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Memories of BUDDY
Hello Buddy, my sweet boy. It seems that I just keep adding to our long list of babies here at the bridge. I am sorry it has taken me so long but this world of rescue has sadly consumed so much of mommy's time. And it has been hard to do this one. You are now with Kaizer you two are forever together now, my two beautiful boys. I hope you know that even with your seizures we enjoyed each and everyday of your life with us. I will never forget the day you came into our lives stealing your daddy's shoe off the porch and running away with it. If you could have talked I am sure you would have said,"hey these people are ok they didn't even get mad when I stole the man's shoe , I think I would like to live there". Then your trips to eat became overnight stays, the day the deal was sealed was when I heard Kaizer going crazy in the garage ...there was blood everywhere and there you were some sick person had almost sliced your front pad off. When daddy scooped you up and put you into my car for the ride to the vet, as I looked in the rearview I knew that day that you were forever ours. And for 11 years that you were. We love you and are forever grateful that God sent you to us. You indeed have made our lives better. Take care of Kaizer, Maddie, Old Girl, Princess and Belinda until we get there. We love you always.
My beautiful boy today mommy went on a rescue 4 puppies, a mama, another golden, and a pit/lab mix all got to be saved today. They are now on their way to their new rescue and their chance at a forever home. Thank you for watching over us down here as we continue to save them all in the honor of each of you. I love and miss you so

My sweet yellow boy, how I remember your face and how golden you were when you first came to us and how that through the years that golden turned to a fading yellow then to a gray muzzle. You were always such a sweet boy, so loving a typical lab. We miss our "originals". You and Kaizer especially weigh on our hearts you lived good lives but no matter it seems it is never enough time. I love you to the moon and back forever and ever. I have left our candle for the service tonight climb high to the tips of the rainbows to send your love home to us.
My beautiful boy, mommy was able to go on another rescue yesterday, this fellow was a sweetheart, his name was Hugger. He was black like your brother Kaizer, but had your gentle spirit. I miss you Buddy everyday. Thant golden boy, for the first time we don't have a lab in our household since you and bubby have both gone. I love you Bud be at peace and have good perfect health always.
Mommy has left all your Valentine's Day things for you...enjoy your day of love in heaven with all the others. We love you always
We have a big snowstorm coming, I miss how you used to love to play in the snow. Your sister Lucky was rolling in it the other day, reminded me so much of you. Love you always
As we were playing in the snow I was thinking of you and how you used to love to be near us any where we were, we miss you Bud boy always
My sweet lab boy, you were the last lab that we had and boy do I miss not having such a faithful friend. Your brothers and sisters here are very kind and faithful but there is just something about that lab love. I miss you Buddy a lot. I hope you are running and finding all kinds of adventures in heaven, filled with perfect health. I love you and pray that you know how much we tried to keep you with us as long as we could. Be safe run free and give all the others there a big kiss from mommy and daddy. I so wish you could have met Bella Sue you would have been such good friends. She is full of life just like you were until you got sick. I love you always my faithful friend. Thank you for being ours.
Beautiful boy mommy has left your candle for the service tonight.I love you to the moon and back
My beautiful boy it is cold and snowy outside and all your siblings are taking their afternoon naps. The house is very quiet. I rarely get that with 6 furbabies and daddy BUT even though I do like the quiet I would love to be able to hear you snoring again from your chair behind my desk. I love you Buddy and am forever grateful God sent you our way.
Happy First day of March...mommy has left all your St Patty's Day decorations. I hope you have a wonderful celebration in heaven
Today I sit here and think of how you used to love to play outside with your brothers and sisters. I wish so much you could have met Bella, you two would have been such good buddies. I know you would have joined right in with her and Turbo and their play time. I miss you Buddy always and forever
My beautiful golden boy the sun is shining here today, yesterday I walked the yard doing "pooper" duty and I thought of you and how you would mosey around the fence line. I miss you precious one always
Momma loves you to the moon and back and I miss you just as much.
My beautiful yellow boy I am here to tell you that your brother Scooby has come to join you, I will create a residency for him as soon as my heart will allow. I love you always and forever
Well I have created a residency for your brother Scooby. Lucky is our only original orphan left now. I miss that sweetness of you our golden boy always.
Life does go on precious golden boy, but a little less sweeter an sometimes with an ache for those who we have lost. I often reconcile my thoughts of how so many say there will be no pets in heaven. This my friend just simply isn't what I believe. God created you such a beautiful, pure spirit and I know one day I will know that there indeed will be pets in heaven. I love you always
Mommy left your candle for the service tonight
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight
Mommy changed your residency to Fall, once again. almost 3 Falls since I got to cuddle that beautiful yellow face of yours. I miss you so my beautiful boy. Always
My beautiful boy I miss you so. Lucky Girl is the only orginal orphan still with us now she is elderly and has a bit of memory loss but she is still hanging in there. we are down to 5 now . They are all so very special to us but you my Bud boy were a special boy. Buddy I so wish you could have met Bella she is our boxer you and she would have had so much fun playing. I miss you and I hope you are enjoying a beautiful sun shiny day up there. love you always and forever.
sending kisses to heaven
My beautiful yellow boy, it is cold and snowy here and our hearts are a little less without you.
My beautiful boy, I visited a yellow lab here today named 'Old Yeller" that precious one reminded me of you so I had to stop in again. I love you my boy my good good boy, always a friend. I just wish you all could have lived forever. I love you always.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight my precious yellow boy
My yellow boy, mommy has a rescue tomorrow an English Setter, going to a new and happy home. Send your love and light to all those involved in this one tomorrow.
My yellow boy, every time I see a yellow lab I think of you. There has been so many come and go, here but you were one of the originals. I look back and see when there was only 4 of you now you all have gone on to heaven with the exception of Lucky she is still hanging on, getting old and feeble but still hanging on. I miss you terribly.
Enjoy your special day in heaven...Happy Valentines Day my precious boy
My precious yellow boy. I hope you know how much you are loved and missed. Even with 5 its a bit lonely without you2/25/16
FAITHFUL that is the word I describe you with. You came and you never went, you became our old faithful yellow puppy dog. I hope I proved just as faithful to you in the ending of your life. I love and miss you so
Mommy has left your Easter things. I love you Bud boy always and forever more
My boy I think of you often. I miss you lots. I think of you and how much you meant to us. And how you gave us so much joy. You were our yellow sweet boy. I often wonder how you must have felt going from where you came from to here. So thankful you did, we were indeed blessed to have you
Turbo is laying in your spot in the dining room as I type this. I miss you Buddy, I often wonder how you and Bella would have gotten on. She is a playful little thing just like you were.
Mommy has left your candle for tonight.
Life is not the same without you here. Everytime I see a yellow lab I think of my sweet Buddy.
I miss you my precious Buddy. I think of you a lot especially when I sit and look at Lucky, she is the only original one we have left. We have had many come and go....but my originals, you, Lucky, Princess and Scooby you always hold that special place in my heart because you started it all.
My yellow angel ... I often think of your story..I know you came from the same folks that had Scooby...but you "came" to them via showing up... I think that you must have been somebody's lost one. You had to have been you were just so beautiful and such a perfect lab, I miss you and your spirit, you were such a playful boy even to the end.
My yellow boy,mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I love you always and forever
My sweet boy, I hope you are up there celebrating this special holiday as we think of each of you both two legged and four legged we have lost. Your human brother is in the Middle East, please watch over him as he does his job and gets back to us for a little while.
My yellow boy...you are and always be my Buddy boy.. I miss you and how you would just cuddle when you slept. Merry Christmas baby boy in heaven.
My Buddy I seem to dream of you most often. I love you Buddy and I think of how you would have enjoyed meeting Bella Sue. Lucky is the only orphan left and getting very feeble , my heart knows she will be joining you all soon. I love you always, Merry Christmas in heaven
Happy New Year baby boy, I miss those beautiful eyes everyday. I left your candle for the service tonight
Happy Friday baby in heaven
My sweet boy, I can still close my eyes and see those beautiful eyes. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Yours truly were. So beautiful I miss you always
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight
My beautiful yellow boy, today is a hard day. Today at 10 am we sent sweet Lucky to be with you and the others. Watch over her, as she gets adjusted to her new surroundings. Soon when my heart will allow I will create for her a residency here at the bridge. I love you Buddy thank you for being my front seat doggie.
Hello sweet boy, mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I love you always and forever. Take care of Lucky
My beautiful yellow lab, mommy was outside in the yard just now thinking of you and how you used to lay in the sun and watch me work. I miss you my Buddy boy it is hard to believe it will soon be five years.
It was sunshiny here today I think of how you used to lay out in the front yard. You were a good boy old Buddy. You left us with a big ole whole in our hearts. All of the original orphans are gone now and it is sad but yet it brings a smile to my face that I was able to know such love
Have a beautiful day in heaven my precious boy
Hello my yellow boy. Mommy has been in the back country camping. I ran into a man that had an old yellow lab, reminded me of you. So very sweet. I miss you. I can close my eyes and feel the texture of your hair as I used to lay with you and pet you when you had your seizures. I wish that humans could have the love that you precious puppies do. It is such a sad thing sometimes to see how folks just don't care about how they use their words to hurt others. I love you Buddy and I miss you so.
Happy Memorial Day in heaven my sweet yellow dog. Today I remember you and all those who we have lost
Another Christmas has come and gone without you. I miss you Buddy for some reason this year I was really sad for all the losses we have had. We are down to four now three of which are seniors one of which is very ill. I love you my precious boy. Rest well in heaven
Happy New Year in heaven my sweet yellow boy.
Hello sweet boy I have left your candle today for the service tonight. I love you !!
Sweet Buddy, mommy left your St. Patty's day things. I love you more!!!
Happy Easter my big yellow boy. I miss you so much. One day I think we may have another yellow boy. You were the sweetest boy and I love you always and forever.

Hello my beautiful sweet angel. Mommy has left you some white roses and a single candle gather at the gate your brother Bud-Jones Jarvis has joined you.
Mommy's heart is sad but as soon as I am able I will give him a beautiful tribute page with the rest of you. I love you my precious angel boy. Now gather at the gate with your flowers and candle so Bubby can find his way to you.
Hello my precious yellow boy, I do hope you enjoyed your Summer in heaven with all the others. Now the Fall time is approaching....the leaves will be falling soon and my heart still holds you as close as ever.
My beautiful boy, it is your turn tonight to lead the pack. I have left your candle for the service tonight. Find all the others and bring them to the tips of the night stars so you can shine your lights bright down to mommy to let her know you are with her always just inside her hearts.
Hello sweet angel boy, mommy has left your candle so you can find our sweet friend Tia and help her find the others at the bridge. Show her all the beautiful sites of heaven.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight ...Send us love and light from heaven tonight. We love and miss you Buddy
It is snowing here today, I always loved the way you would lounge around on snow filled days like this. It is so hard to believe that you have been gone almost 7 years. We still miss you my yellow boy. There are days I think I need a yellow lab to hold once again. But so far I am unable to do that, instead we love our others which LOL look nothing like you.
Mommy left your candle for the service tonight, gather the others and send love and light.
Mommy has left your Easter things, I hope you and all the babies at the bridge have a grand Egg Hunt in heaven this year. I miss your face, there has yet to be a yellow lab in our lives although we are really missing one. LOL
The sun is shining so very bright here. I was out picking up sticks from the yard and thought of the picture of you , Scooby and Maddie playing as I did yard work. Now all three of you are together in the big yards of heaven. I miss you Buddy always.
Hello Buddy Boy today I left a candle for you so you can help Turbo get to where he needs to be so he can be with the pack once again. We had to let him go on Thursday so we are trusting you and all the others to welcome him safely into heaven.
Happy Easter weekend in heaven
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight
It is cold and rainy outside today, I imagine you would be curled up asleep. I miss you Buddy
Hello sweet boy. Tonight you get to lead the others as they gather for the candle light service at the bridge. I send you love and light from down here, and I will look forward to my bright shining star tonight in the sky so I can see that all 10 of you are together and sending us light from heaven above.
Sending you love from down here.
You truly were a great boy, I miss you a lot. I will soon have my heart healed enough to create a residency for your brother Turbo. I miss him a lot. We are such a small pack now. But I guess God knew we were getting older and we need to be able to care properly for those we have. I often think of how I would love to have another beautiful yellow boy like you. One day maybe, until then I am so in love with our sweet Bella she is almost 7 and she reminds me of you in the area of mischief. LOL And Capt. Jack , wowa he is nearly 13, which is wonderful for a Great Pyrenese I know he is feeble but I just try to make his life as wonderful as it can be. Gosh Bud boy I miss you and all the others but I am still so very grateful God allowed you to be a part of our lives.
Gosh Buddy I have yet to see a Yellow lab as beautiful as you. There are times I wish I had another one and then I think of you and so far I have never had another for there will always be just one Buddy Jarvis. I miss you so much.
Beautiful boy, I miss you so very much, today.
Hello sweet boy, mommy loves you and misses you lots!!
Today I am missing you my sweet yellow boy. I can just feel that course sweet smelling fur of yours as I bury my face in it. It is hard sometimes baby this life is tough but I know that I am blessed to have known each of you and for that I am forever grateful. I love you Bud boy..
Mommy has left you a cupcake today so you can help us celebrate our sweet little Mia's first birthday. She would have loved you, she is another Jarvis that loves animals!!
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight lead the others to the bright and shining night stars so they can send us love and light from above.
Happy Fall Buddy Boy!!
I love you sweet Buddy Boy!!
My beautiful boy, mommy has left your Christmas things. You will have a new friend in Heaven this year her name is Molly. She is a sweet yellow girl and she will need all of you to show her around the
beautiful places up there.
Hello Sweet yellow boy the yard is blanketed with snow today. I think of the last year when we would all venture out for snow play. Now you all are gone. I wish you a sweet day in Heaven my angel boy.
My sweet yellow boy, mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Gather the others and climb high to the tips of the rainbows to send all of us down here a bright and shining light from Heaven above to let us know that you are with and all the others are with us always just inside our hearts
Hello sweet boy your brother Jack is with you now, we are a family of one furry now. I am trying to muster the words to write his residency and that of your brother Turbos as well. I miss you sweet boy !
Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven my yellow angel.
Hello sweet boy, I was just thinking about you today. I sure do miss you some days I dwell upon the thought of having another yellow lab.
Hello sweet yellow boy. Another Christmas is almost here and it will be the 8th Christmas without you. We miss you so very much sweet boy there are days I long to just lay snuggled with that soft yellow fur. Merry Christmas in Heaven.
Today I wish you a beautiful day in Heaven. Mommy left your candle for the service tonight lead the others to the bridge to send us a shining night star to let us know you are with us always just inside our hearts.
Hello sweet boy I was just visiting Scooby and wanted to stop in to say hello to you. I love you and miss you lots !!!
Good morning sweet boy! Today I am thinking of you lots. I miss that pretty yellow boy laying on his back with that shrill bark saying to me, come on let's play. I recall the loudness when you and Kaizer both would start to yeild to that child play. I miss it so much. Rest well in Heaven baby ...rest well.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight lead the others to the bridge to shine all your big beautiful lights down to all your humans here on earth.
Good morning baby boy, mommy misses you, I cannot believe it has been 9 years already. Enjoy Heaven!
Merry Christmas in Heaven my yellow boy I miss you so much
Hello sweet boy it is hard to believe it has been 12 years since you left for the bridge. I hope you are running and playing and being the baby dog you were before the seizures came at you. I miss you Buddy and I will always remember the snuggles of that yellow baby dog who took a piece of our hearts with you that day.

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