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Memories of Buddy
Dear Buddy came to share our lives on July 10, 2008. His little life had been a difficult one. He came to us from an animal rescue group. He had at some time in his life lost his left hind leg, but this didn't stop him from going up and down the stairs or getting up on the couch. He was rescued from a farm, where he had been miss treated and kicked. All he ever wanted was to be loved and gave so much love in return. I had received a call that a foster home was needed for Buddy and he was brought right over to us. The second he left his carrier he came over to where I sat on the floor and gave me a million nose kisses. At that instant I knew that he was sent by an angel to live with us.
Buddy was so warm and loving. Every time I sat on the couch or a chair he would jump in my lap. He loved being held like a baby and often would fall asleep in my arms. When I was in the kitchen he would lie near me so that I could bend down to pet & play with him. He loved having his tummy petted.
When we would lie down for a nap Buddy would either lie by us, or on us and take a little nap of his own. What a wonderful feeling to have his warm loving self there warming both our bodies and souls.
Every night when I would go to take my shower he would be waiting in the bathroom. His routine was to jump up to the sink, as he loved playing in the water. He was always trying to jump into the tub so we had to be careful at bath time. Then after a few minutes he would come down and snuggle into the rug. I always sang to him taking songs and changing the lyrics so that they were about my Buddy.
We called him our puppy cat because he never wanted to be alone. He never stopped sitting in my lap and giving nose kisses. He was never aloof always wanting human company.
Buddy passed away during surgery Jan. 17, 2011. For about two weeks his disposition had changed He began keeping to himself, wasn't eating, and we saw that he was loosing weight. When we had first noticed that something was wrong we took him to the vet. His blood work came back fine but as he had a constant problem with respiratory infections he was put on antibiotics but nothing helped. We took him back to the vet on Jan 17 where he had more blood work and ex-rays. The vet saw that he had a tumor on his intestine. But we hoped that surgery could save him. As it turned out Buddy had 2 large cancer's tumors and others on his lymph nodes. It spread fast, for he started to lose weight in December but nothing showed up until the ex-ray.
He was our baby; he liked to be held like a baby by his adopted mom. He would lick your face until it was raw; never ever did anything to unset his pet people. The two and a half years he was with us, he had given us so much love. And as sick as her was he still came in the bathroom every night to lie on rug right up to the end.
His adopted pet people and his two stepsiblings; Bootsie and Who-de-nee will miss him. They seem to know he is gone and are missing him already. In their own way they are trying to give us comfort during this difficult time.
May Buddy rest in peace and I am sure he is in Kitty heaven where he surely belongs. He hid his pain like most cats do, but you could see it in his eyes. We miss him so much but we are relieved that he is out of pain now. Our pain has just begun. But unlike our dear Buddy there is no way that it can be hidden we are notas brave as Buddy was. What keeps us going is that we know some day we will be reunited beyond The Rainbow Bridge.
Messages to Buddy
1 Jan. 23,Today has been a very cold day. I went out to snowblow and kept looking toward the window where you used to sit and watch me out "playing" in the snow. The window was so sad looking without you there. Mommy & Dad have gotten such nice messages from people here at Rainbow Bridge it is making our day a little easier. Also there are a lot of new friends coming to meet you there. So look around and you will meet Gracie & Sister, Pressy, Gussy, Nikki Mae, Brande, Katy and BG. I know you will all become great friends as you explore your new home and now you have new friends to play with and keep you company. Your sister Who-de-nee has been having a two day séance going she I know is letting you know how much we miss you and love you. She and Bootsie take turns comforting daddy & me but it is very very hard as we miss you so much. Have fun with your new friends my dear Buddy and know that we love you always & forever.
2 Jan. 24,Hi Buddy Bud I can't beleive that you have been gone for a week today. Mom & Dad keep looking for you everywhere. Checking to make sure your not on the stairs when we come down in the morning. Steping carefully out of the shower so we don't step on your tail because you always lay there waiting for us to come out and play with you. Oh Buddy we miss you so much but we hope you are having fun at the Rainbow with all your new friends.
3 Jan. 25 Dearest Buddy today mom & dad went to pick up your ashes. It was so very difficult. On the drive over to the vets I remembered the sad trip on Jan 17th as I held you in my arms and you kept looking out of the window at all the beautiful trees covered with snow. Little did we know that you were never coming home. But at least now we have your earthly remains at home. Dad & I put you in the wooden urn that we bought you and framed in the front on the urn is mom's favorite picture of you looking up so sweetly. I put in your rainbow mouse, rainbow ball and the little catnip mouse. I know that you will have fun playing with them with your new friends beyond the bridge. Dad & I cried a lot and I am sure more tears will fall not only today but always. You are such a special guy and we know that God put you in our keeping for a special reason. We wouldn't give up one minute with you for all the money in the world.
We miss you son and always will until the day when we are together again holding you, loving you and playing with you through eternity.
4 Jan. 26 Hi there my little Angel. Well your mom finally did some house cleaning today. It has been 2 weeks so I really had to get things done. After all you always lived in a clean house but mom hasen't had any energy to do much more than sit and think of you my sweet Buddy. After I got done I came over here to Rainbow Bridge to send messages to people who had also lost their fur babies. The notes and cards made me feel better when I read them after you were gone. So I decided it was time I returned the favor. So many famlies missings there "children" who had passed to Rainbow. Sleep well tonight in the medow I'll bet it is nice and warm with gentle breezes. You must be so relaxed and happy after a day of playing with your friends. Good night Buddy Buds I love and miss you so much.
5 Jan 27 Sweet Buddy Bud I hope you had a wonderful day playing with your new friends. Mom didn't get much done today, too tired. But I can tell you have been sending messages to Bootsie. That would be the only reason that after 9 years she is sitting on my lap every time I sit on the couch. She has been doing it for a couple of days now at first she wouldn't stay very long, but today she has stayed on my lap for 15 minutes or more. Thank you my sweet anglel only you could have made this happen. I miss you so much and think about you all day long no matter what I am doing I picture you every where I look. Sleep well Buddy so that you will have lot's of energy for tomorrow's adventures. I love You. Mommy
6 Jan 29 Hi Buddy Bud Well this is the second weekend with out you. I miss you so very much. It's been really cold and snowy here I am glad to think that at Rainbow Bridge you are enjoying lying in the Sun. I can hear you purr enjoying another day smelling flowers and chasing butterflies. I know you won't hurt them for you are to loving to ever hurt any little creature. Your sister Bootsie is still sitting on Mommy's lap. Your Dad is so happy that she is comforting both of us instead of always staying upstairs. She has a really cute routine. She jumps up on the couch walks across me, looks at your picture and head nudges the table. Only then does she come and sit on my lap. I can tell that she is communicating with you and also missing you very much. Well my sweet boy have fun and look down on your Mom & Dad every now and then. When you feel like coming down for a visit know that we will know that you are hear my little angel.
7 Jan 31 Dearest Buddy Bud. Two weeks today you have been gone from us. But it seems like a million years. Oh! How we miss you sweetie. Mommy just put your name on the Candle Light ceremony list for tonight. I am hoping that the special candle I ordered for you arrives today. I want you to know that I say goodnite to you before we go to bed each night, just like I did when you were with us. "I Love You Buddy, have sweet puppy/cat dreams. I touch your urn but oh how I miss kissing your head before we go upstairs. Dad still looks to see if you are on the stairs, and checks to see where you are lying He misses his sweet boy cat so much. Have a fun day with all your new friends. We Love you so much.
8 Feb 1 Hi Buddy Bud. Well it's a new month but it brings no joy without you here. Today Dad was in the fridge and found the bottle of Ensure that we tried to get you to drink when you were sick and wouldn't eat. How you loved it when Dad gave you the lid with a little Ensure in it, boy did you love it, no regular kitty treats for our boy you drank it up like it was a hot fudge sunday. Oh Buddy we miss you so very much. Hope you had a wonderful day playing with all the other fur babies at Rainbow Bridge. And I am sure the angels there are petting and holding you just as I did until we can be together again. Love & miss you so much Buddy Bud.
9 Feb 3 Hi Buddy Bud. I hope you had a wonderful day playing with your friends. Enjoying warm sweet breezes and the smell of flowers in the air. I am sure your special angel came to hold & pet you today. I asked her to give you head kisses and let you know how much I miss you baby. Tonight Dad took me to dinner, we haven't been out since you went to Rainbow Bridge. Dinner was nice but when we got home you weren't there to share my leftover fish with. It made me so very sad. I am going to send you some salmon tonight as I know how much you loved it when Dad made it. I love you little guy. I still cry as I am doing now as I write to you. I miss you so much. Sending you a big hug and kisses. I love you Buddy, have sweet puppy/cat dreams.
10 Feb 5 My Dearest Buddy Bud, well it's Saturday but like every day just another day without you. While I was sitting on the couch today all I could think of was the way you used to put your paws around my wrist so I wouldn't stop scratching you chin and petting your little chest. I could see your paws around my wrist just as if you were here. But then I saw only my empty arms longing to hold you again. Oh Sweetie how mommy misses you. I left you a Teddy Bear to snuggle with tonight. I love you, have sweet puppy/cat dreams by the Rainbow.
11 Feb 7 Dearest Buddy Bud, Three weeks already yet it seems more like three years since I held you. I miss you so very much my darling angel. Today your candle arrived it is sitting next to your urn. It has the picture of you sitting on one of your Yule gifts. You are so handsome and healthy in the pic. & we all miss you with all our hearts. I know you are enjoying yourself with all your new friends to play with and the beautiful trees and flowers. May warm breezes caress you my son. Love you so much. Mommy
12 Feb 11 Dearest Buddy Bud, The past 2 day's I had been doing better. That is until this afternoon. When I was out snow blowing I again looked up at the window to see you standing there, but you of course were not there my sweet son. When Mommy got in the house the song that ran through my mind the day we brought your ashes home again began running through my mind and I began to cry. "I've been living to see you. Dying to see you but it shouldn't be like this
This was unexpected, what do I do now? Could we start again, please.
I've been very hopeful so far. Now for the first time I think it's going wrong
Hurry up and tell me this is just a dream, Could we start again please."
Even knowing all the pain that I am going through now oh how Mommy would love to be able to go back to the day you arrived and allowed us to take care of you and love you with all our hearts. Just to hold you again would make my life complete.
Know that Mommy is thinking of you all the time and missing you so very very much. I love you Buddy Bud and always will. I know that we will be together again someday and I will cover you with kisses. And I know you will hold on to me and give me many of your wonderful nose kisses.
13 Feb 14 Dearest Buddy Bud..Happy Valentines Day from Mom & Dad. Today is not as happy as Valentine Day was when you were here with us. Mommy & Daddy miss you so very much. Mommy still cries especially when songs that I used to sing to you come to mind, which they often do. Sometimes when I am taking my shower I find myself singing our shower song, quietly and with tears flowing from my eyes. Every now and then I wonder if you might be visiting at those times. I remember how even during your last week, when you must have been in such pain and not eating, still you would come into the bathroom as always and lie on the rug near to the shower. I hope at least that you can hear me singing as you play with your friends.You loved to be sung to, and Daddy & I loved singing to you. Miss you more every day sweet Buddy. Have fun run,jump and play with all of your new friends. Some day we will be there with you and how wonderful it will be to again hold you in my arms.Love You Buddy Hugs & Kisses Mommy
14 My Dearest Angel, Today the 17th of Feb. you have been gone from us for a whole month. Mommy & Daddy miss you so very much. Oh Buddy Bud our day has been filled with such wonderful memories of you. I know that eventually those memories will bring smiles, but today they only bring tears. Oh how I wish that I could be holding you right now, and kissing your little head and telling you how wonderful you are. Just to see your eyes looking into mine would bring me such happiness. But tonight as every night since you have been gone I can only remember you sitting on your little blanket just before we go to bed, and I kiss your sweet head, tell you I love you and to have sweet puppy/cat dreams. We love you so very much Buddy Bud and always will until the day that we can all be together again.
15 Feb 20 Dearest Buddy Buds, well another weekend has come and gone. Daddy is busy redoing the kitchen I know that working helps Dad get though the days better. Mommy well she spends most of her time thinking of you my Angel. We both miss you so very much. You got such a nice message yesterday from Jane she is Inky & Buba Lou's Mom. I am sure that you loved the tuna that she sent as I know you really like your fish treats. We just want you to know Buddy that we miss you so much and love you more than words can say. When you go to sleep tonight I will be kissing your head as always. I love you Buddy Bud, have sweet puppy/cat dreams.
16 Feb 23 Hi Buddy Bud I hope you had a fun day with our new friends. I know Mom is keeping you really busy running around to welcome new fur babies and make them feel at home. But Mommy also knows that you are so loving and are enjoying yourself making new friends. I hope you are taking time to take some sun baths & relax too. Today I am tryig to catch up on sending notes to people here at Rainbow Bridge who are also grieving the loss of their dear fur babies. The notes that Mommy has received make my days a little easier. Mommy & Daddy miss you so very much and love you with all our hearts. You are on our minds and in our hearts every minute of everyday. I love you Buddy, have sweet puppy/cat dreams.
17 Feb 24 Dearest Buddy Bud Thank you for coming to me in a dream last night. Oh how wonderful it was to see you and hold you again. I am glad that you met your other step kitty's that went to Rainbow Bridge some many years before you. Tell Ebiu,Pooh-Bear,Mrs.Skitter and Snowball how happy I was to also be able to visit and hold them too. And that I love and miss all of you, and so does Dad. Today Mommy put your heart ID on her gold chain and I wear it aroung my neck so I can have you close to me. I will wear it always and never take it off. When you see me next wether in dreams or when I come to stay with all of my babies I will show it to you it is bringing Mommy such comfort to wear it, I can still see how cute it looked aroung your neck. And before I forget to tell you I also put your stuffed Snowman in with you. I know that you liked to play with the snow when we treaked it into the house. Give our love to your siblings and tell them I can't wait to see them again. I love you all and to you my dearest have sweet puppy/cat dreams. Mom
March 6 Dearest Buddy Buds I am so sorry that it has been so long since I have written to you. Of course you know that I have visited your page but things here have been so crazy with the work that Daddy is doing in the house. I have been busy too but just with silly stuff. I keep trying to stuff down my pain I guess but these last few days it hasn't worked. All my sadness is coming back and because Mommy tried too hard to not feel I think it has made it harder for me to come to terms with you being gone my dear angel. Trying not to think only makes it harder to work on the healing. Oh my dear baby I miss you so much. I'm sure you hear me many times telling you I love you and at night to have sweet puppy/cat dreams. But if I could only hold you again and kiss your little head then oh how happy Mommy would be. I love and miss you so very much and I always will. Keep having fun sweet one. I know that someday we will be together again but that isn't helping Mommy right now.
March 17, 2011 My Dearest Buddy, today you have been gone from us for two months. They say that as time passes one's grieving lessens. Well my sweet they are wrong. Mom & Dad miss you still so very much. Last night as I was sitting on the couch silent tears began to fall. I cried for such a long time. Dad came in and as I mentioned your name Mommy fell apart and sobbed on and on. As the evening progressed and I tried to rest all I could see was my Buddy Bud. It was like Mom was watching a movie. They say that when you die your whole life passes before you eyes. Well I don't know if that is true but I do know that last night my life with you, every moment of it passed before my eyes. I cried, I smiled now and then when I thought of the cute things that you used to do. I miss you so very much Buddy I can't even tell you how much. I am doing what you wanted me to do though, I am working every day helping out with K-SNAG the rescue that brought you to us. So as you asked me to do I am helping other kitty's find new homes. Mom does it as a Memorial to you my sweet Buddy, and I hope that you are proud of me. We love you Buddy and miss you so very, very, much.
April 17, 2011 Dearest Buddy, well today you have been gone from us for 3 months and we miss you so much. Everyday Mommy & Dad think about you. Yesterday your daddy was having an Ensure and he looked around for you so you could have a cap full as you always loved drinking it so much. But then he remembered that you where not with us anymore. We still cry and look for you thinking that you will come running in to be with us. When mommy takes her shower I find myself looking out the door thinking that I will see you sitting on the rug and when I see the rug empty the tears begin to fall. I was hoping that by now the snow would be gone and that the sun would be shining. But it has been snowing for two days. Every time I see the snow I think about that last day when you were sitting on my lap and looking out of the car window at the trees and snow. I knew even then that you were seeing it for the last time. My heart aches when I remember that drive. I think sometimes that I can feel you near me, I hope that you are my dearest one. We will love and miss you every day of our lives, you were our special angel. I love you Buddy, have sweet puppy cat dreams tonight and every night until I can hold you again in my arms.
May 17, 2011 My Dearest Little Guy, four months now and still I miss you each and every day. I wish you were here to see the sun shining and the snow all melted now. It was a long winter in more ways than one. First off you were taken to the Rainbow Bridge a dark day indeed. And then the snow continued into May each day seeming darker than the days before. But hopefully Spring might arrive before long. I imagine it is spring every day at RB. I sure hope so because I know you loved Spring so much. I want you to know Buddy Bud that Mommy & Dad miss you ever so much and that we love you with all our hearts. I send you sweet kisses, pets and hugs until I can hold you again and scratch your chin and we can enjoy the Spring together again.
June 17, 2011 Dearest Buddy Bud, 5 months it's been a long 5 months now that you have been gone. I miss you so much my sweet boy. I am sure you know that Mommy has been busy working trying to find other kitties new homes. The stories are so sad just like yours was when you came to live with us. Sometimes I don't feel like doing the work anymore but then I see your picture and hear your little voice telling me to find the kitties homes so that they can be happy and loved like you were and are loved. But it is very hard to keep going everyday hearing how horrible people can be to such warm and loving souls that all creatures possess. Just know Buddy that Mommy and Dad miss you so much every day and that you are always in our hearts. Kisses and hugs to you my little guy. Love you so much. Mommy
July 17 2011 My Dearest Buddy today you have been gone from us for 6 months. How long and sad a half of a year can be because you are not here with us. Today it is so very hot and humid..the day that you left for the Rainbow Bridge was so cold and snowy. It makes me feel better knowing that where you are the weather is always perfect as you run and play with your new friends. And someday we will all be there together in the perfect forever. I love you Buddy Bud and so does Dad. We both miss you so very much. Have sweet puppy/cat dreams my little darling one.
August 18, 2011 Hi Sweetheart..I'm sorry that I didn't write to you yesterday but my mind has been a bit off since last week. Dad had to take me to emergency. I had chest pains and they made me stay overnight. They did some tests and think they saw something on my heart. So today Mommy has to go and have another test done. I was thinking of you yesterday..but then I think of you everyday. And miss you all the time. You would like today's weather its so warm and sunny, but then I know that the weather is always perfect at Rainbow Bridge. I just wish you were here so I could cuddle you when Mommy was afraid or not feeling too good having you lie new me always made me feel better. I sure could use your company right now. I love you Buddy Bud..and I know that you are watching over Dad and I. Big hugs & kisses to you my sweet boy.
Sept. 17 Hello my dearest boy. Well the months fly by but you are always in our hearts and mind. Today was a nice sunny day it would have been perfect if only you were here to enjoy it with mommy & dad. But I know that where you are at the days are always perfect. Your sister Bootsie started to want to get water from the bathroom faucet like you always did every night when I take my shower. Yesterday was the first time and then again tonight. I guess you must have said something to her about it being fun to play in the water well she listened to you. Miss you so my Buddy Bud love & kisses from mom & dad have sweet puppy cat dreams.

Oct 31 2011 Dearest Buddy Bud I did not get the chance to write to you on the 17th. Erik came to visit I hadn't seen him for 7 years. How I wish you could have been here so that you two could have met. I know he would have loved meeting my other sweet boy. Today is Samhain and the veil is thinner between your world and ours. I am hoping that you are here or will come with your gentle warmpth to see us. Mom & Daddy miss you so much. We love you Buddy and you are always here in our hearts and minds. Hugs and love Buddy Bud have sweet puppy/cat dreams.

Dec 26 2011 Hi Buddy Bud I am sorry that it has been such a long time since Mommy has been to visit you. Your Dad has been sick, he had to go to the hospital for a few days and he has to have more tests done next week. I guess you know that because I can often feel you near to us. I hope SantaPaws gave you lots of nice gifts. We miss and love you so very much. Hugs & Loving pets to you my dear boy.

Oct 24,2012 My Dearest BuddyBud, I'm sure you understand why it has been so long since I have been able to visit you. Your Dad was diagnosed last year with Lymphomia & Pancreitis. He was in the hospital twice in December with Pancreitis. On Jan 11th 2012 again I had to take your Dad to the hospital because of the Pancreitis. First I brought him to the local hospital he was there about 9 days and then was transferred to Marquette General which is 100 miles from home. He was there for 3 weeks and then back to Aspirius. Your Dad was in such horrible pain and it made me so sad. Aunt Sherry took care of your sisters while we were gone. He couldn't eat anything for 6 months and lost a lot of weight. He also had Chemo treatments. Now he is getting better. His cancer is in remission but he still needs to gain weight. All through that time I was thinking of you. When the 1 year date came on Jan 17th and you went to the Rainbow Bridge I was so afraid that your Dad would be going to be with you. But the goddess was good to me and is letting your Dad stay with me for now, I am so glad of that. One day we will join you and give you lots of kisses and pets for we miss you so very much. But I am sure that for now you are also happy that Mommy has Dad are going to have more time together. We send you all of our love and miss you terribly. Take care my dear boy. Mom

Jan 18,2013 My Darling Buddy yesterday was the second year anniversary of your going to the Rainbow Bridge. Mom & Dad think of you daily and miss you more and more as time goes on. Every now and then I feel your presence. How I would love to be able to pet you when I feel that you are near by me. I tell Clowie about you and how I wish that we had also had her during your short life. I know she would have loved you and played & preened you as she is such a sweet girl. Big hugs,kisses and love to you dear Buddy. Keep visiting I enjoy the warm glow of you around me when you are here. Love you so much Mom & Dad

Jan 17, 2015 My Sweetest Buddy, today is the 4th anniversary of you going to the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you more each year. How I long to hold you again, pet you and kiss your darling head. My tears still flow as I write this to you my darling boy. I hope that you have made a lot of new friends and are having a wonderful time with them. Some day Mom & Dad will join you and again we will be a happy, complete, family. Love You Buddy

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