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Memories of Buddy dog
Getting Buddy was almost an after thought. He was going to go to my friends rescue in Arizona, but I wanted a second dog and told her I would take him. He was about 18 months old. I wasn't sure about him at first. He was rambunctious and liked to jump on you. It was about a 90 mile drive from where I got him to my home. I got him up onto the front seat and he sat there like a perfect gentleman looking out the window and enjoying the ride. That was my first glimpse of what a good boy he was. He got along fine with Amy my other Saint and the old guy Rex who was 13 or 14 at the time, he was a black lab/Doberman mix.

He wasn't much for affection at first, I would pet him but he seemed like he could take it or leave it. But then one night after the
Lights we're out, he stood next to me and pawed at the bed. So I started to rub his face and scratch his ears. After a couple of minutes he went and layed down. We later added butt rubs. That became an almost nightly ritual. Sometimes I would stop to soon and he would paw the bed for more.

He was alway number two dog to my females and he was happy to be that. He always patiently waited for his treats and food while the females got theirs. He loved his nighttime cookies, belly rubs, ear scratches, face rubs, butt rubs and hugs. He liked to lay on the lawn in the shade of the olive tree. I would find him in some funny places, the bathtub, in the living room in a little cubbyhole next to the couch and he'd lock him self in the garage. He liked to bark at the neighbors and delivery people. Buddy was always there at the front door to great me. I thought him to sit when I came home. He would real excited when I walked through the door, then he remembered to sit and I would give him extra love and praise for him.

The end is to hard to write about. But he stayed true to the end. I know he really loved me and I loved him. Rest In Peace my faithful friend. I dearly love and I miss and wish I could hug you, scratch your ears, rub your face, scratch your chin and give you butt rubs again. I hope someday I'll see you again. Now you arewith Amy, Vyta, Opie, Bear and Rex. Hopefully somebody is giving you some butt rubs. So long my sweet boy, please visit me in my dreams.

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