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Memories of Buster
There are no words to describe what a special boy Buster was. From the day he joined our home he brought a joy and happiness that was unmatched.Buster fit in with all his furry brothers and sisters like he'd been there from the day he was born. He was beautiful both outside and inside...he had a heart of gold. He was precious and loving and always had such a happy look on his face...he gave unconditional love all the time and we loved him so very much. It is a great loss to us all that he is no longer with us here in person. I speak for all when I say he will never be forgotten...he was and remains one of a kind...the perfect furbaby.
7/14/13: The days pass and the empty feeling remains as strong as ever....I try not to be selfish thinking of how much I miss you, and trying to make myself realize that you are in a "better" place...out of pain, which is the most important thing. Your furry family here at home are missing you as well, but I know your furry family and friends where you are now are happy to have you with them. I hope you will run and play and enjoy your new home. Many people have visited your page and left kind words, so be sure to make friends with all their furbabies. I will visit you again very soon my beloved furbaby...I miss you and love you with all my heart...and this will always be. <3
7/17/13: Today makes 1 week since you were here licking my hands, face and me giving you kisses all over your beautiful face. One week since I took you out in the backyard, but you were too hot and didn't want to stay outside. One week ago, you greeted our company that visited that day, although I knew you weren't quite "yourself". I could tell that you were feeling a bit out of sorts, but thought it was your legs hurting you. Who knew at that time that this was the last day you would be with me here on earth...At 12:01 in the morning of 7/11/13, as I sat there holding you, your spirit left your earthly body and went to Rainbow's Bridge. How I wish we had more time together, I miss you so very much my beloved furbaby. The days are empty, the tears don't stop falling. But, just know you were loved beyond words and I know you returned our love unconditionally. You were and still are my "perfect boy". I love you baby boy and I hope you have found your sisters and brothers at the Bridge, and they have introduced you to many friends. Many people have visited you and left beautiful words and thoughts. Mommy will be back to visit very soon....I love you and miss you with all my heart my baby boy. <3
7/18/13: Hello my beautiful baby boy. Today makes exactly one week since your beautiful soul left your body and traveled to Rainbow's Bridge. It is a very sad day here...your human and furry family miss you very much. In trying to not to cry constantly, I sit and think of all the things you used to do...things that made us laugh...like when you acted like a clown and threw your body on the sofa & loveseat and got into the funniest positions...when we laughed you did it all the more...such a ham !!! Your adorable face peeking up from under the table when you knew there was food, and giving everyone the "look" so we just couldn't resist you and had to let you have a taste...and you'd go from person to person til everyone gave into you :-) Things like that, the funny things, the adorable things, and just having you constantly nearby wherever I was, make it so hard to be without you. I know your spirit is here looking at us and trying to tell us you're okay...but I'm selfish and want my baby boy here where I can hug him and kiss him. The horrible sadness and pain of your loss will eventually lessen I've been told, but that's the only thing that will. Missing you and loving you beyond words will never lessen. I may not have given "birth" to you, but you were/are my baby boy. I love you like any mother can love her baby. Rest easy my beautiful boy, mommy will come visit again soon. I love you...yesterday, today, tomorrow & forever. xoxoxoxox
7/19/13: Hello my best boy, I'm just coming to visit you to tell you I love you very much; I'm sure you have always known that. Your sister, Crissy, came to visit you too, I'm sure you were happy to see her. We all miss you baby boy, but are thinking of you there with your furfamily & new friends I'm sure you've made by now. With a personality like yours, that would be easy for you. I also visited your furry sister, Ebony; I know you two are very happy to be together again....I try to think of the positives of you running and playing together, both of you healthy and happy. I (and everyone here) thinks of you and misses you every day...we all love you so very much. Rest peacefully my little angel boy. I will visit with you again soon...You are always in my heart xoxoxox Mommy
7/23/13: Hello my beautiful baby...just had to come visit with you. Do you know I send you hugs & kisses every day? I sure hope you get them. By now, you've probably found all your brothers and sisters and made a bunch of friends. Now they all know what a terrific boy you are, just like we do. I'm trying hard to get through the days without crying all the time, I know how much it used to upset you to see mommy upset in any way. Where you are now, I just want you happy, not upset for any reason. I love you my baby boy, you are always on my mind and in my heart. I'll visit you soon...Love you forever xoxoxoxo Mommy
7/25/13: Hello my sweet baby boy. Today makes 2 weeks since you've left your earthly body and went to RB. It's a very sad day baby boy. Mommy misses you very much and I can't stop crying; I know you don't like that...I try to be strong, but there are so many things that remind me of you. When I feed the cats, I remember how you loved to lick the spoon...when I eat something, I remember your cute little face waiting patiently to share whatever I have. I do smile when I remember the silly things, adorable things, and just about everything you did. I remember how smart you are, and what a clown you could be. I miss all those things...but the memories live on and on....same as my love for you does. I hope you're having fun and feeling good once again my beautiful boy. I'll visit you soon...I love you Bussie, now and forever xoxoxoxxo Mommy
7/26/13: I love you and miss you so very much my baby boy <\3 xoxoxoxox Mommy
8/1/13: Hello my angel baby boy...another week has passed but the pain of losing you has not lessened. It's a new month, mommy's b'day is coming, but it won't be like the others. I won't have you here wearing a b'day hat and smiling that adorable smile of yours. But, I keep trying to remember you ARE here in spirit, and everywhere I look around the house and outside reminds me of you. You have left your "pawprint" everywhere, not just in my heart. I will always love you my baby boy, and will miss you until I join you once again. Run & play and be well my Bussie Baby. xoxoxoxox I love you so very much; You are Always in my heart....Mommy <3
8/11/13: Hello baby boy, how's my angel today? Do you realize one whole month has passed since you left me? It's a sad day for me. It's hard to believe how time is passing, yet at the time still standing still...I miss you as much now as the day you left here. All I want is for you to be healthy & happy again and I know you are. I hope you're enjoying being with your sister, Ebony, and all your other brothers & sisters. If you were home now you'd be having Harley here with you; we're taking care of him because his mommy and daddy are on vacation. The cats sure don't like him like they did you...they loved you. Everyone loved you...you were the most amazing dog. I'll go for now baby, always remember how much mommy did & always will love you...& miss you....Love you forever, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
8/20/13: Hello my sweet baby boy...Just stopping by to tell you I'm always thinking of you...I love you and miss you very much...forever and ever.... Be happy my little boy & be well...I'll visit again soon. You are always in my heart xoxoxoxo Mommy
9/11/13: Hello my sweet baby...been a while since mommy's come to visit...wanted to try to get better control of myself when I visit you and not cry through my visit. Today makes 2 months since you've left me, my sweet baby...I miss you ...every minute of every day. Celebrations aren't the same without you here, my b'day has come and gone, and I missed you being here with me. I look at your beautiful, smiling face every day...on my phone, on my computer, and on the walls. I say good morning to you and good night to you every day, and send a kiss to you. I love you my baby boy...now and always. I'll visit again soon ...have fun with all your furbaby friends and family. You are forever in my heart xoxoxoxoxox Mommy
11/11/13: Hello my baby boy; I know it's been a while since I visited but I was trying to be stronger when visiting you. Today is a sad day - it's exactly 4 months since you left us and went to RB. I know your spirit is still here and watching over us. I feel your presence. Your picture is hanging in the LR where we see you all the time. We went and adopted a puppy from North Shore and I'm sure he's the one you led us to. His name is Ranger and he's the same color as you. He's a lab mix and a lot of his actions and personality are like yours. We told him he has a tough act to follow :-) He's a sweet little boy and I know you'd approve of him and want us to give love to a needy little guy. It doesn't change how much I love and miss you - there is nothing on earth that can change that. Pretty soon Thanksgiving will be here and I hope you have a wonderful meal with your brothers, sisters & friends. I will visit you again soon my baby boy. I love you very much. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Mommy
2/2/14: Happy Birthday my baby boy; You would've been 14 today!!! I hope you celebrated your special day with your sisters, brothers, and all your new friends there at RB. Believe me, I was thinking of you. I'm sorry I've not visited over the holidays. It's for selfish reasons, the pain of missing you is still so great and so raw. I thought of you every minute during Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years. I think of you every day and talk to you; I hope you hear me. The little boy we adopted has many of your traits. I know you sent him to us. We tell him about you all the time that he has very big paws to follow. I'll be less selfish and come visit you more often. I am sorry I didn't. I just miss you so very much my baby boy. I love you and hope and pray you're happy. I know at least you're not hurting and able to run & play again. Pretty soon it will be Ebby's birthday so I hope you're all planning a big party for her too. She would've been 16!! I love you baby and I'll see you very soon. xoxoxo
6/16/14: Hello my sweet baby boy. I can't believe it's almost a year since you've left me. It seems like just yesterday you were here with me, my gentle giant. I still miss you very very much and still cry about you not being here with me quite often. I force myself to remember you're in a better place, feeling strong and young again and I'm thankful for that. I love you sweetheart, I'll be back soon. Always in my heart...xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Mommy
7/11/14: My baby boy, today makes a year since you've left me. I still miss you so very much, it's not lessened throughout the year. I hope you're having a happy time with your sister, Ebony, and all the friends I'm sure you've made. You were and still remain my precious baby boy. I think of you every day and find some comfort in knowing you are happy, running and not in pain any more. I love you baby boy....I miss you....I'll see you soon. Love you forever xoxoxoxox Mommy'
11/19/14: Hello My Little Angel Boy...another winter is coming and I remember how much you loved playing in the snow....and then cuddling under the blankets at night to keep warm. Hope you are happy and having fun with all your family and friends there in RB. You know mommy misses you more than words can say. I have your beautiful face on my computer screen so as soon as I turn it on, there you are. This is in addition to the pictures of you I have around the house. I'll visit you again for the holidays my baby boy, I just wanted to stop by today and say hi to you and tell you how much I love you. You are always in my heart xoxoxoxoxoxo Mommy
12/25/14: Merry Christmas my little angel boy !!! I hope you spent a good time with your sister, Ebony, and all your other brothers and sisters & friends. I love you and miss you very very much. Love you forever, Mommy xoxoxoxoxo
2/2/15: Happy Birthday my little angel boy !!! You would've been 15 today !! I hope you're celebrating with all your family and friends at Rainbow's Bridge. We are thinking of you here, missing you and loving you very much. Stay happy and healthy my little love. Mommy loves you so much xoxoxoxoxoxo
6/15/15: Hello My sweet baby boy. I'm visiting you today because I have been thinking of you constantly. I'm hoping you're running around playing with your brothers & sisters and feeling terrific. That terrible day is approaching next month when you left me for RB. I can't believe it's been two years without my baby boy by my side. Now that the summer is coming, I think of you running and playing and jumping in the pool...I'm sure you're doing that there at RB too. I miss you so much. I will be back to visit with you very soon my sweet baby. I love you so much...and will for ever. xoxoxoxo Mommy
7/11/15: Hello my baby boy. Today is a sad day...it's the 2nd anniversary of the day you left us for Rainbow's Bridge. I still miss you so very much. I think of you every day and pray you're happy with all your family and friends. Little Fritz has now joined you too. Please welcome him. I love you baby and miss you always. Stay happy & healthy....I love you forever xoxoxoxoxo Mommy
11/8/15: Hello my beautiful baby boy. Thanksgiving will be in a few weeks and I'm thinking how much you enjoyed eating all the goodies. I hope all you furbabies will be having a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at RB. I give thanks all the time for having a boy as wonderful as you were. There were none to compare to you. You were the sweetest dog with the best personality. You are missed so much and thought about every day. We have two new boys here, Ranger and Trooper and we tell them about you all the time and using you as an example of how to act. They've got a long way to go..lol. I just wanted to visit and tell you I miss and love you. I'll see you soon my baby boy. Love you always & forever xoxoxoxo Mommy
11/26/15: Hello my gorgeous baby boy and Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you had alot of fun with your friends and family members and you all ate a lot of turkey. We were talking about you so much today but you probably knew that...of course, it was all good. I love you and miss you very much my little boy. Mommy has to go now, but I'll visit again real soon. xoxoxoxox
12/25/15: Another Christmas is here my baby boy and it makes me sad to be without you; but I bet you had a really good Christmas with your friends and family @ R.B. and Santa treated you real well because he knows what a good boy you are. I love you baby boy..now and always. Merry Christmas, I'll see you for New Years. Love forever & ever xoxoxoxo...mommy
12/29/15: Hello my sweet boy, I'm stopping by to visit while I visit Ebby too. Today is the anniversary of her going to RB 9 years ago. I miss and love you both so very much ...I'll visit again soon. xoxoxoxoxo mommy
3/3/16: Hi baby boy, hoping my furbabies had a good time for Ebony's birthday. Hope you ran around playing and just enjoying yourselves. I love you and miss you...not a day goes by that I don't think of you. You are always in my heart. Love you forever, Mommy
8/11/16: My baby boy, it's been 3 years since you've left me to go to RB. I miss you, love you, and think about you every day. It's still a sad day but I then remember that you're in a better place now, not suffering from any illness...you're strong and happy. I love you baby boy and will visit you again soon. All my love always, mommy xxoxoxoxoxooxx
12/25/16: Merry Christmas my sweetest angel....Thinking of you so much today (as in every day) Love you my baby boy and hope Santa visited you and treated you very well. Be happy my boy...I love you forever xoxoxo Mommy
1/1/17: Happy New Year Sweetheart !!!! I love you !!!!
xoxoxoxo Always in my heart, Mommy
2/2/17: Happy Birthday My Beautiful Boy...you're a whole big 17!!! I hope you're having a big party with all your brothers, sisters and friends. I love you my baby boy and couldn't let this day pass without wishing you a happy birthday. I miss you always and love you forever. I'll visit again soon. All my love, Mommy xoxoxoxox
3/3/17: Hello my baby boy...today is Ebby's birthday and I hope you and the rest of the family and friends had a big party for her. You know how we would have celebrated here at home. I miss you, my boy...I think of you every day. I love you now and forever. xoxoxox Mommy
6/29/17: Hello my sweet boy. Summer is here and it's so hot you would hate it. I know you didn't like the hot cement hitting the bottom of your paws. I'm sure where you are it's beautiful with nice cool grass under your feet. I think of you healthy and happy, running and playing and it makes me smile. I miss you baby boy, but I know you're in a better place where you have no pain. I love you so much. I'll visit again soon baby boy...love you forever & ever xoxoxoxox Mommy
7/11/17: My precious baby boy, today makes 4 years since you left me to go to RB. I think about you and miss you every single day. The years keep moving on but time does not lessen my love for you. I know we will be together again some day but until that time you play and be happy there. I love you my sweetest baby always and forever xoxoxoxo Mommy
12/8/17: Hello my little love. I'm just stopping by to make this all pretty for you for Christmas. I love you my baby boy, always & forever. Mommy xoxoxoxoxo
12/25/17: Merry Xmas my little love. Hope Santa treats you really good; he should, you're such a good boy. I love you my sweet sweet baby, always & forever. Mommy xoxoxo
1/1/18: Happy New Year !!! Hope you're happy and running and playing with your family and friends. I miss you my sweet boy. I love you so much xoxox Mommy
2/2/18: Happy Birthday Baby Boy. Today is your special day and I hope you're treated really special. I'm thinking of you today, as I am every day, remembering when you came home with us what a little ball of fur you were. You've always been my wonderful baby boy, that will never change. I love you baby, always & forever xoxoxox Mommy
7/11/18:Today is a sad day my baby boy. It's 5 years since you left us to go to R.B. I miss you my little love and think of you all the time. I love you forever xoxoxoxo Mommy
2/2/19: My baby boy...I'm so sorry I haven't visited you sooner. The holidays have come and gone and I feel so bad I haven't been here. There's been a lot going on and I wasn't on the computer much but you are always in my thoughts. I hope you had a beautiful xmas and new year and Santa brought you everything your little heart could ask for. I promise to come visit you more often. Today is your birthday and I wish I was able to celebrate it with you. I love you forever my precious boy. I'll see you again real soon. xoxoxoxo Mommy
7/11/19: Hello my beautiful baby. Today is a very sad day. It's the day you left us to go to Rainbow's Bridge. I miss you so much. At least I know you're not sick and hurting any more and you're able to run and play with your brothers, sisters and friends. Just know I think of you every day. I love you my baby boy. Run free and happy. I'll visit you again soon. Love you forever, Mommy xoxoxoxo
4/2020: My dearest baby boy, I'm so sorry I've not been here to visit you in so long. I've missed birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates. There has been a lot going on, but I have never forgotten you for one minute. I will do better visiting you. I hope you are running, playing and having a nice afterlife. Some day we will be together again, but for now just know you are always in my heart. I love you forever....Mommy
7/11/20: It's that time again my angel baby, the anniversary of the day you went to Rainbow's Bridge. I can't believe it's 7 years. It feels like you were just here with me. I miss you my sweet boy but I have peace knowing you and your sister, Ebony, and all the others who came before you are all together and healthy...no more pain. I hope you gave Calista a nice greeting when she joined you there in May. I love you my baby boy, always and forever. xoxoxo Mommy
7/18/22: So much time has passed my baby boy there's been a lot going on and I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner. Daddy has been sick and keeping me too busy to even think. No matter what, I am always thinking of you and missing you my precious boy. Years go by, but the pain of missing you is still so strong. I know you are running happily with your brothers, sisters and friends and that gives me comfort. I love you my bussy boy, now and forever. xoxoxoxox Love, Mommy
6/23/23: Hello My Baby Love, So much has gone on since I last visited you. It was crazy around here. Daddy got sick and passed away in November, maybe you see him visiting you now. Our little girl Misty passed away, she's probably been playing with you, Ebony and all your brothers and sisters. I miss you still so very much. You are always in my mind and heart and I always find myself remembering things you used to do. I love you baby boy and I'll visit soon. You are always with me. Love forever, Mommy

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