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Memories of Bunny
Another life experience has come again.

On Monday February 11, after three years of treating our beloved Bunny for a heart murmur and progressive kidney failure, she finally decided it was time for her to go to the Rainbow Bridge, and meet her brothers and sisters who are there waiting for her. Shortly after moving back home to Arizona I took Bunny into see her new veterinarian, and during that examination she was found to have developed a heart murmur.
She informed me that Bunny needed a echocardiogram to determine the severity of her heart murmur. However, our veterinarian clinic had not to date finished training one of the other veterinarians in performing and treating heart murmurs. So we had to make an appointment with a feline cardiologist up in northern Arizona to perform the echocardiogram. We made the 300 mile trip up for Bunny to have her test performed. It was determined that her murmur was such that with proper medication and monitoring on a yearly basis she should be able to not have any severe cardiac problems.
During one of her normal six months senior wellness examinations our Vet ordered normal routine blood work, and it showed she was having some early signs of progressive kidney failure. So began the close monitoring of our precious Bunny's kidney disease for the next two years. On February 8, we noticed that her condition had taken a dramatic downhill turn. I took her in to see our vet that Monday morning early, and after examination she determined that Bunny's organs were beginning to shut down.
Well,here we are again having to say goodbye to one of our precious babies, and start her on her trip to the rainbow bridge. Bunny would have turned 20 in August.
Bunny came into our lives when she was about four months old from a local pet store in town. When I took her to our vet for her first complete physical he said to me after examining her, in a very stern voice "Where did you get this cat?" I told him exactly where I had gotten her, and ask him why did he want to know? He informed me that she had a perfect orange diamond shape birthmark on her head between her ears and calico cats with these type of birthmarks normally indicated they were going to be extremely smart, and that he wanted this kitten.
I told him sorry, but that" she is going home with me."
During her almost 20 years in our family Bunny became the matriarch and mentor to all the other babies that came into our lives. She nurtured Bear, Maxwell David,JoJo, and supervised Noah David until his passing. Bunny was clearly devoted to Kathy, and during the last two years of her time she would always be next to Kathy anytime day or night. As she and I were going to the vet's office on her last day she would look at me as if to say" I have made the decision to go so don't worry about me." We will miss her more than words can describe, and she will always be in our thoughts as are all the other precious babies that are at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for us to complete our chores, and all be together again. So Mote It Be!

Bob, Kathy, JoJo, Sierra and Honey Bear


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