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Memories of Buddy Demas-White
On Tuesday 19Nov08 my baby was hit and died quickly.

My husband Greg came home & told me he was gone.When we got to his body Greg turned the lights to shine on Buddy. When the car stopped I jumped out of the car & ran to him. I was hysterical Buddy is my baby I don't have kids & am not able to work & Buddy has been my companion. I held Buddy's hand & just cried. It was a very cold night & Greg soon got too cold & got in the car. I talked with my Buddy & told him that Daddy & the dog catcher would come get his body & cremate it.

I could feel Buddy's spirit moving within the hand I held I saw his face turn up & look at me a number of times. After a while he shooed me me away told me that I needed to go that I was holding him back & that he wanted to go. It was him he had stayed for me he knew I needed him to tell me it was ok. I then saw his spirit starting to leave his physical body I turned to go to the car but I turned back around & looked into the sky to see if I could still see him I couldn't but I blew him a kiss & went home. I have had more peace than I ever expected to have in this situation.

After this hearing Buddy is dead or Buddy died didn't sound right. He is very much alive I saw him he looked at me & talked to me. I realized that it was just his physical body that died not him. I've started to say that Buddy has moved back home & his body is in for maintenace he'll get it back & it will be perfect.

This has been such a great gift that my baby gave to me. He stayed there in his body for me. I still miss him a lot & the house feels empty but I am better than I thought I could ever be. I have learned so much by this. I have recently been having issues with bodies & not wanting to see them at funerals. Seeing Buddy's body was so comforting I have a better understanding of death & I feel like I want to really live. I feel now that I need to shake off all of my inhibitions face my fears & live. My Buddy has given me more in his passing that I ever thought was possible.

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