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Memories of Buster Thompson
What a gift Our Buster was .. 🤲

When he was a tiny tot, he had the biggest eye boogers any one has ever seen.
He was the worlds biggest snuggler. His cuddles were the best.
He was our best friend, our constant, or companion, our blessing.
He was a lover.
He was loyal.
He loved unconditionally.
He was a healer.
He was a protecter.
He loved his tribe.
He was a blessing and he loved to serve.
He touched everyone's lives that got the chance to meet him.
He changed hearts. People that were never dog lovers ended up loving dogs after meeting him.
He loved Jesus.
He loved his car rides with his mommy so they could worship, pray, and talk to God in their sanctuary.
He admired his family.
His loved his truck rides with daddy because it was always an adventure.
He felt blessed when he was able to travel to some of the most visited places in the United States.
He loved to climb mountains.
He loved visiting The Great Lakes.
He loved the sunset over The Grand Canyon.
He was a nature lover at heart.
He could not get enough outdoor time.
He loved forests and parks.
He loved the water whether it was boating, swimming, or walking around a lake.
He loved to swim (even tho the water was hard on his ears, he still could not get enough).
He loved the Mississippi River.
He loved sitting at the top of the steps for belly rubs.
He loved his special people, if they showed up at our house before they could even get their car shut off, he would let it be known because he had the loudest hound to where the people down the street could hear.
He admired his visitors because he knew it gave him the chance to beg for more treats and playtime (because he was so neglected previous to them coming over).
He was a gentle giant around children. (He just wanted to give them the most licks)
He could not get enough spam, cheese, and ice -cream.
He loved to bury his bones and dig them back up months to years later when they were all saggy, muddy, and wet.
If we said the word "park" or "do you wanna go swimming" his head would cock, his ears would perk up so high, and his wrinkles on the very top of his head would show ..omgeee🥰.
If we left him home for over an hour (which happened literally hardly ever) he would let it be known by dragging one piece of toilet paper or a paper towel out of the bathroom garbage and placing, it on the hallway floor so we will see it when we get home.
He loved to get the stuffing out of his squeaky toys within seconds.
He loved to torment the neighborhood squirrels and they loved to torment him.
He loved his gravel travels with his mom and her besties.
The holidays were special to him.
As he started ageing, he needed multiply beds in different rooms throughout the house.
Buster was spoiled. He ate very well and got many driving treats.
His presence left an unforgettable mark🐶🐾!!
Daddy had many names for him...Booter and Booterkies to name a couple.
Most of all he loved his mommy and daddy and, in the end while his body gave out, he never gave up🥺!

RIP: Our forever handsome boy ..you ran your BEST race, until we meet again. 😢XOXO💔🎈💙

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