stinker, it's been 1 month now since I had to let you go. Do you hear me at night saying " it's time for bed"? I tell you all the time, in the house and at your resting place just outside YOUR room, " I love you Buddy; I'll always love my Buddy boy". I hope you hear me up there....Love,Dad. 6/17/09 BUDDY'S STORY: It was a day in 1996, summer I think, I was making a bank deposit at the Chase Bank @ 22nd & Wilmot in Tucson, when I spotted asmall white furball in the bushes. I tried to catch him, but couldn't. The next day, I looked, but didn't see him. As I was leaving, I gave the "kitty" call.Nothing. Giving up, I started to get back into the car, when I heard a very faint mew. I called again, trying to isolate where he was. Couldn't. Leaving again. Again, a faint mew. This time I located him buried among the cactus in the drive-thru median, to escape coyotes I guess. He was so weak from hunger I fished him out with a stick. He was covered with ants and fleas. I put him in a paper bag after getting the ants off, and had 13 wonderful years of unconditional love. He died knowing how much I loved him.6/30/09-Hey stinker, I sure miss you Buddy boy,I miss you so much. Then I missed your candle lighting ceremony, you know how bad my memory can get. Maybe they
will send it to me. In 2 weeks a new pal will come to live here. His room will be the tv room,not your room,Flipper is his name.7/6/09-Flipper is here, & he is the opposite of you, from color to his taste in food. He is still a baby tho, he craves attention.love,dad.7/22/09 It's been 2 months now since you went to RainbowsBridge, and I still love and miss you so much BUDDY. Flipper is adapting well, and he wants to get into "Uncle Buddy's" stuff.He smells you, and hunts for you at night to come out and play. Although I love him too, you will always be my special little boy, and I can't wait to hold you and give you some petting once again--love,dad 8/20/09--hey sweet buddy boy! O how I miss you little boy! Flipper plays a lot, and he helps me a lot, but he can never take your place. Although I love him a lot too, he is special in his own way. I tell you I miss you more than once every day, I love you so much still...love, dad 9/25/09 gee, i can't believe it's been 4 months since you had to go, your last day with me seems like it was yesterday. i miss you more each day little boy, i hope you can feel all my love at the bridge. do you hear me telling you i love you BUDDY? come see me,ok?love dad 10/7/09 My sweet little boy: I can hardly believe it's been almost 5 months since you had to leave me. I still miss you so much, more each day it seems. I long for you so much BUDDY. Yes I tell you each day I love you, 3 or 4 times, I hope you hear me. I heard that our pets have an afterlife too, and that they visit us from time to time; please come see me little boy...love dad 12/o9/09--It's almost Christmas little boy, my 1st in 13 years without you. It's hard knowing you're not going to be diving into your Christmas stocking, getting your treats and new toys. But I do have the pictures of your last Christmas with me last year. I've been remembering when I first found you, that day in 1996, I miss you so much BUDDY. I still love you little boy;love dad-2/01/10 It's been nearly 1 whole year since you had to go. Your presence is so strong in the house that your last day seems like yesterday. I keep thinking of all the things I should've done, some on that last day. But you were so weak little boy, I don't think you would have made it through the night. I hated to leave you and go to work-hated it! I tell you I love you EVERY TIME I pass by your grave outside, and when I see you at the bridge site; you're my home page little boy. I love & miss you BUDDY**love dad May 11, 2010 @ 8:20 am; My sweet precious BUDDY, my #1 little boy! How I miss you stinker! I still love you so much! It has been 1 whole year today @ 8:40 am that I had to let you go and end your pain and suffering. The cancer that killed you had robbed you of your ability to eat and drink, you were so weak, but still showed your love for me. The other night I had a wonderful dream. I was in some kind of classroom, we all wore white, everything was in white. We broke for lunch, and I stayed behind to look for you; you had hid. I found you behind a clothes rack: I picked you up, held you, hugged and petted you, and heard you purr for me. I distinctly remember thinking, "how can this be when you're gone?" And I definetly remember saying out loud,"Lord, if this is a dream, I thank You for it." I sure hope I got to see you, touch you again. //Hey little boy, been a long time. Just 3 years ago i was only 3 days away from joining you up there. 5 head surgeries in 2 years from a tumor & surgical infection nearly killed me. Flipper & Little girl are doing ok, lots of kitties come & go. I am not the same physically anymore, getting OLD! I miss you still, and love you! Malinda got us back on line, I will keep in touch from the library & my computer knowledge has slipped greatly. If some of my cats have made it up there take care of them, they were good kitties. love Dad, July 16, 2021// May10,2022 years have passed since you left me.Flipper and Littlegirl are still with me and i am getting older and have health issues now. I still miss you Buddy! Love, dad.// got 2 young cats in your room at night, bubba & sissy. Still love you & miss you pal. Dad 05/10/2023 //

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