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Memories of Bud-Jones Jarvis
Well my precious Bud-Jones or (BJ) as we call you, I have grieved and now it is time to create your residency here with your siblings.
Wow! what a beautiful ride we had together. We were blessed to have you come live with us when you were three years old and for the next twelve years you were nothing short of perfect. NEVER did you get excited, or never did you ever show anything but a gentle sweet spirit to every one who came and went through the years. You were half lab and half Weimaraner, which meant you had those beautiful long ears and regal stance of the Weimaraner and the loyalty and companionship of a lab. What a beautiful combination!!!
I have so much in my heart and so many stories to write which I will. But for now you are here, with Kaizer, Maddie, Buddy, Scooby, Lucky Girl, Belinda Sue, Old Girl and today a sweet friend came to join you all. Miss Tia, she has been here and you two of course were quick to be friends as you both shared that sweet spirit. SIGH**my sweet boy I have been coming here to memorialize each of those we have lost since 2005 and it never gets any easier.
For now I will say....Thank you from the bottom of mine and daddy's heart for giving us your trust, your loyalty and your love for twelve wonderful years. Rest well my sweet boy! Your legs are new and you can run like the wind as I always said you did in your younger years.
Love, Mommy
Good morning BJ, today I am sitting here thinking of you and the sweet sweet spirit you had. The only other one that could come close was our Maddie Girl. You were the best of the best Bud. Soon I will write the story of how you became Bud-Jones Jarvis. LOL it is a funny story and one that I am so grateful for....you became ours out of pure determination on your part. So many years and not one time did you ever cause any disruption in our pack. You were so gentle, with all those that have come and gone over the years. Now none of the "originals" remain. But we still have three beautiful souls here, two of which are seniors. Time may pass my sweet friend but the love we have for you never ever will. We miss you everyday.
Mommy has left your St. Patty's Day things, I hope you and all the others have a grand celebration in heaven. Soon mommy will begin to write your story.
So....how you became ours.
This story isn't what you would call a story of rescue. Yet it was in a way, because the "Jarvis Pack" don't live the lives of a dog. HAHA!! Buddy Jones, we called you because we already had a Buddy. You belonged to some neighbors across the meadow and through the woods. We would go to visit and you were always there hanging around their barn. That is where you lived because they didn't believe in a "dog" living in the house. They weren't mean to you but you were so sweet and so terrified of thunder I would soon learn. Your dad would come to our house and you would come with him, you loved our pups. You would make your way across the meadow and prance at the gates until we would let you in. You started to do that more frequently, so frequently that we finally gave your human dad a key so he could come get you when you had stayed a few days and he would miss you. Then he had to out of state to work. His wife your human mom, she would actually just bring us food and allow you to stay here. SHHHHHHH our little secret, she wasn't that attached. SO when your human dad came home he would come and get you and low and behold you created a short cut and as soon as he let you out and when into the house ....over the woods you would come back to our place. LOL. He couldn't figure out why you wouldn't stay home but little did he know you had found your way into our home and into our hearts. SO fast forward, one Saturday evening we were visiting them and had brought them a picture of you laying in the bed LOL. He got up and went into their bedroom and came out with a file, he said "here, take this." I looked and it was your shot records and such. He jokingly said, " take the old traitor, I can't keep him home anyway."...FAST forward you lived as a Jarvis dog for 12 years, and my oh my what a wonderful part of our lives you were. You were so gentle and so sweet, and never ever got upset when another would make it's way into our home. You were our gentle Bud, so afraid of thunder storms. Your whole body would shake, but I would wrap my arms around you and stroke your face, your teeth even chattered. Now you are gone, many more fun things happened in between one day I will write of them. But I am so grateful that you got to be our Bud-Jones Jarvis for 12 years. Thank you Bud for loving us and for being our beautiful boy. When you were young you ran like the wind, we called you our Tennessee Walker because you looked like a race horse. When you were old you limped but still made your way down the driveway each time we would come home after being gone. Then in the end you would lay a lot still you would manage to walk sideways and climb those stairs every night so you could sleep in the room with mommy. Then you fell, you were so afraid, I got you up. You recovered but I made you a promise that day that my proud regal boy could live his life on his terms and that I promised I would let you, and when the day came that you looked at me I knew you were ready. A hard day but also a day I am grateful for, I got to be with you as you left this world telling you each step of the way that I loved you and being able to thank you for loving us. You will always be a part of our family Bud-Jones Jarvis. RUN free now beautiful boy in the meadows of heaven. Mommy and daddy will see you one day!!
Daddy and I are going out to the woods today. I miss seeing your face as we go.
Mommy has left your Easter things baby boy, enjoy your egg hunt in heaven this year. It will be your first.
I always imagined you growing old, what it would be like because you always ran like the wind. So much more like a graceful horse than a dog. I got to see that, you became gray around your muzzle, you ran until you couldn't then you still would hobble to greet us when we came up the drive. I miss seeing you , I miss your sweet spirit. There was only one of our pack that ever was in the running to have your kind heart it was our dear Maddie. Never did either of you ever cause an ounce of confusion even when a new orphan would come in to our pack. My oh my how I miss your sweetness, but I am grateful for the time I had with you. As I type this I look out my window and see a bird perched by the window. I see your sweet sign my boy!!! I love you Bud-Jones Jarvis always and forever.
Sweet Buddy , please gather the others and say a prayer Turbo is not feeling well and if things don't change he will be coming to the bridge tomorrow. Mommy is sad but also grateful for the 11 years we have had.
Hello sweet boy, mommy has left you a special candle. Turbo is there guide him with your shining lights so he can find each of you and you can show him the beautiful sites of heaven. I miss you angel always and forever.
Happy Good Friday in heaven sweet pea, I hope you celebrate this Holy Day with the angels and our Master himself.
Hello Sweet sweet BJ, I miss you so much. Cptn. Jack fell in the kitchen this morning. My heart is sad that we lost Turbo just this month and now he is stumbling. I just can't get my head wrapped around our pack being so small. Last night I caught myself looking at Boxer puppies, NO!! I said, I need to be present for my Jacko and Bella. I miss you BJ and I think of Turbo now and how I need to create a residency for him, but I need more time to allow my heart to grieve.
I miss you buddy always and forever you will be our most gentle soul. Thank you for allowing us to be your humans.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight, shine your light from above.
Mommy has left your candle to lead the others to the service tonight. I miss you my sweet gentle boy always and forever in our hearts.
I can't believe you have been gone for over a year now. It seems like yesterday. I do hope that soon very soon my heart can create a residency for your brother Turbo. I took me almost a year to create yours so I am good at just sitting in my healing for now.
Good morning I miss and love you very much.
It stormed here yesterday and for a moment I was glad you were in heaven, because we all know how you were terrified of storms. I miss you Bud always and forever
Sweet Bud I think of you often and how you were so sweet, there are many things and stories I remember but the one thing that comes to my mind is your gentle spirit. There has yet to be an animal that has the spirit of you. My you were a jewel, in our pack. We are down to two now. Cptn. Jack is 13 which is crazy for a Great Pyrenesse, I am so grateful that God has chosen to allow us to have him beyond normal expectation of his life span. Our Bella, is now traveling with daddy and I, she has grown and matured into a good lady, she loves going. I have to chuckle at that as you hated the car. I think it reminded you of having to leave our house in the early days to go back to the Jones farm. LOL I miss you Bud and I am forever grateful for your devotion and love that you lent to us for a while.
The sun is shining and while I was working outside I could just imagine you, you would be laying under Kaizer's tree as we call it, enjoying the shade while watching me. I am very thankful that you were ours for the time we were lent by God.
We miss you!!
I often think of you and how you were such a gentle spirit. In my life the love of gentleness sometimes gets lost in the chaos. I just long for days to be with each of you and to sit in silence just soaking in the love of simply being near such pure sweet love as you each had to give. This morning I thought of your sister Old Girl, she too like you was a gentle soul. I am soooo thankful that we got to love bothe of you and that you got to see what it was like to be loved.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight.
Mommy has changed your residency to Fall which means one thing to me, another season has come and gone without you here. BUT that said, I am thankful for the time we had with you our gentle soul. We love you always and forever.
Good morning Buddy, mommy has left your candle to guide the others to the service tonight. We love and miss you always.
Sweet boy, I miss you so,much.
Mommy has left your stocking. I miss you sweet Buddy Boy
Hello sweet boy, I am sure you have met up with sweet Molly by now she is a friend of ours and joined you in Heaven just a bit ago. Help her celebrate her first Christmas in Heaven I know you will gently lead her to the beautiful snow covered trees so she can just see all the beauty and run and play with the angels themselves.
Sending love to Heaven today.
Hello sweet boy times have been really busy here Jack is getting so feeble it won't be long before he joins you at the bridge. I still haven't written Turbos tribute but I am soon to tackle that task. It is just so hard because our pack is so small and I feel as I put it on paper it becomes more real that we are now only a pack of two. I love you sweet boy and I miss you forever and always.
My sweet boy Jacko has come to join all of you in heaven **SIGH*** I now have two to write their stories for and add them to our pack here. Mommy thinks she is ready to write the story of sweet Turbo next.
Mommy hopes you had an amazing Thanksgiving in Heaven this year. I have now finished Jack and Turbo's residencies here I now just pray it is a long time til I have to write another one again... I love and miss you sweet gentle Bud
Sweet Bud, I miss your spirit so much. Your very core was that of sweet gentleness. You never had to be taught to be gentle with the others or our babies you were so so sweet in all your ways. I miss you this Christmas season actually every day. I remember when you would just lay out under the trees out front while I worked in the yard. One day sweet boy we will all be together again. Until then I love you to the moon and back.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Your brother Bud will lead you guys to the bridge for the service tonight. Bring your candle to light the lights of Heaven so we can see all your bright and shining lights down here.
My sweet boy it is almost Christmas here at our house. Our third without you here. We love you and miss you very much !! On this day as well as everyday. Your sweet gentle spirit will be with us forever.
Happy New Year in Heaven sweet boy I hope you are enjoying wonderful health and all the sites up there with all the others. Love you my sweet gentle boy forever
Hello sweet boy just stopping in on this cold and snowy day to say hello and that I miss you bunches
Hello sweet buddy I left your candle for the service tonight. Follow the others to the bridge so you can all send bright and shining light to your humans tonight from the candlelight service. I miss you lots Bud !
Hello sweet BJ it is cold and rainy here today. We are suppose to get a huge storm tomorrow night. It is a dreary day and I think of you and how you would have hopped up on the couch and would be snoozing now. I miss those long linky legs and that sweet sweet spirit. I will always love you my Bud-Jones Jarvis! Always!
Hello sweet boy. I am so happy to get to stay in on this rainy cold WV day, but even in my happiness I still have a hole in my heart for my sweet long legged boy, we miss you so much.
I hope you had a very Merry Christmas in Heaven sweet boy.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I love and miss you always sweet boy.It is hard to believe you just celebrated your 5th year in Heaven.

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