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Memories of Buster
My tribute to a special Granddog:


If it should be that I grow frail and weak and pain does keep me from my sleep, then will you do what must be done for this - the last battle - can't be won. You will be sad I understand, but don't let grief then stay your hand. For on this day, more than the rest, your love and friendship must stand the test. We have had so many happy years, you wouldn't want me to suffer so. When the time comes, please let me go. Take me to where my needs they'll tend, only stay with me til the end. And hold me firm and speak to me until my eyes no longer see. I know in time you will agree, it is a kindness you do to me. Although my tail its last has waved, from pain and suffering I have been saved. Don't grieve that it must now be you, who has to decide this thing to do. We've been so close, we two, these years - don't let your heart hold any tears.

Buster was a very rambunctious little dog. He loved to run and run - he would have made a great sheep dog. He wouldn't take his eyes off the ball or frizbee when we got ready to throw it. Everything was just oblivious to him but those toys.

Sadly,he lost his home due to his Mom and Dad's divorce and was taken up to a no-kill ranch until he would be adopted or live out the rest of his years there, and with a lot of prayers, I was able to adopt my little granddog. That was one of the happiest days of my life. Unfortunately, I only had a little over two years to enjoy him with me and Duchess. But I know Buster was so happy with Grandma and his new home. It was hard to see him grow old, his little brown eyes got so cloudy with cataracs that he could no longer play ball or frizbee like he used to. He'd chase them, but just couldn't see good enough to grab them, so Grandma would run up, get the ball and throw it once again for him to run after it. That was our game.

Buster, Grandma misses you more than words can say, but I know you're frolicking around the hills now with little Gretchen. She helped me watch over you the last couple years of your life, and now she's got you as a playmate. Be happy little boy, and come to see Grandma real soon. Your Mommy, Duchess and I love you very much.

MARCH 10 - Buster, it's a week ago today Grandma had to let you go - it's raining just like it was that day, and I'm so lonely for you. I keep calling to see if your ashes have come in so Grandma can bring you home again. This has been such a long week. I go outside every day when I get home from work and look down the side of the house to call you in. Old habits never change. Please come back to Grandma - and bring Gretchen with you. Duchess and I miss you.

MARCH 13 - Little Buster, Grandma picked your ashes up today, and now you're back home where you should be. I see you looking in the window at me and I see you running back and forth trying to get in the house. All these things I see, but Grandma just wishes I could bend down and give you such a big hug and kiss. I wish I could feel you close by me again. Maybe soon you'll let me know you've come to visit and then I'll feel happy once again. I was playing ball with Duchess this morning and started to cry because I remember playing tug of war at the same time with you. My precious Buster - Grandma loves you.

APRIL 3 - Hello little Buster. Today is the one month anniversary that Grandma had to lose you. I'm still very very lonesome without you, and I think Duchess still misses you a little. She goes and lays on your blanket that you'd sleep on outside. It's been raining so much since you left me, and you would have been so bored in the house with all this rain. I think at least there is no more gloomy weather for you or Gretchen. I miss playing with you in the morning when you and Duchess would play in the hallway each morning. I still throw the ball for Duchess and I wonder if you're there chasing it too. Who's at Rainbows Bridge to throw you the ball or frizbee - I pray a guardian angel is there to help keep you, Gretchen and all your other little fur friends happy and running after your toys. Grandma talks to you all the time - do you hear me? Please come back to lick my face or legs like you used to. Love you little Buster Boy.

JUNE 21'06 - Hello little Buster Boy - Grandma's been thinking of you and Gretchen a lot lately. I sure do miss playing ball or frizbee with you in the back yard. Little Duchess just doesn't like to play like you and Gretchen. She's just my little lap dog. I hope you're being a good boy and coming around to visit us. Sometimes I really feel you out in the back yard when I'm there throwing the ball or frizbee. I'll bet you race like the dickens to get it. You can do that now, can't you. Your little eyes were so blurry as you got old that you couldn't really see to pick it up and bring back to Grandma. You are missed every day little guy, and I know you must hear me say good bye when I go to work and good night when we go to bed. I do that every morning to you and Gretchen - just like before when you were alive. Grandma loves you little boy. Take care and I'll come to see you again real soon.

11-17-06 - Hellow little Buster. Grandma's been thinking of you - getting very close to Christmas and it makes me so sad to think this will be your first year you won't be around to enjoy the presents. You were always with us either for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and I miss you very much. I know you are happy where you are, with all your little friends and Gretchen. Duchess misses you sometimes and when I say your name, she looks up at me as to say "where's Buster". Be good little guy - Grandma will be back soon to see you. You must be able to hear me say how much I love you every day. Happy Thanksgiving my little Buster Boy.

DECEMBER 8, 2006 - Hi little Buster. Grandma wanted to visit you again before Christmas - I miss you little boy and wish you were home to enjoy the holidays with Duchess, grandpa and me. Your mommy is coming over to see us this weekend, so I'll tell her to visit you before Christmas. Grandma has yours and Gretchen's stockings up and I may even put something in it just so you know there's a toy for you both. This will be the first Christmas you haven't been with me - even when you lived with your mommy and daddy you always got to come over around Christmas, and Grandma always had a toy for you. I'm going to visit Gretchen now, but I'll be back to see you soon. You come to see Grandma and Duchess okay? I love you.

MARCH 1 - Hello little Buster boy. Grandma is having a hard time this week, because it's almost a year I lost you. I wish you were still with us and able to play with Duchess. You were always my sweet little granddog. I know you're happy now - you can see good again and not be in any discomfort. I'm sure you and Gretchen are romping around the fields and chasing the birds. You always liked to do that. Come and see Grandma again soon, okay? Hugs and kisses to you little boy.

AUG 17, 2007 - Hello little Buster. Grandma hasn't come to see you in awhile, and I needed to give you the new season and a big hug and kiss, just like I gave Gretchen. Grandma hopes you both are playing together - you have so much room to run, and I know you love it at the Bridge. Duchess is fine, and we still play with the ball most mornings before I go to work. She doesn't have the ambition like she used to when you were there, but maybe it's just because it's too hot to play. Grandma misses you, but I know you're happy. You always had a happy look just like my little Gretchen. I'll be back to see you soon, okay? I love you.

DEC 10, 2007 - Hi little Buster. Grandma is here to wish you a very Merry Little Christmas - I have your sock up along with Gretchen's and Duchess's. I get so sad about this time of year because you can't be with us to enjoy opening up the gifts. Please come home to Grandma and give me a big kiss for my Christmas present. I miss playing ball with you - Duchess just doesn't like to do that - you'd be all over the back yard chasing whatever we'd throw your way. You had such fast legs and quick eyes. I know if you were still here Duchess would be chasing you, tho - that's the only time we could get her to run around the yard. You be a good boy and play with all your little friends and Gretchen. Grandma loves you very much. I'll be back to see you soon.

MAR 3 - 2008
Hello my little Buster. Grandma has been thinking of you and today it's been two years since you left Duchess, me and your Mom. Where has the time gone - I remember so well so many, many happy moments with you. Grandma misses you, and I talk to Duchess about you every once in awhile. I hope you're playing with Gretchen and all the other little animals at Rainbows Bridge, but I also hope you come home to see Duchess and me once in awhile. I know you must hear your name being called every night when we go to bed. I love you little Buster Boy - will always love you. I'm giving you a big hug and kiss.

NOV 14, 2008
Hi little Buster Boy! Grandma is here to visit for a little bit. I haven't been to see you in awhile, but you know that I always say goodnight you and Gretchen both. I hope you're as happy now as you always were running around chasing shadows or birds or balls. You were just a happy little boy. I miss your fun and wish Duchess would like to play like you did. She's so much more serious than either you or Gretchen. But I love her and she remembers you I'm sure. I hope you and Gretch play together. I'll be back to see you at Christmas little Buster. Grandma will have a stocking hung for you, okay? I love you very much.

DEC 10, 2008
Hi little Buster. Christmas is here once again and you and Gretchen won't be here to open up your gifts, but Grandma still has a stocking hung up for each of you. Are you being a good boy and running around with all the little creatures? Stay close to Gretchen - you need to be with one another at Christmas time. Your Mommy will be here with us this Christmas, so maybe she'll visit you. I'm giving you a big hug and kiss and will be thinking of you as always. You're a precious little granddog and Grandma still misses you, especially when I'm playing with Duchess in the hallway and remember how you both would run down the hall trying to get the same toy. I'll be back to see you again soon, but here is my kiss XXXXXXX Merry Christmas little boy!

MAR 3, 2009
Buster, it's been three years ago today Grandma and your Mom lost you. Time just goes by so fast. I can still remember taking you down to the Vet's that fateful day. You were just so sad and sick and I think you knew you would be leaving us. My precious little boy. Grandma goes outside to play with Duchess but she just doesn't like to play ball like you did. Boy did you ever love to chase the balls and frizbees. Such a running little guy you were. I hope you're still doing that with all the other little friends you have and especially Gretchen. She loved to play too. You be a good boy and Grandma will be back to see you soon. XXXXX and Hugs my little guy.

OCT 10, 2009
Hi little Buster - Grandma hasn't forgotten you - just haven't been to visit you because I had a boo-boo on my knee awhile back and have been laid up. I still give you a kiss and hugs every night before I go to bed, and I know you are close by. Saw some movie videos of you and Gretchen lately and you were just so hyper and full of vigor when you were younger. You both were playing tug of war with a sock. When you were living with your Mom and Dad you just loved having your picture taken. Grandma will be back soon to see you for Christmas. Please be a good boy and play with all your little friends and Gretchen. I love you.

DEC 18, 2009
Merry Christmas my little Grand-dog, Buster. Grandma hasn't forgotten you - there's just been a lot of stuff to do around this time of year but I talk about you so much. We went to see your Mommy last week to spend an early Christmas with her. We saw Gizmo too. Do you remember little Gizmo? What a grumpy cat he can be but he's still a very pretty one. I hope you and Gretchen didn't miss Grandma too much while we were gone because there was no one around to say goodnight to you both. Grandma can hardly believe it's been going on 4 years now since you had to depart us. What a sweet boy you were. I hope your Daddy remembers you sometimes. I don't see him anymore, but your Mommy still has your picture on the refrigerator so I know she thinks of you sometimes. You come by and see Duchess and me for Christmas okay? I have a stocking up for you still. Grandma loves you.

MAR 3, 2010
My goodness little Buster = has it really been four years since we lost you? where has the time gone. Grandma forgot this was the anniversary of you going to Rainbows Bridge - I guess I just wanted to forget that awful day. It's another overcast day, too. I remember it was raining the morning Grandma had to take you to go on to a more cheerful and loving place. I hope you're having a wonderful time at Rainbows Bridge with all the other little furry friends and I hope you and Gretchen are still running together playing ball and frizbee. Don't know how that works when there's no one to throw it to you, but I'm sure God is watching over you and has an angel there to keep you safe and happy. She's probably throwing all the frizbees and balls to all your friends up there. Grandma misses you still, but I know you're in a much better place. You know I still say goodnight to you and Gretchen both, and give you kisses every night. You must feel that you will always be my little granddog and that I will always be close by. Bye, bye for now little boy. Grandma will be back soon. Hopefully the weather will start to get warm again and all the flowers will be out in bloom. I love you so much Buster.

MAY 23, 2010
Hello little boy - grandma wants to tell you that little Gizmo is now up there with you and Gretchen and all your little friends. Your Mommy had to have him put to sleep this morning because he was so sick with Renal Failure and she didn't want him to suffer anymore. You remember little Gizmo, don't you? You used to want to play and he'd just bat at you. Well now, he's up there batting at you once again. Your Mommy is very sad to have lost him like she was sad when you had to leave us, so you take good care of little Gizmo kitty and make sure to show him around. We all miss him just like we miss you. I love you my little granddog and now I want you to tell Gizmo Grandma loves her little grandcat! Grandma will be back again to see you.

NOV 10, 2010
Little Buster, Grandma is still around to give you hugs and kisses each night. I know you and Gretchen must know that, and I also want you to give Gizmo little kisses each night too. You are all three precious to me and I will always love you. You be sure and have a good licking Thanksgiving turkey. I have pictures of you and all your little cousins over here for that time of year, and you all loved the munchies and bits and pieces of Turkey Grandma gave you all. I wish we could go back to that time and have you again. I wish with all my might you and Gretchen AND Gizmo are together up in Rainbows Bridge. I love you, little boy!! Grandma will be back for Christmas.

DEC 24, 2010
Hello my little boy - grandma wishes you a wonderful Christmas with Gretchen and Gizmo. I wish you could be here to open up gifts with us. Your Mommy is here to spend some time with us. I know she'll come to see you very soon. We miss you very much. Please know that you'll always be in our thoughts and heart. I love you little grand dog!! Kisses forever!!!!

December 24, 2010
Hi my little Buster Brown! Your mommy is out here visiting grandma and grandpa for Christmas! I miss you very much and think of you often. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas with Gretchen and Gizmo. I'll be back soon to visit you! I love you very much! Mommy!!

Feburary 23, 2011
Hello again little Buster. I came to visit for just a bit with you and Gretchen. Are you being a good boy and running around with Gretchen and all your other little friends? I hope so. I hope Gizmo is close by you both, too. Every night Grandma gives you and Gretchen a big kiss before I go to bed. I'm sure you both feel my love for you and little Gretchen and Gizmo too. You be sure to let him know that, okay? Grandma will be back next month to visit again. It'll be five years next month I had to let you go on to Rainbow Bridge. Seems like yesterday still. So very sad. Grandma loves you little Buster Boy.

March 3, 2011
Well, my little boy, where has time gone. Healing never seems to happen. It's been 5 years now on a very dreary day that you had to be taken from Grandma and Mom. I love you little boy as much as ever. You are always in my heart. And you are with Gretchen and Gizmo, so you have your family right beside you. Duchess just turned 12 and some day I'll have to be writing like this to her. But I pray it'll be a LONG someday. You be a good little boy and run, run, run. There is so much room for you and you always loved to do that. Wish I were there to throw the frizbee and ball to you. I know the angels are there doing that for you and Gretchen, so I don't worry too much. Grandma will be back again because soon it will be Spring and we will have a very sunny background for you. XXXOOO from Grandma, Mommy and Duchess.

November 1, 2011
Hello little Buster Boy. How's grandma's little dog? I hope you're romping around with Gretchen and Gizmo. Where has the year gone to. Almost Christmas and did you dive into those presents. Just like Gretchen. I miss you still my little granddog. Every night along with Gretchen, I give you a kiss and and hug on your picture. I know you must be around some where close. I wish you and Gretchen both were still here with me and little Duchess. She's getting up in years too, now and I just hate to see that. She's not a playful little dog like you and Gretchen were, but she's a very loving little girl. Some day she'll be up there with you and Gretchen playing, so you both need to watch over her very very carefully. She's still so shy. I love you little Buster and grandma will be back again very soon. XXXXXOOOOOO

Dec 1, 2011
Merry Christmas little Buster. Grandma wanted to come in and visit early because we'll be going to Ariz to see your Mom for Christmas, so I won't be home to give you a hug or kiss at Christmas time, but you know your Grandma will be thinking of you. I look at your picture behind me every night with Gretchen and remember the fun holidays we had. I miss that. Little Duchess is slowing down now and it's hard to believe she was so spry when we lost you. Where has the time gone to. You be a good little boy for Grandma - be with Gretchen and Gizmo for Christmas so you won't be lonesome. I'll check back in before we leave to give you one more Christmas kiss. I love you Buster.

FEB 11, 2012
Hello little Buster Boy. How have you been? I hope you and Gretchen are running around the hills with all your little furry friends. Duchess's birthday is coming up on Valentine's Day and she'll be 13. She doesn't run around like she used to. Her little legs are giving her problems. That's what happens when you little ones get older. I hate to see that too. You be a good boy and I'll see you soon. You're my little Valentine and I will never forget you. I'll always remember you. XXXX))))

NOV 26, 2012
Little Buster - Grandma hasn't forgotten you, we've just been so busy selling our house and moving to Arizona to be close to your Mommy. I don't know if you'd like it here because it doesn't have any grass. Just rocks, so I told little Gretchen we'll have to get some grass put in so Duchess can at least go out and lay on it or go potty too. Too hard to walk around that ol' stuff. Grandma even has a hard time when I don't have shoes on. I hope you and Gretchen are close by so you won't get lost between Calif and here in Ariz. I have your little boxes here in the front room so I can give you hugs every night. Grandmas misses you - you be good and I'll be back at Christmas. I love you little boy.

DEC 23. 2012
Hi my little Buster - I told you I'd be back to wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope, little boy, you'll have a wonderful day romping around the snow with Gretchen and all your other little furry friends. Grandma misses you, but I have yours and Gretchen's sock here on the fireplace for you, so you come and see us Christmas Day, okay? I love you very much. Give little Gizmo a great big lick for me and Gretchen. Grandma will be back again soon. XXXXXXOOOOO

OCT 30, 2013
Hello little Buster Boy - grandma hasn't been to see you in awhile, has she - been almost a year now, but no matter - I still give you and Gretchen a kiss goodnight every night. Grandma will never forget to do that. How are you and Gretchen doing - romping around with all your little friends, I hope. I hope Gizmo is enjoying his life with all you little furbabies. Little Duchess hasn't been feeling too good off and on the past couple months. I worry about her because I'm not ready for her to join you three in Rainbows Bridge. Fall is here again and it's been very windy and chilly. You'd probably love that, running around after all the leaves. I can just see you now. Silly boy! Well, Grandma has to go for now, but I will be back very soon. You be good. I love you very, very much little boy. Oh, by the way, your Mommy got married a couple of months ago to a very nice man. You would have liked him. But you loved your first Daddy too, I know. By for now, little guy.

DEC 9, 2013
Grandma's little Buster - how I miss you and Gretchen. I hope you will have a very cozy Christmas with Gretch and Gizmo. It's been very cold here, and Duchess doesn't like taking walks in this weather - but either do Grandpa and I. I have a stocking set up for you, so you come and sniff your goodie on Christmas, okay? I love you little boy. Take care yourself. I'll be back again soon. Merry Christmas little guy.

MAR 3, 2014
Little Buster boy - it's been 8 years today I had to let you go to Rainbows Bridge. I'm so sad thinking about it, even after 8 years. Grandma will have to remind your Mommy that this is sad day we had to say goodbye to you. I hope you're still happy up there with little Gretchen and Gizmo. The weather must be wonderful - it's been so cold here in Arizona. I think you would have liked it here, except we don't have the grass we had when you lived with us in Calif. Duchess has gotten used to it, but I think she'd still like to be walking on soft grass instead of rocks. Grandma loves you little boy and you be happy with all your little playmates up there. Duchess doesn't do much but sleep anymore. She just doesn't like to get around to playing - her little legs just give out on her. I know it won't be long before she'll be with you, Gretchen and Gizmo. But I don't want to think about that happening right now. Hopefully she'll have another good 2 or 3 years left with us. Be good little boy and Grandma will be saying her goodnights and kisses to you tonight, just like every night.

NOV 7,2014
Hi little Buster - grandma's back to say I miss you and wish you were still around with Duchess. She's getting old now - almost 16, and you left us at 14. Where has the time gone. I give you and Gretchen goodnight kisses everynight, and I know you must know that. I forgot to wish Gretchen a Happy Birthday this year and I forgot to wish you one, too. You were both born in October. Didn't remember that - but I do think of you both all the time and hope you're running around with all the little doggies. Grandma will be back for Christmas, and will give you a special Christmas kiss and hug. Give little Gizmo a hug and kiss for me too, because your Mommy didn't continue on with Gizmo's site, so I can't get on it anymore. I love you all, and will see you in Heaven some day. XXXXXOOOOOO

DEC 25, 2014
Hello my little Buster - Merry Christmas to you, and hope you are happy running around like you always did. I pray that little Duchess is with you and Gretchen and Gizmo on this special day. I'm so lost without little Duchess I don't know what to do, even your Grandpa Ron is devastated. I don't want you and Gretchen to think we don't think of you anymore, - but we love you just the same. It's only because Duchess was with us 24 hours every day and we did so much more with her. You're so loved little boy and Gretchen too. Be a good boy and hope you are all together. It would be terrible if I knew Duchess was so afraid of everything that she wouldn't want to be close to you. I know she remembers you, but she didn't know Gretchen. Make sure she's safe, Buster. Love you and have a very happy day with all your little friends. Just don't neglect Duchess, okay? Hugs and kisses. Grandma.

MAR 3, 2015
Little Buster, where has the time gone to. Seems like only yesterday you were running around the house and wanting us to throw your toys to you. It's been 9 years today Grandma had to have your pain eased forever. I love you little boy. I hope you are having a wonderful time running around with Gretchen and Duchess. All is healed for you now and Grandma will see you again some day. I miss Duchess so very, very much, it's hard to believe she's gone from me too, as is Gretchen. Keep each other warm and happy and I'll be back again soon. XXXX0000

OCT. 30, 2015
Hi Buster Boy. Have you been happy and playing with Gretchen and Duchess? I hope you're all together, but Grandma wishes you were all back home here so I could play with you. You loved your ball and frisbee so much - you'd never slow down. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here very soon, and it's become so sad to have you all gone from my life. I keep talking to you and saying goodnight every night. Just want you to know you're not forgotten. Please keep Duchess safe and play with her. Her little legs are all better again, so she should be able to run after you just like she used to when you'd come for a visit. Grandma has to go now, but I'll be back again during the holidays. I love you little Buster. XXXXXOOOOOOO

DECEMBER 25, 2015
Merry Christmas my Buster Boy. I hope you are happy and playing all over the place with Duchess, Gretchen, Gizmo and Pepe. Grandma misses you all so much, especially at Christmas time. I remember so well how you little dogs loved tearing into your gifts. Our new little doggy, Harlee doesn't really know how to react to the wrapped papers around her toys, so last night she just ran into the other room with the whole thing in her mouth. I had to help her take the papers off. It just wasn't the same. I loved watching you and Duchess and Gretch open all your gifts. I hope Harlee will get better at taking her wrapped toys and digging to the paper. Grandma and Grandpa are going over to your Mommy's house for Christmas in a little bit. She doesn't have any little animals anymore, since Gizmo died, but I'm sure she thinks of you and Giz all the time. You be a good little boy and Grandma will be back again to see you. XXXXX00000

MARCH 11, 2016 - Hi little Buster Boy - Grandma came to visit just a bit. It's 17 years ago today that our little Gretchen left us, so I went to visit her first. I hope you, Gretchen and Duchess are keeping each other company and being happy. I know YOU are - you just love to run and play all the time. I can't seem to let go of Duchess. I want her home with us so much. Wish all three of you were with us - then I'd really be happy again. I'd four little ones running around and being healthy once again. Of course, Harlee is only a couple years old, so she runs all the time. Grandma misses you, my little boy. Be good and I'll be back again. I love you. XXX000

DECEMBER 25, 2016 - Merry Christmas little Buster Boy. I hope you are having a wonderful day with Gretchen and Duchess, and all your other little friends. Your Mommy will be coming over tomorrow. We had a lot of snow for Christmas Eve, and they got snowed in. So Grandma and Grandpa spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day alone with little Harlee. She tried to open up her gift, but she's not as good at it as you and Duchess and Gretchen. Hopefully she'll learn in time. I hope you're being a happy and good boy little Buster. Grandma loves you so much. I hope you, Gretchen and Duchess hear my voice talking to you. Grandma will be back again soon to see you. XXX000

MARCH 3, 2017 - 11 YEARS AGO WE LOST A WONDERFUL LITTLE GRANDDOG. Doesn't seem that long either, Buster. You were such a great little bog and how you loved your ball and frizbee. You would go on forever and ever playing and wanting someone to throw it to yu. Grandma loves you sweetie. Please always know that. XXX000 Grandma will be back to visit soon.

DECEMBER 7, 2017 - Hello little Buster Boy. Grandma came to visit you for Christmas. I hope you are having a wonderful life up in Heaven with Gretchen and Duchess. Be a good boy and watch over them for me. Especially Duchess. She always was a little shy with other animals AND people, for that matter. Grandma always tells you, Gretchen and Duchess goodnight every night. I miss you so. Wish you were still here, and with your Mommy. She loved you too. You be a good boy and have a wonderful Christmas with all your little friends, but especially with Duchess and Gretchen. Take care of each other. I love you. XXX000

MARCH 3, 2018 - My little granddog - grandma just wants to tell you that I love you and will always remember your funny little ways about you. It seems like just last year that you left Duchess and me. Where has the time gone to. I hope you and Duchess and Gretchen are playing together and being good little girls and boy. I say goodnight and good morning to you three every day and every night. I love you so - be good and I'll be back again. Play and play over that rainbow, Sweet Buster.

SEPT 25, 2018 - Hello little Buster Boy. Grandma just came to change your season and to talk to you just for a while. I hope you're doing good and are a happy little guy like you always were. How are Gretchen and Duchess? Hope they stay close to you so you can all round around and play together. Grandma says good night and good morning to you, Gretchen and Duchess every day. I hope you can hear me talk to you. I miss you little boy, and miss playing ball with you. Harlee, our little dog now, doesn't like to play ball. But she does have some stuffed animals that she likes to chase when I throw them down the hall. I remember when you lived with us and I'd throw the little squeak ball down the hall for you and Duchess. She always seemed to beat you, and it never bothered you - you just like to run with her. Grandma loves you Buster, and I'll be back to see you again soon. Be a good boy and take care of Duchess and Gretchen for me. XXXXXX00000

DEC. 11, 2018 - Merry Christmas little Buster. Grandma thinks and talks to you every day and night right along with Duchess and Gretchen. I hope you are all three together forever, til Grandma sees you again in Heaven. I have your stocking up with a little milk bone in it. Wish you would come home at Christmas and be with us, but you have to make sure Gretchen and Duchess are right there beside you when you do. I need all "four" of my doggies together, and that includes Harlee. She's such a sweet little girl, Buster - you'd like her, and I think she would like you, because you love to run and she'd be right there running after you. She doesn't care for dogs, but I know she'd love all my three little doggies that I've loved so much. I hope you're happy, Buster, and I know you're a very good little boy up there in Heaven with Gretchen and Duchess and all the other little precious animals who've left their Mommies and Daddies. I'll see you again, soon, Buster so you be good and take care of Gretchen and Duchess.

MARCH 3, 2019 - Hello my little Buster Boy. Grandma came to talk to you, because this is your anniversary date when I had to do the hardest thing and take you in to the Vet's, so you could go to Rainbows Bridge. It was a rainy morning, so that made it even sadder.But I know you're a happy little boy where you are now. Playing with all your little friends, and Gretchen and Duchess and, hopefully you've met Lady by now and are spending time with her, too. Grandma says good morning and good night every day to you. Wish you were back with us, and I wish Duchess and Gretchen were too. I love you and I'll be back to see you again. XXXX0000

DECEMBER 4, 2019 - Little Buster, Grandma came back to visit you before Christmas, but I'll be back to wish you a Merry one soon. I love and miss you still, but I know you're happy playing with all the little dogs, and especially Duchess and Gretchen. I still say goodnight every night to all three of you, and ask the angels to watch over you and keep you safe and happy. I love you little boy. XXXXOOOO

FEBRUARY 20, 2020 - Hi my little Buster Boy - Grandma did forget to come back at Christmas to wish you a Merry one. I'm sorry little guy - just got carried away with so many things during the holiday time. I know you were with Duchess and Gretchen so I don't think you were too sad about that. Grandma does love you - you know that. Your Mommy has a new little dog again. A German Shepard that just turned 1. He's not as cute as you, but they love him just the same. I hope they'll be happy with him. He's had to go thru some training because he has an issue with other dogs, just like Harlee. So it'll be a long time before we'll be able to take Harlee over to their home. Grandma will be again to talk with you. I want you to be a good little boy, which I know you always are, and take good care of Duchess and Gretchen. XXXX00000

MARCH 3, 2020 = Good morning my little Buster Boy. I just remembered it's your anniversary date when you had to leave us and made Grandma and your Mommy so sad. I hope you are happy, sweetie. Let Duchess chase you all around the fields. She always loved doing that when you would come to visit us. Be a good little boy like you always were. Grandma will see you again. I love you.

DEC 28, 2020 - Little Buster, Grandma didn't get to wish you a Merry Christmas this year. So much was going on, so I'm wishing you a Happy, Happy New Year. Grandma did wish you, Gretchen and Duchess a Merry Christmas Christmas morning when we got up. Wish you all three could have been here to watch Harlee open up her gifts, but maybe you were. I feel your spirits come around once in awhile, especially when I talk to you at night to give you kisses. I love you little boy - I hope you're taking good care of Duchess and Gretchen. I know the angels are watching over all three of you. Grandma will come back to see you again, I promise. I'm sorry I missed you and Gretchen at Christmas. XXX000

MAR 3, 2021 - Hello little Buster. Grandma just remembered this sad day. Hard to believe it's been 15 years now that you've been gone from us and yet, some times it seems so much longer. I don't like to think of that day, but I know you're very happy where you are now, and Grandma still kisses your little box every night right along side of Gretchen and Duchess. Run and play with them every day, and the angels will keep you all safe. I love you, Buster. XXX000

DECEMBER 19, 2021 - Grandma just wanted to come and wish you a Merry Christmas. I love you little Buster Boy, and I hope you're just running all over the fields up at Rainbow Bridge, with Duchess and Gretchen. Your Grandpa is up there now with all three of you, and I hope he stopped by to say hello to you. Christmas will be very lonely without all of you. Thank goodness I still have Harlee, and she's a little joy to have around. She just doesn't play with toys much. She definitely doesn't play with balls like you and Duchess did. Be a good little boy, Buster and grandma will see you one of these days soon. I love you very much. 0000XXXXX

MARCH 3, 2022 - Little Buster, it's been so long ago since you left us, but in some ways it seems like yesterday. I hope you're having a wonderful time up in Rainbows Bridge with little Gretchen and Duchess. You were such a good little boy, and Duchess just loved chasing you around the yard. I hope I get to see you again when it's my turn to leave this earth. Your Grandpa went to heaven last year, and I hope and pray he has all three of you up there with him. What a happy time that would be. Grandma will be back again to see you little boy. I love you. XXXOOO

DECEMBER 5, 2022 - Hello little Buster. Grandma hasn't been very good this year at contacting you, Duchess and Gretchen. I just miss your Grandpa, and keep forgetting to do what's needed. I do tell you every night I love you and will see you in the morning. Give you a kiss on your little box each night, too. It's been very lonely this year without Grandpa, and I wish all three of my little dogs could be back opening up your presents at Christmas. Harlee doesn't do quite as good as you three did, and she doesn't play with her toys like you. But she's a joy and I don't know what I'd do without her. I love you little Buster boy, and want to wish you a Merry Christmas. I'll be back again soon, I hope. I'll at least try my best. XXX000 LOVE YOU BUSTER.

MARCH 3, 2023 - Well, Buster, here another year has past since I had to have you go Rainbows Bridge. I hope you're having such a wonderful time with all your little friends, and especially Gretchen and Duchess. I still kiss your little box and say good night to you each night. Grandma loves you very much and I'll be back to see you again soon. XXX000

DECEMBER 14, 2023 - Hello little Buster Boy. Grandma thought she'd better get to your site and wish you a Merry Christmas, before it's gone. I hope you're being a good boy (I know you are), and are having a wonderful time at the Bridge with Duchess and Gretchen and all your other friends. I tell you each morning and night that I love you, so I hope you know that. I wish you, Duchess and Gretchen were here with Harlee and me to enjoy Christmas and opening up all your gifts. I love you little Buster, and I'll see you in the Spring. XXX000

MARCH 3 2024 - My little Buster, 18 years have gone by without your little smiling face. Grandma thinks of you so often, you and Duchess both, since you both left me in March. I hope you're having a wonderful time up in Rainbows Bridge with all your little pals. And, I hope some one is throwing a frizbee or ball to you. How you loved running after them. I pray I'll see all three of my doggies up in Heaven when I die. I have Harlee to love just as I've loved you three. Your Mommy has another dog now, and she's a sweet German Shepard named Dakota, but she has a picture of you on her frig. Love you, little boy. XXX000

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