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Memories of Buddy
The Story of My Buddy
I would like to thank all those who have visited Buddy's Memorial. I am so touched by stranger's empathy at my loss. Your kind and thoughtful words are helping me through this painful time. I am sure Buddy and your fur babies are fast friends.
It has been 4 days since her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. How do I begin to express the terrible heartbreak and loss of my best friend. Let me first express that Buddy was female. Many friends have asked how she got her name. Some folks know right away what to name their little ones. One day my partner said "looks like you have a little buddy". It seemed to fit perfectly. She responded quickly to the name and that was that. Buddy was her chosen name.
We had a special bond the first day I met her. A friend had rescued 5 babies from a parking lot where she worked. She took them all and gave them a place to call home. The weeks went by and they were finally able to be adopted. I was hesitant at first because I had a few months earlier lost another precious fur baby to cancer. His name was Nubs and he was another beautiful and handsome special soul. I relented to go just to take a look. I walked into a room made special just for them and sat down on the floor. They were all playing and jumping around, and they each came over to me except for one, Buddy.
She looked at me for a moment then came running over jumped on my shoulders and wrapped herself around my neck. She purred loudly as if announcing MINE! Yes my friends she chose me. The pain in my heart lifted for a moment and it was as if Nubs sent me someone to love again. She had red star on top of her head the same color as Nubs a red male tabby. She came to her new home a few days later. My boy said it was ok and sent me this little gift. They were a lot alike, bright, curious and always into trouble.
When Buddy arrived there were 2 cats in the house, Pookie and Mikey. Pookie the Diva simply ignored her at first but Mikey was not kind. She took her licks for exactly 2 weeks. I came home from work and he was cleaning her. Thank God! I could write a book about all the joy and happiness she brought into my life, but I will share a few stories. My favorite is the mashed potato episode. We had just sat down to dinner with mashed potatoes on the menu. She was walking around nose in the air, then jumped on my lap climbed up my arm, wrapped herself around my neck which was a daily occurrence. She stayed there for a brief moment then slid down my arm right into the mashed potatoes. Her face and nose were covered with it. My first reaction was Oh my God she can't breathe. How do you make a kitten sneeze? She on the other hand was a happy cat. I never saw that little tongue move so fast. We wiped off her face, got Q tips and the cleanup began. She was Miss Fidgety Widgety but eventually she sneezed big time. We were so relieved we laughed until we cried. She had her own little dish after that one.
Then there was pasta, Spaghetti, Angel Hair and linguine. She loved it. I would wrap a napkin around her neck hold up a strand and she'd gobble it up. That I had a picture of. So many fun and happy Buddy stories.
Our bond was strong. She would follow me around like a puppy always underfoot. Daily chores are just something to keep me busy without her. She would sit on the sink when I washed a few dishes, sat on the counter when I brushed my teeth, sat in the laundry basket when I was washing clothes, sat on my shoulders when I scrubbed the tub. Always there, my constant companion.
She woke me every morning for over 21years. I will miss the cold nose kisses, the head butts to get up and feed me, the quite moments when her purring in my arms soothed and calmed my day and lulled me to sleep. The days when I was blue how she would try and make it better. Looking at that face, looking into her eyes usually did. It was as if she willed me to feel better. Every single day Buddy made me smile. She was always at the door when I came home waiting for her big hug and hello kisses. She also liked to scratch shoes as her way of saying hello. I eventually let her scratch my sneakers. She now has a pair at her memorial so she can scratch all she wants. She scratched on them the day before she died of CRF. My options were none. I would take her to the vet for fluids but it just wasn't working anymore. She would cry by her water bowl and just stare at her litter, then look at me to help her. It was the most heartbreaking day of my life taking her on her final ride to the vet. I held her, looked into her eyes thanked her for all she meant to me, told her how much I loved her and how sorry I was until the light in her eyes was gone. My life feels empty now and without focus. She will be cremated and her remains returned to me. I decided on the rainbow bridge memorial to honor her and because I truly believe there is such a place for our babies. God could not possibly have it any other way.
Perhaps when Buddy is returned to me I can begin to heal. "You were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye". So Buddy, until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge I will continue to love and miss you every day.

Other things Buddy loved
Having her hair brushed, Bacon, looking out the window, the Sun oh how she loved to sit in the sun, just being silly, Jelly Belly, kisses, kisses, and more kisses, her teabag cap nip toy, drinking water from the sink, when I sang to her, Jeanne, Auntie Joyce and me. I know for certain she loved me.

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